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Перемещение во времени — реальностьEach of us has ever heard of movements in temporary space. Many people like to listen mystical stories about how people travel in time. But as to understand, fiction or reality? What are the real facts can confirm that the person is able to move in time?

In 2003 year FBI investigators have arrested one of the players of the exchange securities. This man's name was Andrew Carlson, he was forty-four years, and he explained to the feds his incredible success on the exchange of shares that came to our world of 2256 year. He asserted that simply knew how to play to get a lot of money.

One of the members of the Commission on stock exchanges said that in his twenty years of work have never encountered such a case. It is clear that Carlson nobody believed him, and they led him to the police station. But after a couple of days he was found dangerous to society, and put in prison.

Many believe that this man is crazy, and therefore carries nonsense about the arrival of the distant future. Another part of the people are of the opinion that it is simply dishonest liar. However, it is impossible not to look at the facts, which, as is known, do not lie. The facts are: having initial capital in a miserable eight hundred dollars in two weeks Andrew Carlson has increased up to three hundred fifty million dollars. Each of the activities undertaken by the man who brought him money only due to various unforeseen circumstances on the market, which could only be a success, and the probability was just one billionth of a percent. In that year, many investors have lost vast sums of money due to sharp jump of the exchange rate. And Andrew Carlson made one hundred twenty-six risky operations, and from each he came out the winner.

The investigator of the new York police interrogated the accused for four hours trying to understand how Andrew was able to take possession of inside information of different companies. Carlson said that returned to our time from the future. He came back two hundred years ago because he knew about one of the largest downs of the stock market in history, and that it happened in 2003 year. That's why he decided to use that information in their favor.

Andrew asked the investigator to let him go, for it promised to tell you a few secrets. For example, on where is Osama bin Laden, as well as how you can heal this terrible disease like AIDS. For these "gifts" he only asked him to go to the time machine, so he can go in his time. But to demonstrate its miracle-the time machine, the man refused, justifying their refusal fears that the car will fall into the hands of dishonest people. The investigator believes that every word this man is pure fiction. But it is surprising that neither the efforts of the police, nor the efforts of the FBI failed to identify the identity of this man. Until 2002, the first year of the existence of Andrew Carlson there is no record. Today no Andrew Carlson does not live either in the country or abroad.

This is truly inexplicable from the point of view of common sense, history is not the only case in the history of humanity, when we were "guests from the future". For example, in Britain five years ago, a man named John Silliman talked about how he visited the court of Louis the Fourteenth, Mary Stuart. He was presenting evidence of this. In the modern capital of England he arrived, he said, to warn humanity about the danger. John warned that people should resist aggressive mood in the world, and the idea of world domination, and then disaster strikes.

It is noteworthy that this unusual guest disappeared completely suddenly, however, as appeared. There was only a few trinkets, which already for five hundred years from a sort, clearly pleased historians and curious. Later in the press began to appear reports that these things were later forgery, and John had introduced all confusing. Among things, by the way, was an old handkerchief, cufflinks, of copper, as well as door key and a piece of old parchment. They said that similar man lying in a psychiatric hospital near London. Some claimed that he was the actor who just played for the audience. But very suddenly all those prophecies that guest warned, have started to come true. For example, dying Princess Diana, wars start... Who was John Silliman?

Often, the message that arrived "guests from the future", in the Newspapers are full of many countries. Saeed Nagano from Nepal claimed that he arrived in the country from 3044 year. A man named Louis Roger from Tokyo assured that came from the future, to avoid the death of the beloved Japan. Such "guests" in different periods of time appeared in countries such as Sweden, Serbia, France, Kazakhstan, Belarus. They met in the Crimea, as well as in Altai.

In Moscow were also similar cases. So, some time ago one man insisted that he appeared in the capital of 2099 year, and that he wishes to convey some very important information. To do that he wants to change the course of historical events that have brought sad consequences. The man warned that very soon near Pushkin square will be a lot of blood and death. After some time, and so it was under the Pushkin was an explosion which has carried away many lives...

Scientists believe that this story is fiction, or fantasies of crazy people. However, do not rule out completely the possibility that people can come to us from the future time. People travel in time and space does not contradict the basic laws of physics. The world is at least three-dimensional. If people can move in space, the time can also be one of the many physical categories. How you can travel in time? For example, this might be possible, if people will be able in the future to discover the secrets of the so-called "black holes". Hypothetically, there may be many parallel universes. Scientists today are numerous studies of anomalous zones of the planet, and there is often recorded strange and inexplicable chronal violations.

At present time travel are considered wonders that cannot now be real. But many amazing stories proves the opposite, though these stories are not always convincing.

Our world is mysterious, often it is very strange. The properties of our world is very complex, and many of them, most likely, we don't even know. Whether the time is flowing in one direction only? Is there a way to travel back in time and into the other dimensions? Can I get in the future or the past and then go back in time? Is it possible to intervene in the events that already took place, is it possible to change the past? All these questions are of concern to people for many years, and it is unlikely that this interest will be lost. We hope that our scientists and researchers will be able to finally get to the truth.
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