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Нас окружает невидимый мирNow more and more talk about the fact that on the Ground in parallel with biological life there is an invisible energy life. And, just as the evolution of biological species led to the appearance of people, the evolution of energy types have led to the emergence of a "reasonable stealth". But if such stealth do exist, then they must live side by side with us and know us...

The invisible world around us

The idea of invisible beings who live near us at all times was present in the minds of people. It permeates the legends, myths, fairy tales and religion of all peoples. Even the ancient Greek authors wrote about that in the world, but people who live "broadcasting", which for humans are just invisible shadow.

In the past, the existence of invisible entities believed by many scientists. For example, K. E. Tsiolkovsky claimed that life in the Universe is present in a variety of forms, including those that consist of much more rarefied matter than the visible physical world. "A lot of evidence points to the presence of some forces, some invisible intelligences, constantly meddling in our human life," he wrote in his book "the Will of the Universe. Unknown reasonable force".

The existence of invisible forms of life and allow some modern scholars. So, academician B. N. Kaznacheev back in 1960-ies suggested that such a life may differ substantially from the known protein-nucleic acid and to have energy structure. This, in particular, explains why many of the representatives of this life form an invisible.

The first experimental confirmation of the existence of the invisible world gained through the development of photography. Soviet researchers semen and Valentine Kirlian invented the so-called high-frequency method of photographing, which allowed them to capture on film the invisible patterns (or "astral traces") living objects, for example, already dead or cut off parts of plants.

Even more amazing facts revealed, when it became possible to photograph in the invisible part of the electromagnetic frequency range. In 1980-ies of the surveys conducted by the Italian photographer Luciano Bocconi.

Portraits creatures

The shooting came in the room where there was devices, registering variations in the environment. Once the devices have fixed any strange deviation occurred automatic photographing all parts of the room. As a result, some shots were able to capture hanging in the air strange dark objects, invisible to the naked eye.

Bocconi photographed not only in space, but also under the open sky, getting the shots image of the same object. Their size varied from 1 cm to 500 meters. The form they had the most diverse. Usually these were ovals or sphere, but were fixed and some did not like what education, sometimes looking like an ugly animals. Curiously, met among them and with a mind like people.

According to Boccone, pictures embodied beings belonging to some new, unknown to science form of life.

His experiments confirmed by other researchers. To date, invisible energy clots, or Kittery (from the word "creature"), even classified in appearance and size. Although classifiers recognize that the share of kraterov in appearance - the thing is unproductive: the creature, it seems, do not have any permanent form. They have the ability not only to change their views, but also to merge with each other, turning into one being, or, conversely, to share.

"Reasonable cattery" appear in the form of ghosts

In the 1990-ies kraterov photographed and studied Rostov scientists. According to their findings, Kittery is a living being that has the same nature as the ball lightning. Among them there are species that are acting reasonably (and, incidentally, fireballs in most cases behave wisely!).

Scientists have found that the majority of kraterov is primitive create the type known bacteria and amoebae. Such creatures found, in particular, in the human aura, which was investigated by the "method of Kirianov". Probably, they was fed there, human energy, being something of astral parasites.

Among kraterov detected and more advanced entity that probably comparable to the biological creatures.

Entity, which can be considered reasonable, the observation was treated badly. About them are very few that managed to learn.

It was found out, for example, that they can change their shape under the influence of nearby humans. If one thinks about something or someone, it is reasonable critter takes the form of this object.

Reasonable Kittery can have a psychological impact on people, and not always in a positive light. Some of them are able to make a person nervous disorders.

Probably, it is reasonable Kittery used by magicians and shamans in their magical activities. The relationship with these creatures are dangerous to humans: the disposition of insidious stealth and unstable.

A normal person can see this being only in an altered state of consciousness, for example, being in severe stress, in religious ecstasy, under the influence of psychotropic substances, or by using mirrors. If you long to look at his reflection with a dark background, around the head or behind reflection, you can see invisible entity, as a rule, have a human-like appearance. Often it is in the likeness of the person the subject wants to see at this moment.

