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Всесильна ли энергия проклятия?One of the most famous stories on this topic tells the story of how the king of France, Philip Beautiful harassed and tortured the knights Templar, wanting to usurp the wealth and power of the knights. In 1314 the Grand master of the order of Jacques de Molay, was burned in Paris alive.

Before you give your soul to God, he cursed those who condemned him to death, and promised that not later than one year all of them will be called the high court. Assassin's master Philip the fair, its clergy of Guillaume de Novara and Pope Clement - reacted to the prediction of skepticism. But the curse of the Grand master had a terrible force - all three of them during the year in terrible agony died one after the other.

This story is inevitably leads one to think.

Less well known in the Russian history of the curse, pronounced before the execution ned Kelly - poor Australian farmer, who became Robin hood involuntarily. Defending his sister, he was wounded domagalskaya its police and was forced to embark on the run. For several years he waged a real war against the colonial authorities of Australia. In the end, after this battle the wounded Kelly was captured by the police.

Judged robber sir Redmond Barry, known for his cruelty (previously it on a fabricated case was sent to prison mother ned Kelly). Although a petition Kelly has signed more than 30 000 people, in the outcome of the proceedings could not be doubted. Judge Barry sentenced Kelly to the gallows. When he after the sentence pronounced is common in such cases, the words: "May God have mercy on your soul", Kelly said, "I will go far, and when I get there, I'll see you there" ("I will go a little further than that, and say I will see you there when I go").

Kelly was hanged on November 11, 1880. And on November 23, 1880, twenty days after the execution Kelly, sir Redmond Barry died from pneumonia and a carbuncle on his neck.

Tragic pages of the past

Another tragedy associated with the curse, pronounced defrocked and doomed to an eternal confinement in a dungeon Archbishop Arseny Matsievych, recorded archival documents. Archbishop opposed the decree of Catherine II, by which the Church lands were passed to the state, and always openly expressed criticism of the authorities. Then the Empress ordered the dismissal of Matsiievich from all posts, he was Rasstrigin in monks and sent into exile. The ceremony was performed familiar Arseniy priests, humbly submit to the will of the Empress. This sad event is easier to pass the dry words of the historian.

When it was "the day appointed for the ceremony withdrawal Sana, the soldiers had to push the crowd to skip to the Synod-the Chamber brought Arseny. On the orders of the Empress, he was in full Liturgy Episcopal vestments: in a gown with a Panagia and a rod.

...When exposed Arseny, he Dmitry Sechenov really foretold: "You will choke their own language". Four years later (in 1767) Dmitry really died suddenly of a stroke. Gideon (Krylovskomu) Pskov Arseny said, "And you will not see his eparchy". And the young Gideon (36 years old) died on the way, not having reached to Pskov.

Countryman of his Ambrose (Sertis-Kamensky), often stayed Arseny in Rostov, the latter bitterly reproached: "You, he that eateth bread with me, made me zapisanie. And like the ox with a knife stabbed to death will be". It happened in Moscow at the cholera year rebellion in 1771" (Kartashov. The history of the Russian Church).

You can recall and other events associated with the revolution in France. For a long time became a part of history curse Danton his former colleague, the Jacobin Maximilian Robespierre. Once closest friends, together destroyed the power of the aristocracy and achieved the death of the king, they had different views on the future of the country. And Robespierre and Danton had a hand in the acts of terror in France, but soon between friends has come cooling. Danton had become untied the bloodshed and opposed the continuation of executions. Interchange occurred on 31 March 1794. By order of Danton, Robespierre and his supporters were arrested. After a speedy trial with an outrageous violation of all norms of the law, Danton with friends, accused of conspiracy against the Republic, was sent to the guillotine.

When convicted on truck drove to the Rue Saint-Honore to the place of execution, they had to pass by the house in which he lived Robespierre. Danton, waiting for this moment, shouted with all his strength: "Maximilian, I wait for you!" Claim that Robespierre, who was sitting at the time cooped up at home, turned pale. And from what it was: 27 July 1794 Robespierre was overthrown, and July 28, milotinova. Before the execution was carried by the same road that and Danton, and mobile booing him. The cause of the fall of Robespierre was strange, inexplicable hesitation shown by the dictator in the critical days before the coup. Affected by the curse Danton? This mystery we hardly ever know.

