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Колдовство на РусиMagic, magic, magic - the ability of some people to harm or get rid of it by magic rituals, usually without the use of physical force, was an integral part of the life of the Slavs. Ancient manuscripts named going to black magic - Volovnik, Charovnitsa, Myshlennik, Kladnitsa, the Wayfarer (the book about the importance of meetings), Vorongrai (the value of the flight of birds), Sectoral and others, contained the information about this was given by inheritance, or from Teacher to Student.

The Slavs, like all other religions practiced White and Black Magic. Magic was considered a sacred science of the ancient civilized and educated peoples, is inseparable from religion. Both Magic practiced so far, but if previously wore a natural character, but now much more hidden. Magic is a science communication with the divine ground Forces and management, as well as power over the forces of the lower spheres, practical knowledge of the hidden secrets of nature, because they are difficult to comprehend, not sinned against her. White Magic or Natural Magic embodies the structural principle in relation to any living object, i.e. creation, without causing harm to anyone.

Outstanding representatives of the White Magic in Russia were:

DOKA the Russian name of the person, witch doctor, which may dissuade, i.e. to turn all the magic and the spell, but he's no witchcraft cannot or does not want. Derives from the value of "professional".

MAGI - Slavic mages. A synonym of the Magi is the concept of the Sorcerer, in the literal sense of the word - guessing by the water, poured into the Holy chalice (Chara), provided with signs of 12 months. Magic, i.e. volkovaya to water (moisture, volage), which involved three blackprophesy, i.e., Priests, control domenenamn clouds conjuring with water in the Holy Chara. Famous circular enchantment, designed for a hundred of participants of the feast.

The WITCH - from the Slavic "see". Witches were first called "wise women" - until the day when the Church decided to follow the law of Moses, who betrayed every witch or a witch death. In the late Christian mythology, the witch began to call women who entered into Union with the Devil (or other impure force), for the obtaining of supernatural abilities.

There are many methods of divination, i.e. predictions of the future, determine the present, the past, as well as other methods of use of Magic:

VOCALISTA - guessing procedure using wax. The magician melts the wax is a face or a name by which wondering pours the molten wax into the water and, considering the resulting figure, associations and similarities resulting form, makes predictions.

LEOMANIA (KALEIDOMANIA) is a method of divination in which the key is hung on a string, the length of a few inches wrapped around your finger so that the key could turn around, moving or staying still. On behavior of key define answers to questions asked silently or out loud.

CLEROMANCY - divination based on throwing lots in the form of stones, beans, and other items of various shape or color or marked in any icons. Alternatively, SEPULTURA sheets of paper bearing the marks. Variants of their arrangement was decided the case and was called by lot.

KOBE - a kind of ancient Slavic guessing about the fate associated with certain ritual dances or movements (Kamenitsa - do mannered motion).

CONSPIRACY (APRICOT, SPELL) - oral special text, formula character, who is credited with magical power that can cause the desired state. Sometimes written. Positive designed to cure the person, to ensure success and to be protected from external attacks. There are Conspiracies treatment (from Fever, Evil eye, tooth pain, from a snake bite, and so on), economic (associated with cattle-breeding, agriculture), love (prisuschi and otsushki), field (pastoral, beekeeping, hunting etc), situational (when Sarathi and the treasure hunt, while shipments in the way and so on).

BLASPHEMY (COMUNITY) - from the Slavic "komuna" is a myth. The story, to tell, to conjure. Hence, komunikovat - to tell the myths, comunic's the wizard, the narrator comun. A fantastic image Kashchey the Immortal indicates archaic mythological "Chosun" and the relationship with the entity "kostnogo", other-worldly Kingdom. The Christian religion to introduce in consciousness of people pagan mythology, forbidden to Express Slavic legends, myths and fairy-tales. Therefore, in the period of formation of Christianity in Russia, the term "blasphemy" is now considered as the desecration of Christian Shrine.

In ancient times, the Magic was not first evil, but then out of it, by perversion occurred Black Magic, i.e. the aspiration of the Sorcerer to occult power, which leads him to the most dangerous kind of Magic, in fulfillment of the personal desires, i.e. - egoism. The process runs with a demonic spirit, which is the Magician, during his earthly life, and after his death, the Magician is the servant of that spirit. For this reason, the Magician is unthinkable all measures in order to extend their own physical life, because there is nothing beyond the grave. People exchanges his eternal life on temporal authority, and in the course of the centuries developed a mysterious process that allows you to make the Magician such an exchange. In its various branches, Magic, Black includes almost all forms of ceremonial Magic, vedovstvo, magic, vampirism, necromancy - the-art call the spirit of the deceased. There are several tools of Black Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches:

CORRUPTION is intentional introduction into the body of control information, to disrupt its operation, until the death of the body. Corruption is one of the most common domestic Black Magic " methods. Aimed primarily at unenlightened in this subject person.

