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Луч-зонд собирает информациюWhen the famous Greek philosopher Socrates asked a difficult question to which there is no obvious answer, he said: "Let us examine. Engage the facts. We need to help new thought to be born." But here's the strange thing - when it comes to the UFO mystery, ufologists often pay attention to what's already repeatedly was recorded in respect of UFOs, and put new facts associated with them. Meanwhile, it was their analysis can shed more light on the nature of this phenomenon.

"I saw the flat round object bluish color. And left another, about the same size and the same shape, but only green. They approached slowly and quietly, and when they left five kilometers, they hung motionless. Suddenly from the right object separated red ball and swam slowly towards the neighbour. The one on the left has issued a dazzling ray-thorn in the side of the ball, which "rested" in it. After that, the ball began to change the color to white, more vibrant, and growing in size. Then there came a sound like a slap, ball hissed and steep trajectory began to fall straight to the apiary. Ray was gone almost immediately after the "slap"and objects began to depart, every man to his own, just as slowly and majestically, until she disappeared from sight... Later found "weighed splash": greenish shlakobetona mass lay about hemp, and even was still hot..."

Describes an eyewitness Adeeba strange incident in the air under the Pyatigorsk, he had witnessed in 1993 Samples remained in the land mesopotamii glassy mass was investigated by experts of the all-Russian Institute of aviation materials science and Association "Sevcabeli". The results showed a high content of such rare earth elements, as cerium, lanthanum, neodymium and praseodymium.

UFOlogy immediately described the incident "one of the battles of the star wars between aliens", without trying to analyze what we have seen a witness. If it was a "dog fight", speaking in military, why it ended so peacefully? And most importantly, what was the weapon: "slowly floating ball and beam, in which he rested? It turns out that the beam was hard? However, the instantaneous appearance and disappearance suggests that this is not a mechanical device, namely light radiation.

But light cannot be firm! We will not hurry with conclusions, and refer to the testimony of a pilot Lion Vyatkina. "...I give you my word of honor, that this is all true. So, 1967, on 7 August, a military airfield near Sevastopol, time 6.30 in the morning. I sat in the cockpit of a fighter-interceptor and slowly did the usual pre-flight preparation, testing the operation of the onboard radio, radio-compass and other instruments. At this point techniques Nikolai Emelianenko touched my shoulder:

"Commander, look at that!" I turned to the right and stopped in surprise. About two miles in the sky strictly from North to South at an altitude of about 300 meters sailed big glowing ball color match. Across it was at least 8-10 M. Ball was clearly visible. As you move the trajectory of its flight crossed the silhouette of mount AI-Petri, and became noticeable as he begin to -- to flip the image from the heated air. But the flames were observed. Inside the ball viewed blue kernel, the edges of bright green. Noise or whistling, as happens when the engine is not heard.
And that is important - I soon realized that the locator object is not fixed. Officers at the command post later said that watched him, but on the indicator of the circular review was nothing, even a weak signal reflection was not observed".

To understand the mysterious phenomenon "radar blindness", refer to what was said in 1990, commander of air defense forces army General I. Tretyak: "There are a number of materials and forms, which dramatically reduce radar and optical visibility of the object. It is implemented in the American program "the Stele". In some cases the UFO defy radar detection... the frequency Range in which we operate, rather narrow, it is specifically designed to identify that our goals for aircraft, helicopters and missiles, and not on something else. If there were organized special monitoring centers, extended frequency where the radar, we probably would have seen more".

Now back to the story of the pilot. He twice asked for permission to take off to explore the glowing ball from different sides, to shoot it. But the departure was banned. At KP took the ball to the UFO and feared for the consequences of any maneuver could be accepted for the onset of an attack.

"We are five technicians and pilots continued to observe the strange object. He moved without changing the height and speed until froze in the air. Glow thin rotating shell was uniform. Suddenly, almost from the centre appeared a thin beam, similar to a luminous cord, and sheer stared at the ground. Then the ball is extinguished ray and instantly disappeared at the top. While in the headphones had a strong background, like a hiss.

On the second day I visited the place where hung ball. But found nothing," said the pilot.

But this is not all. 6 days later there was a second meeting with the mysterious object during night flights. Was 23 hours to minutes. The night was, surprisingly, moonless, with bright constellations. Habitually controlling devices, pilot for a second tore them sight, and suddenly saw that it gave him no peace: the above fighter left floated a large, bright object in the form of glowing oval.

The pilot concerned about the close presence of the strange object, immediately requested command post: who is in the area? He immediately said that, besides him, in the zone no one is watching, and that all aircraft landed.