Rock, pursuing Kennedy family

The circumstances of the death in Dallas President John Kennedy from gunshot wounds are still largely mysterious and not followed through. It is very possible that this is an old accident intervened dark forces. The reason that many representatives of the Kennedy clan died with their boots on, lies in the curse pronounced at the beginning of the XIX century...
The Kennedy family, rich farmers, then lived in Ireland, where suddenly the drought began. The harvest of grain was lost, and the country raging hunger. However, farmers Kennedy is in no need, at an exorbitant price selling a huge grain reserves, stored at the warehouses. Once past the house passed mendicant family hungry Irish. They asked a little food for their children and received a cold rejection. In response to more insistent request Kennedy was set dogs on them. And the mother of a hungry child asked for help from higher justice - pronounced a curse around the old Kennedy.

There is another version: once a certain Patrick Joseph Kennedy, who emigrated to America, lived by robbery and one day together with the gang had defiled and killed a mother and daughter. This horrible act marked the beginning of the curse that haunts the whole race Kennedy and sends descendants Patrick male diseases and accidents with a fatal outcome. No wonder most of the nine children of Joseph Kennedy, among whom was John F. Kennedy, died an unnatural death.
Genus Thick gave Russia many talented and famous people, including three writers. But many know that Peter A. Tolstoy was awarded the Peter the title of count, and for brilliant execution of the most difficult mission - he, flattery and promises, managed to persuade the Tsarevich Alexei to return home. Stay Alexey Petrovich in exile, he probably would have saved his life. Tolstoy knew that the son of Peter comes back to certain death, however, convinced him that the father will give him live in peace. As you know, the political ambitions of Peter frightened Prince, he was not willing to continue the work of his life, and his very existence was for his father, a source of constant threat.

Deceived Alexey was put in the prison of the Peter and Paul fortress, where he died. Contemporaries claimed that he was tortured and destroyed by order of the king. They said that before the death of Tsarevich Alexey Petrovich cursed the whole race Tolstoy, Samaniego his destruction, by the 25th day of the knee. And since in the genus often come to light or weak-headed or have lost all moral values of people.

"Cursed places"

To wish evil can one person, group of people, a certain place, or even the town. Everyone knows about the so-called "bad" places where people happen bizarre events that take place frightening experience. Not always to blame geopathic zone - often we just don't know about what happened here many years ago. Don't know, but we feel we are overcome by a strange anxiety.
As you know, taking the Carthage in 146 BC BC, the Romans put a curse on this city and razed it to the ground. And here's the odd thing - the city that will make you more never revived in its former greatness, despite its geographically advantageous location. Even the Romans forgot his own curse and in a hundred years began to rebuild Carthage again. And, it seemed, were all prerequisites to ensure that the Carthage regained the power and greatness. But, as said Roman Consul Cato, "Carthage must be destroyed" - and it was destroyed by the Arabs, and then, in the XVI century, the case did the Spaniards. Indeed, we should not throw words to the wind - especially in something as critical as urban planning.

In the described case on the destruction of Carthage on the path to wealth and prosperity of the nation insisted the will of all of the Roman people. However, it is unlikely that the curse of the individual is able to erase from the face of the earth the whole city. Regularly raises a question about the fact that our Northern capital, St. Petersburg, cursed is still at the base, and repeated sinister saying "to be the Petersburg is empty"... the Curse attributed to either the former Queen and the wife of Peter the Great Eudocia, whether the old believers. But, as we see, the city is safely and even expanding.

With damned places the situation is more complex. Some terrible events or painful feelings may impose an indelible imprint on a particular house, the street, the wasteland.

In EkaterinburgGE (former Sverdlovsk) is notorious the Ipatiev house, where after the revolution was murdered Royal family. But few people know that in 1895 the building was owned by a wealthy merchant Redikorzev, had a weakness not to women, and to their same sex. Immoral life of a merchant has long been the subject of gossip and brought it to the notorious trial. Shortly before the trial, the merchant died because the heart is weak, and his "comrades" suffered severe penalties - they were condemned to penal servitude. The death of Nicholas II and his family finally led to the fact that the house began to consider cursed, and pass by. On this place was built the Temple-on-Blood - hopefully it'll clean energy.