A person has the invisible body

Currently, the majority of experts is sure that Kittery - bodiless residents of our Universe. They appeared in it, perhaps much earlier than physical life. There is even a point of view that physical life (representatives are you) is only a particular case, one of the branches of the evolution of the energy of life. In other words, billions of years ago, part of the power of the aborigines of the Universe, under the influence of some reasons, became suddenly evolve in the way of attainment of dense phone

Most likely, however, both of these forms of life and energy and physical - developed in parallel. Moreover, the energy of life (at least in its reasonable representatives) had a permanent influence on the physical, promoting its evolution in a certain direction.

Currently, all the representatives of the physical world, from single-celled amoeba to man, have what can be called the second or invisible body. This second body is a critter, invisible energy beings. It is so very closely connected with the physical body, with all its organs and tissues that has on him and his life cycles of the direct impacts. Moreover, without energy "second body" no individual living being just could not function normally.

Because Kittery are reasonable and unreasonable, then why not to assume that the "second body" amoebae, plants, worms, reptiles, and other animals are unreasonable energy essence, a "second body" are entities reasonable? And they, these intelligent energy entities, and make a man what he is - a thinking creature?

In other words, man thinks not using the brain (which is the only body responsible for the signal system), and with this his second body is an ancient living millions of years to intelligent energy education. Actually, it thinks, and not a physical man. And accordingly, after the death of the physical person (or his physical body) it's the second, the energy, the body continues its existence in the Universe, with accumulated memory, thoughts, knowledge, all lived the life of this man.

If to sum up, it turns out that all the "physical" living creatures on our planet, including human beings, is simultaneously being invisible energy world. And that is closely tied "solid - energy"which makes up the "physical" living creatures, the main, determining element is exactly the energy.

From "invisible body remained one head

This theory may seem crazy and unscientific, if not numerous confirming its facts, accumulated by mankind for its centuries-old history. But if earlier these facts were based mostly on bad verifiable reports of individual witnesses, but now, with the advent of photography, the researchers got stronger arguments.

In the early 1990-ies resident of Kostroma Century, Yashin in the local Park photographed his friend. Both the images next to the woman, on the background of trees, fixed the man's face, which at the moment of photographing was not here. Moreover, in the second picture it was a little to the left, that spoke about his movement...

In addition to the person, nothing more from the man wasn't even neck. The journalist of the local newspaper showed the picture to the head of the investigation unit of the police Department of Kostroma Vitaly making. He learned it of man, who was killed two years ago about this place. Studying the images of the experts came to the conclusion that fake negatives excluded.

Pictures showed and psychic. He said that they were graven the dead person inVOA spiritual essence.

We, in the light of the above, tell the assumption that the photo could be impressed reasonable critter, which in recent past was the energy body of this man, and at the moment the shooting took the form of his head.

"The Darts"

On diversity of world energy (or as them still name, field) entity says the recent opening of a new varieties - "dart". "The Darts" are different from kraterov not only the sustainability of their appearance and properties. For example, they are well recorded on a conventional film, that, in fact, have allowed to find them.

Did it in 1994 Mexican filmmaker Jose Escamillo. Watching frame by frame the tape footage, he found it accidentally "caught" by the camera lens strange oblong education. First, he decided that insects, flying close to the lens. However, after repeated imagery in the same area he came to the conclusion that this is not insects and especially not birds.

Subsequent numerous tests and analyses have shown that on film etched unknown objects, which move with extremely high speed, making them invisible to the human eye. The film the objects were recorded, as a rule, fractions of a second per frame was visible "nose" of the object, the second - only the tail. Rarely on any of the frames, the object was visible in its entirety.

In the years after the opening of the "dart", it turned out that their number is on the Earth is truly enormous. They are everywhere, including water. Being by nature the energy of living beings, "dart", in contrast to slow kraterov, running at top speed. Apparently, this suggests that they live in their own time, different from ours.

"The Darts" - a long thin cylindrical objects from 10 cm up to hundreds of meters. Many of them have something like a garment, like a feather or a spiral, which swirls around them. Is "the Darts" symmetric and asymmetric, like a corkscrew, caterpillar, bird feather, etc., Large "Darts" fly usually surrounded by hundreds or thousands of small ones.

As Kittery, "the Darts" freely pass through walls and other barriers. Experts converge in opinion, that "the Darts" unreasonable. At least, signs of intelligence in their behavior, not found yet. People "dart", unlike kraterov, do not notice.

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