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Пришельцы и их гибриды ждут «часа х»There is a version that the aliens are going to populate the Earth with their hybrids and mutants and humans to destroy or put in a reservation. Apparently, the "hour X" is not far off. Team hybrids, outwardly indistinguishable from people and possess paranormal abilities, already trained in the remotest corners of the planet...

The lost expedition

In June of this year has appeared information about the circumstances of the death of Brazilian ethnographic expedition, which in 2007 have been studying the life of Indian tribes in the remote area of the Amazon, in the area between Juruena and Arenosa, state of Mato Grosso.

When radio communication with the expedition stopped in the jungle were sent search parties. Survivors found only Jose Ribera, an employee of the Brazilian Institute of history and Ethnography, the branch in Sao Paulo. Also found the body of an Indian guide, accompanied the expedition. Other members of the disappeared.

Ribera was in a state of severe shock. On his right arm was missing four fingers. Even more was crippled Indian: he had no hands and left legs.

The circumstances that led an expedition to such a sad ending, several years of hiding from the public. Only now doctor of Ribera, in his interview to one of the Brazilian Internet publications reported some details.

During the transition through the jungle, about three o'clock, the expedition came across a group of white people, similar to Europeans. Local languages they did not know, but correctly spoke in Portuguese and English. They were dressed in sport suits well-known companies. Strangers have led members of the expedition in his camp, located in the heart of the jungle.

Just in the camp lived about 150-200 persons, mostly men. They lived in two low long homes, is clearly teams, made of material such as plastics. Was surprised that they all looked pretty young, have been one of growth and among them were many outwardly similar to each other. They could hardly talk. The Ribero and his comrades had the impression that strangers can understand each other without words. Later came the idea that they could communicate telepathically...

White savages with paranormal abilities

The "scouts" (as they dubbed himself the participants of the expedition were the commanders - short people dressed in tight coveralls with hood. The hood was always nadenut on the head, leaving open only part of the face. These all was silent. They lived not in the camp, which is not known. "Scouts" in their presence became silent and submissive.

"Ribero and his companions could not move freely in the camp and to enter buildings. In one of them showed films on the big screen - the insurgents and melodramatic series. In front of the screen was a man setting 20-30. The audience was constantly changing

"In another building "scouts" were engaged in studying some chips

The attitude towards them "scouts" was not friendly. At first it was suspiciously-learning. People were asked questions about their work, family relationships, life in the city. By evening, the ratio was openly contemptuous.

The habits of the "scouts"despite their knowledge of languages and computer skills, were wildly. During the conversation they could jump way up and hang on a branch. In the presence of the people they caught beetles and other insects and immediately sent them into his mouth. In General, one might have thought that the production of food was their main concern, and they were ready to eat anything.

Most of the "scouts" wandered through the surrounding jungle, mainly being engaged in hunting. Weapons at them was not, therefore, was hunting with his bare hands. Somehow they knew in advance where can wait for their prey, and immediately went there. Eyes Ribero they pulled out of the brush is quite large snake and immediately began to eat it together with the skin. Similarly, they suppressed with a trapped rodents.

At dusk, the behavior of the "scouts" became even more dangerous. Several "scouts" men with the obvious intention dragged him into the house two women - participants of the expedition. Ribero and his companions tried to discourage, but were stopped by some, apparently, mental strength: they had a strong desire to move away from the building.

Ribera sure that "scouts" familiar with the methods of the directed hypnosis. People in their presence felt internal constraint and anxiety. Probably because of this failed attempt to escape, although the fence around the camp was not. Something that was stronger than their will, kept them here.

The worst thing started when it was dark. Decency, which initially adhered to the "scouts", finally left them. First, they unceremoniously felt people, then started to bite, then gnaw really. They tore human flesh, like animals, tearing it from each other, champing and because they are stained with blood. Devoured not only meat and tendons, and bones. Started with fingers of hands and feet, then slowly crept to the body. While the people they tortured, blissfully smiling, and some even screamed with pleasure. Smile upon their faces to the death.