In Belarus rises the majestic castle of Mir, in the past belonged to the richest Radziwill family. The guides tell the visitors the following legend. Right from the castle before rustled garden - but at the end of XIX century, it somehow did not like the owner of the castle, Duke Nikolai Svyatopolk-Mirsky, who chop down all the trees and arrange on the spot pond. The accident occurred: during the execution of the plan was killed woodcutter and his mother unhappy pronounced a curse, saying that now for each cut tree pond will take to them every year on one victim. Soon in the pond drowned Sonia, 12-year-old Princess, and then and the Prince found on the shore of the pond dead. According to local residents, even now in this pond drown people - mainly men.

The place can be considered "bad" is not even because someone had put upon him the curse, but because beliefs prevailing in a particular nation, provide overall normal place supernatural properties. We now illustrate this. In Japan rises the mountain Ihei, the outlines of which are similar to the posthumous Buddhist plate with the name of the deceased. Therefore, the Japanese believe that if anyone dares to cut down on this mountain one tree, one of his relatives'll go aloft. Meanwhile, if the mountain will see European tourist, he will not have any bad thoughts. And you can bet that, with high probability, if he accidentally zrobic tree on the mountain, safe and sound back home, and his family will remain intact. But! - only on the condition that none of the locals will introduce the tourist with the information about the curse. Itself this information can have a devastating impact.

Now rebuilt in the center of Moscow the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is striking in its beauty. However, many people experience anxiety, while inside, they recall the words spoken by the abbess of St. Alexis convent in 1832: "Nothing sacred here no longer, and will Cartola - hell Razdolie". Geoecology, by the way, they say that under the Foundation of the temple are floating earth, and every year the building is lowered to 2 cm into the ground. However, believers are of the opinion that after the consecration of the newly built Church of the curse is gone.

Protection of the forces of light

These and other lurid stories show us that the curse still exists and can be extended both to people and inanimate objects. It is hardly possible to think of cases in which the wishes of misfortune would have been uttered for nothing. They belonged to people severely affected by the actions of a specific person, who in the result and held responsible for their own behavior: his there was no life, suffering devastation or horrible death.

Therefore, those who believe in the power of the curse and fears it, remember that they are the creators of their own destiny, i.e. to refrain from hasty, cruel, unjust actions towards others. If you are cursing the evil, sinful, the unjust man, his words will come back to him under the law of the higher justice is not necessary to attach values to them. If you really have nothing to reproach yourself, the best solution would be sincere repentance, confession and otmerivanie his guilt. The same applies to people whose race is on the verge of extinction or permanently exposed to misfortune, we need to ask forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors and to constantly hold within themselves the spiritual work.

A special category - parent curse, possessing a powerful force (remember Taras Bulba, with its famous "like father like son, I also will kill you"). It is particularly dangerous because between parent and child there is a close relationship. The people there is a belief, that is to say negative wishes of the most dangerous from twelve to one hour of the day or night is a special time, when it said could come true.

In the Carpathians there are mountains Goverla and Petros, about which the local residents tell a beautiful story, if earlier these mountains were in love boys and a girl. However, the father of Hoverla was against their wedding, and cursed them for neglecting the parent will. Immediately after the wedding, the young illegal turned into mountains... In Chernigov still see the Ghost daughter Kochubey Mary, who gave his love is the killer of his father and cursed her mother.

Such legends exist in all areas of the globe. What can I say or recommend? Only one thing: honor your parents and respect their wishes, and will have you all well.

The curse pronounced rejected lover, and even more by the seller on the market or importunate beggar, is taken easier and is much less devastating. It is better to go to Church, to ease the soul prayer and confession.

Not all the evil words and wishes come true. To a bright, optimistic, kind people curse will not stick. Be a bit more positive and - God forbid! - nobody themselves do not curse, even if you really offended. Time itself will put everything in its place.

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