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Вещие сны видят всеAbout dreams, foretelling the great world of defeat and victory, everyone has heard of. But dreams can see all: you only need to learn to translate with the "nevidannogo" language of habitual.

Just as intuition

The more people, the brighter and more interesting his dreams. History is replete with examples of dreams Marey, military leaders and other members of the elite who managed to influence the course of world events. So, according to Herodotus, Egypt got rid of the sovereignty of the Ethiopian king: that once had a dream, if he should cut all the Egyptian priests in half. "The gods have turned away from me, again pushing for such blasphemy!" - in horror determined superstitious king and immediately fled from Egypt.

Nowadays policy if and give some meaning to his dreams, but carefully hide it. But in vain, serious scientists have long proved that dreams deserve the serious attention. As in a dream, our logic is sleeping and is on the first place INTUITION: it is able to suggest something that cannot be understood by the mind.

In General, to neglect their dreams are not worth it. Another thing that cannot be understood literally: the images one sees in dreams is a special language.

The language of poets and plumbers

The most plausible and consistent today the theory to explain many of the mysteries of sleep is the theory of the metaphors. According to her, dreams speak the language hints, emotions and figurative comparisons, which we constantly use in everyday life. It's poems and aphorisms, and even ordinary Mat.

"Pie in the sky", "children - flowers of life", "you dumb box of rocks" -all that rich Arsenal of allusions and metaphors that day we use for red or even a strong focus on the night gets a second life, manifesting itself in a dream as bright animated pictures. According to this theory tensions in the family, for example, can stand in your sleep as the exposed wires.

Images of sleep is multifaceted, and the temptation to catch hold of the first surface meaning too large. That's breed on the shelves numerous downers under a simple slogan: "Marriage is good, funeral - bad"...

New dress king

It has long been observed that dreams are not as diverse as it seems. Most of us at night I see the same images: people, houses, cars... One of the most common images of the dream, of course, clothes. Indeed, few people were not so lucky in the dream to be naked in the middle watch of the crowd, or even in your home clothes and Slippers, attending the reception. Surprising, because clothing symbolizes the image of a person, his position in society. Any proposed change of status, or simply self-doubt will inevitably cause you to have a number of such kind of spicy visions.

However, if nudity is in sleep does not bother you and not causing the surrounding unhealthy laughter, it is an indication of your frankness and openness. But if you find yourself in a conflict, sleep suggests that it is your frankness in reality can be a source of quarrels.
If at night you somehow drew attention to your costume or part thereof, with good reason. Disorder in the dream, clothes may presage real problems with reputation, beautiful costume will report that your self-esteem at the required level, and buying a new dress will warn that there is an important change.

If money falling from the sky

"The dream that I go somewhere, in the hands of my hat, and I coin collecting. All is good, and a hat brim full, but the money some small, disreputable" - shared with me one friend in a difficult period.

Popular wisdom says: happiness is not in money, but in their numbers. This statement is fully applicable to dreams: if in the arms of Morpheus, you've managed to get a good profit, which you happy, then in the daily Affairs of you have taken the right course and have all chances for success. The rest depends on you; will be able to realize their potential - well, and if all will prosledite themselves and blame.

Paper money is usually indicate the possibility of a successful acquisition or prospective contract and full-bodied coins promise real financial success. Pennies - a sign that the expectations of the inflated profits (as, actually, and warned the dream of my friends. Hat in this dream meant his ideas and plans and soon one of his ideas is really made a profit, but the amount was much less than he had expected).

However, often the income in a dream not connected with the money. Beautiful dish may hint at a steady salary, and a small plate - to warn of upcoming harsh times. Once I had the opportunity to see this, bought in a dream pig lying on a silver platter. In the life of this pig put me a real pig!

It's wet

About this dream told Lev Leschenko: "dreamt I was giving repair, and I have all of the hands falls: the tiles were cracked, the pipe leaked"... Can heartily sympathize loved singer, who in his sleep concerned about such "domestic crimes", because the main task of the artist - sing, smaller paying attention to economic troubles. That said Leshchenko his dream. Water in a dream is a symbol of vitality, and all sorts of leakage means the energy is spent on the little things and, like water in the sand, vanishes forever.

Generally, all the images associated with water, could not be more simple and clear. So, puddle means the inability to concentrate and wasting energy on trifles. But the more fundamental reservoirs talk about things, significant and global.

For example, the river symbolizes throughout your life. Quiet, clean water, it says about your good health and good for business. But the way of the sea means the nature of feelings and instincts; succumbing to them, people can easily lose control. So, if looking in his sleep on the waves, you feel anxiety or fear, be careful: storm of emotions able soon to seriously complicate your life.

The fate in the hands of Morpheus

Many claim that you see "prophetic dreams"by investing in these words of solemn and sublime meaning. However, neither the angels nor the representatives of the world of fairy tales and legends, oddly enough, are not a guarantee that you really touched in a dream with a delicate matter.

The true symbol of fate in dreams is the sky, and if you notice him, try the next morning to remember everything down to the smallest detail. Clear blue skies will tell about the favor of fortune, and storm clouds will warn of possible dangers.

However, even the most disturbing dream does not aim to bring you into the abyss of depression. On the contrary, describing the situation as it is, it gives a chance to change, sometimes even suggesting how this is best done.

How come open

It is known that people spend on dreaming about thirty percent of the dream! It turns out, "resting" our brain is very active. At the same time, if any living creature to take the opportunity to sleep, it will quickly die.

The active phase of sleep, when we nevidim usually occur in the morning. Because "larks"rising with the dawn, depriving yourself of unusual experiences that we experience in the predawn dreams.

