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Шесть новых комет могут помочь обнаружить неизвестные планетыSix new comets, described by scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, as a "missing link" in planet formation were seen in other star systems. Comets or aksakaly, as they are called, when they find them in other solar systems, and which have remained since the formation of the planets.

Most of the comets that have been formed around the star, was absorbed new planets, those that can be seen now, and the ones that are left, are akin to the cosmic equivalent of rubble left after construction.

The search for new esocaet is the key to search for planets. This is sort of a missing link in the current study of the formation of planets. Some scientists believe that the comet is the most likely way of entering of life or, at least, its ingredients on the Ground, so perhaps this same process can occur in other star systems.

Interstellar dust under the influence of gravity stick together in drops and drops into pieces of rock that are merged into larger objects, planetesimal and comets and, finally, the planets formed.

All newly open aksakaly 49 Ceti (HD 9672), 5 Vulpeculae (HD 182919), 2 Andromedae, HD 21620, HD 42111 and HD 11041 revolve around a young star, and their age is only about 5 million years old, compared with 4.6 billion years of our star.
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