Ribera was surrounded by several females who have sex with you. Fortunately for him, it took time and allowed him to wait for the arrival of the commanders, who immediately stopped the cannibalistic feasts. But before that, ladies still managed to thristy his four fingers on his hand.

Strange thing: he not only did not feel the pain, but, on the contrary, suffered great pleasure, such as sharp as sex. Having lost one finger, he gave the second is just to extend bliss.

When did commanders were still alive, apparently, only Ribero and one Indian-conductors, which was pretty badly mutilated. They moved to the building. What happened next - Ribero not remember. He lost consciousness and woke up in the jungle, far from that place, where he met with the "scouts". Here it is extremely emaciated condition found, the search group.

In an ominous camp he stayed just a few hours, but between his stay there and it detected a few days passed. Where was he at that time unable to find even regressive hypnosis. This period of his life was completely erased from his memory.

Humanity is living in the last years?

In addition Ribero, such "scouts" saw people pohischena aliens. Probably the "scouts" are hybrids, being born as a result of experiments alien genetic material of earthlings.

That our space ' guests ' use people for breeding hybrids, ufologists say and write for a long time. American researcher David Jacobs in his book "the secret life" argues that the creation of hybrids is the Central point of the alien plan to seize the Land. In his opinion, the aliens brought up several generations of hybrids. After artificial insemination earthly women genetic material of the aliens first get mutants - semi-sentient and can be intelligent, very remotely similar to the people. Then the genetic material of mutants mixed with human and appear hybrids. Each subsequent generation becomes more and more like people.

In the eyewitnesses, abducted by aliens and then returned, we often hear about the so-called Scandinavian servicemen and - white blond, the European appearance hybrids, which cooperate with the aliens and sometimes under their guidance or independently carried out the abduction. Jacobs believes that when hybrids reach a certain similarities with people, will be replaced them all mankind.

Apparently, the role of external similarity already largely completed. About it tells the case Ribero taken into a training camp hybrids "Scandinavian" type. According to Jacobs, change must begin very soon, maybe within the next two to three decades.

Judging by the stories of people who have been on the bases and in the laboratories of the aliens (such people can be attributed Ribero), hybrids are humanoids with paranormal abilities. They have human emotions and experiencing sexual attraction, including to earth women. Can eat the food off the earth. Apparently, they are omnivorous, but prefer meat. Standards many of them are at a very low level. Jacobs, in his book cites reports of abuse men-in hybrids on the stolen earth women.

Jacobs sure that hybrids wander among us, though constantly among us has not yet live. Despite their human appearance, people easy to "calculate". Therefore, at present the party hybrids adapted to the earthly life in the camps, hidden in remote and inaccessible corners of the planet. In one of them, apparently accidentally, the participants were of the Brazilian expedition. Here hybrids under the supervision of the aliens to be employed to earthly conditions to develop the human skills (Ribera noticed that, in addition to watching movies and learning the computer, some of them smoked and had cell phones).

Commanders have said Ribero, it is probably the "grey" aliens. In the future earthly community, they will occupy the highest place.

Directly behind them in this hierarchy will be hybrids. Even lower - mutants (at least the most reasonable of them). Next andFLS pohischena people that implants. These people are under permanent control of the aliens and will serve as a link between the aliens and human remains", which will be located at the very bottom of the caste ladder. "Remnants" (perhaps one or two million people) will retain as genetic material and would be detained in special reservations - in case the experiment on the elimination of a new race will take undesirable turn.

After his interview Dr. Jose Ribera disappeared from sight journalists. Representatives of the authorities were quick to declare him a liar and mentally abnormal. However, knowing Ribero people never doubt his honesty, and the fact of carrying out of sessions of regressive hypnosis confirmed the doctor a clinic in Sao Paulo. So the questions left...
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