"I tried to be very careful... the Last was most welcome. As soon as I installed the specified roll, speed and added speed turbine, how exactly at the rate of from above flashed white light and there appeared slightly inclined milky white light. He was quickly approaching, and I take time to roll, certainly scratched him in the nose or cockpit".

And yet Vyatkin landed in the ray of the left wing! And felt something strange. White beam, barely touched the wing, instantly scattered on small sparkles, very reminiscent of shimmering placer festive fireworks. The aircraft was greatly shaken. The devices overloaded left and right with the frequency of the metronome. After a few seconds, everything disappeared - and the beam and light at the top. Ball also went up.

Now give the floor to the pilot. This is very important, otherwise, to understand what is happening in the sky absolutely impossible. On earth some other things... Pilot seriously, said, "What stuff? Beam-that it was hard!" So how? Where the laws of physics?

Then the pilot said: "the feeling of a blow that I experienced in contact with ray, and on how to behave devices, you can make the assumption that this was not a ray of light, and glowing gas terminal, strongly magnetized. This incident reminds how the gas is kept in "magnetic pipe" or "terminal", and, in principle, it is possible to recreate - then it will turn out effect "solid beam" with the participation and involvement in UFO".

Fiction? No, the story of a pilot is quite real. Especially across the planet registered many other meetings with "solid ray". Thus, the chief of the police Department, Voronezh, Colonel Century Slavkin told me that one night he saw how right he was hit by such a powerful and bright beam of light that he felt it really physically. My weight beam is bent down to the ground, and then I left side and disappeared.

Another case. It was November 1, 1990 During the flight Surgut-Kuibyshev passengers of air liner was watching through the Windows "light probe", which was gradually extended to the aircraft from a glowing spherical object. However, when he touched the fuselage, push nobody felt. UFO sightings, throwing out such rays probes were recorded by pilots near Irkutsk, Volgograd, Altai territory and over the Northern Urals. A similar phenomenon was observed in France, Italy and the USA, And in all cases had one characteristic feature: coming from UFO beam is put forward as a tripod, abruptly breaking off at the end.

Because none of physicists cannot give explanations "solid beam", the hypothesis about the magnetic rod quite legitimate. Only fills it, most likely, not magnetized gas and low-temperature plasma. And wants a probe to get some data. This is confirmed by the fact that UFO nominate ray-probe is not just somewhere to the side, and on a well-defined object, for example, on a plane or on the ground. In the latter case, it can perform the function of the waveguide to read information about the surface, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.

In light of this looks completely different picture "of one of the battles of the star wars" over Pyatigorsk. On the basis of set of facts firmly established that UFO technically the order exceeds any perfect earthly weapons. So it is unlikely that in the case of "clashes" one spacecraft threw aside other slowly floating ball. These fights are absolutely wrong: at great speed and with the use of powerful laser weapons. And here the second space ship stopped the ball "solid beam" and then destroyed. UFO able almost immediately to develop incredible speed: the space ship could just Dodge ball, and generally from rapprochement with the "hamadablam".

But if solid beam is waveguide, all that happened is strikingly similar "refueling in the air." One UFO sends towards a different kind of battery with a reserve of energy. The second pull him Luch-"hose" and pumping energy. And since this operation is very responsible, everything is done slowly. After she finished, the battery is destroyed, not to give the secrets of space technologies, and falls to the ground in the form shlakobetona "the time.".

Confirmation of the correctness of this interpretation "battles" under the Pyatigorsk can serve what was happening on the Rzhevsky artillery range in the Leningrad region. Above him was a frequent UFO. One "dish" is hung right above the substation feeding the entire electrical system parts. Suddenly from the bore to the land stretches glow "bundles". The light at the landfill was darkened, and in some places generally disconnected. But the "bundles" sparkled. There was such impression, that the UFO just draws electricity from the network of the polygon. Probably she had some problems and she flew recharged to the military base. This lasted no more than two minutes, after which the UFO disappeared in the night sky. Later, the military has estimated electricity consumption: the monthly rate if "cow language sleznuu".

Scientists ufologists believe that UFO establish the necessary energy on Board and do not require additional sources. But, apparently, there are some not known to us the circumstances, when they cannot do without contact with the earth energy systems, and then connect to them using beam waveguide.

But this is only one aspect of the problem rays of the UFO. There is a lot of evidence about the mysterious "power beams", with which the UFO is capable to lower and raise their own pilots, to involve himself with the land of humans and animals. Those who happened to be inside such a beam, remember that at that time their bodies squeezed some unknown force. It is not excluded, by the way, think of UFOlogy that this unknown form of energy, pressing plants to the ground, and draws on the fields strange message. But this is a separate topic.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" №24, 2012
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