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На Марсе обнаружили следы древней гидросистемыOn Mars have found traces of an ancient hydraulic system. On Mars made two important discoveries, proving the existence on the planet in the past developed a hydraulic system that could lead to the emergence of life.

The first discovery made by the European space Agency (ESA) using artificial satellite of the planet Mars Express Orbiter. This unit conducted a stereo images with high resolution valley Rell - site upland Land of Prometheus, where previously were recorded like channels patterns. Images have confirmed that it is the dry bed of the river with its tributaries, which collected rainwater, and carry it about 1500 km in a giant pool plain Hellas.

It is assumed that direction, reaching 7 km wide and 300 m deep, was done with water in Kaspereskey Martian geological era, which ended from 3.5 to 1.8 billion years ago. Around of a channel found many structures characteristic for passing the mud and ice. According to researchers, they formed already in the next kaspereskey amazonico era, which, according to archeologists, is still ongoing.

Another discovery was made by the National aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA) on images received by the orbiting Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Spectroscopic survey found at the bottom of the crater McLaughlin 2.2 km depth and 92 km in diameter signs deposits of carbonate and clay minerals typical of the bottom of reservoirs. Finding high probability indicates that in the past the crater was filled with water.
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