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Curiosity успешно испытал мощный лазер на МарсеOn Sunday Curiosity had successfully tested a laser to vaporize the Martian rocks to study its chemical composition, reports CNN.

The aim Curiosity was stone Gale crater, 3 m from the landing of the Rover. Laser gun was able to burn a small piece on the surface of the stone, making up about 30 shots at intervals of 10 seconds. This is the first case when the laser is such capacity is used on another planet. Installed on the machine sensors worked and recorded steam"formed under influence of the laser on the stone, which was called Coronation ("Coronation").

"On the creation of laser took eight years, but he has fully justified itself. All our team did a great job and anxiously waiting for further results", commented yesterday's experiment Roger Vince from National laboratory Los Alamos.

When a mobile science laboratory landed on Mars, it has been two weeks. The purpose of the device, which is a stand-alone chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet, and the study of its geological history. Also with the help of scientists gathered to determine whether there existed on Mars dense atmosphere with a high water content.

Coronation will work on the surface of the red planet for at least one Martian year (about two earth years).
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