The EVIL eye (PRICES, EYE, OZK) - Slavic name the phenomenon of involuntary make parapsychological way of destructive information in the body leading to the state of psychological discomfort and / or disease. The evil eye applies to information infections with the biofield nature. Most often, the Evil eye is the result of feelings of envy and other selfish desires.

INVESTIROVANIE - spell, enchantment, purchasing with the help of magical action, a certain power over astroloma and the physical body. The procedure of Investirovaniya is:

1. Communication with the intended victim, which is typically used by an object or a body part, previously owned by the victim.
2. The creation of small figures, dolls Volta, to which are attached the extracted objects.
3. Damage Volta and uttering curses object victims, directing her all the powers of his hatred.
However, there may be two processes:
1. The sorcerer their will-power exteriorities astral fluid his victim and, having sated by this fluid any subject that affects last, and the impact on the astral fluid this man is reflected in his human body.
2. The sorcerer emits infected with malice rays of the astral and causes of SRV hate that and attack the Astros intended victim.

INVESTIROVANIE - the influence of one person on the astral body of another, usually used by Wizards with the aim of causing the death of his victim. Jinxed man died from causeless depression, or accident. Special force has Investirovanie over the blood of man, the death of which I wish to call.

POKLAD - Slavic tool of Black Magic. Specially zagovornye items that are planted in the house or buried next to him. The deposits can be any thing, sometimes as if accidentally dropped. If inexperienced people took her, but still managed somehow to use, that he could be worse, until his death or his relatives.

CURLS - Russian instrument of Black Magic, Witches who create in the field. This twisted ears, broken associated strange way bundles of grain. If such Curls did not notice, and squeezing, were harvested grains throughout, it was entered in the bread and ate it, it was impossible to help. To get rid sent Curls Damage, can be cured with the help of an experienced Magician, as well as from any other Deposits.

SPIN - Russian instrument of Black Magic. Oddly (in the form of a funeral wreath, rings and the like) twisted feathers, threads, tow, enclosed in bed, air bags, clothing. In a special way zagovornye Twist, with a long stay with a person, caused by various diseases or even death.

The CURSE - group methods of Black Magic, which forms a negative impact on someone, something.

FASTING is one of the methods ceremonial Black Magic for guidance negative impact on anyone. Is the refusal at the time, corresponding to a meal of the product, which the Magician considers a delicacy (it is contained in the imagination), in favor of a simple piece of food and cups of water and maybe a vitamin pill, if only the soul is kept in the body. Begins and ends with Post inside personally inscribed circle, with a walk round the circle, made counterclockwise, and the expression of Your intentions in the form of a curse: "(the name of the victim) Yes God damn you!". The process takes two weeks begins with the new moon and immediately after it, and ends at the the new moon.

CANDLE MAGIC - Black Magic method. Use either the Black candle - for ritual naseleniya charms and suppression or Red candle - for submitting punishment and torment.

LIGATURE - magic sending spells, usually done through the magic of a cord or chain. Kind Ligature is a magical cord, which Sorcerer podesavam itself. This is done for two reasons:

1. Many Witches believe that limiting the movement of members of the body and preventing the passage of feelings, you can free innate magical energy and to put forth her out of my body, or in an invisible form, freed from the body as yasnovidyashaya astral body, either in the form providemore, semimaterial Ghost. For the limitations of the senses is put on the mask.
2. The use of Ligatures for "obfuscating spells". During the casting of Spells, the Sorcerer (Witch) strikes up a certain way the nodes on specially prepared cord, then, Sarybay it somewhere in the land, accompanying this action by another spell. To remove that Spell, all actions are performed reverse order. Here is a ligature is a more gentle method of punishment than Investirovanie on the subject.

The SPELL (PRIVOROTA) - Russian method of Natural Magic, aimed at creating an irresistible desire one individual to another (the encoding of the senses). As it has egoistic intentions of the person asking the Sorcerer about love Spell, has a shade of Black Magic.

BLACK CONSPIRACY - text, formula character wearing a negative character, aimed at insidious message, causing damage to another person, calling it a disease, naselenie damage.

PLOT ON BLOOD Black Magic, one of the most effective and cruel methods of human exposure, over the blood of which is the ritual. Human blood (fresh or dried), is one of the main holders of information about a person. This is the Sorcerer wide opportunities of influence on the person. Astral blow, with different speed and high efficiency. Aimed information penetrates into the person primarily through the eyes. Therefore one of the main symptoms astral information is narrowing pupils, if no other physiological reasons.

There are a large number of different tools of Black Magic, but they are derived above, or in another way are called in different parts of the residence of the Slavs.
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