It is believed that informative and interesting dream about all living beings with highly developed nervous system. Is it that science has not yet proven. But in the course of the research, scientists have identified a paradoxical relationship between the time of onset of REM sleep and the size of the dreamer. The elephant will see the first dreams not earlier than two hours after going to sleep. Adults and gorillas is approximately ninety minutes, the children, and most species of monkeys - 50, cats - 15, mouse-over 9 minutes. Hence, the nature of dreams nothing to do with mental abilities. This unexpected conclusion can be considered an indirect argument in favor of the fact that the brain is not the generator, but rather, a limiter of consciousness.

At the same time, the book "the World of lucid dreams" North Liberia and H. Rheingold contains stories of eyewitnesses lucid dreams, who argue that the degree of awareness that can be achieved in a dream, depends on the level of perception of reality in the waking state.

It is known that the artist Korovino Chaliapin had a dream with a stone on his chest, which, despite all efforts to remove failed, and soon the singer died. The wife of Julius Caesar three days before the murder of her husband watched this tragedy in his sleep. Thus the dream-revelation not necessarily linked to future events or the manifestation of the Jungian archetypes of the collective unconscious. Witness the amazing examples of dreams of "the blue": one person several times felt in the dream goose. He would spend hours flying at high altitude, sometimes among the clouds, and saw the land, as the plane, far below. From the cold wind had cold feet, and he hid them in the feathers on her warm belly. Then swam with flight brothers on the big lake among the reeds and saw in the distance the black people who were sitting in the boat. From them silently flew some long sticks that came to birds and killed them. He could not understand why these guitar bring death. Just woke up, realized that saw African hunters and murderous sticks were arrows. Opening the book Bram, this person had read that the geese get cold feet and they press them to the belly...

Why big science deaf to this as thizlenim interesting facts? First, the science used to dealing with phenomena that can be repeated in the experiment. How to repeat the dream? Second, the actual content of the dream cannot be checked. As for dreams, here we all shells. Thirdly, the adoption of the described facts for the truth entails downright terrible consequences for the concepts of modern natural science. That there is only one resulting nonlinearity time! It turns out that the dream as a phenomenon involves fundamental conclusions and fundamental turning our view of the world conclusions need good arguments. In General, a vicious circle.

Let us summarize: the sleep function not limited relaxation of body and brain and remain uncertain. Intensity of sensations and quality of possibilities (for example, training in a dream) a dream far exceeds the reality. But the logic of events in it bizarre and often inexplicable from the point of view "day" of the mind.

Sometimes the dream provokes an amazing insight, not only beyond the life experience of the dreamer, but also carried information about the future.
Perhaps in these paradoxes encrypted some important secret of life, finds that, we will receive the keys from a parallel reality.

Dream yoga

This is the most unusual yoga, for its purpose is to teach people how to extract from dreams vital information in a dream to influence the situation in real life. One day the teacher, yoga practitioners of sleep, he dreamed that his beloved disciple among the other passengers riding in a truck through the mountain pass. At the turn of the driver has not coped with management, and the truck fell into the abyss. All died. Not waking up, by an effort of will the teacher sends the student "program": "Adarsa hurt, but don't die". Two days later, the teacher has read in the newspaper that through the pass was driving the truck, the driver was unable to roll - and the car fell into the abyss. But two survived. One of the survivors was his disciple.

It is believed that the dream consists of several phases. Sleep is preceded by a slumber, when the mind of man flashed some images, he hears voices. Then comes a period of slow sleep, when brain activity maximally reduced and sleep without dreams. This is followed by REM sleep, when sleep is in the world of fantasy. According to scientists, dreams are called weak electromagnetic waves. NREM sleep is characterized by the alpha-rhythm with low frequency, and about a period of REM sleep, and you can learn without instruments - on the movement of the eyeballs: the eye beneath the closed lids run as if one was watching real events. Each of these stages is a dreamer your reality, merging into a kaleidoscope of pictures and images.

A very different approach to the process of dreams in yoga sleep, which in its own way taught to Orient themselves in the phases of dreams. Each of them accounts for some time, has its own characteristics and the degree of accuracy of the information. So, with twenty-two hours before midnight dreams is absolutely "empty". The middle phase lasts from midnight until four in the morning. At this time, are vision, inspired by the daily experiences. The most subtle and information-containing-tion - the third phase, with half of the fourth till half-past five in the morning. These watches come in dreams, carrying the information about future events.

But this does not prophetic dreams. In a certain way influencing consciousness, as though preparing, summing person to implement important in his life event, such dreams as the wind in the sails. Man is able to perceive guiding information and to use it for self-realization. The ultimate goal of yoga sleep to transform consciousness, "teach" to exist in the parallel reality that is revealed in dreams. Because dreams are not "little death", and second life, and the giver are endless possibilities, a life in which there are no limits of time and space, where everyone can become a master of the event. And yet, in comparison sleep with death there is some truth: the reality of the dream belongs to the subtle world, the same one, where does the soul go after death. Through the dreams of man is given the opportunity to live in two worlds - the material and astral drawing from each of knowledge and wisdom. Not accidentally dream yoga mastered it in Buddhism, which is not a religion. Buddhism is the science, which studies human consciousness. Realizing the dream as a full-fledged reality, learning to live in it, people will finally make a giant leap in its evolution. But before that, yet Oh so far.

Life without waking

After the death of Dante's relatives could not find two pages of his "divine Comedy". Poet, appeared in a dream to his son, pointed to a secret safe, where was found the missing pages of the manuscript.

Examples amazing cases of prophetic dreams are endless. Their study, scientists, philosophers, psychologists. Among the mass of interesting hypotheses particularly unusual theory of Russian philosopher Piotr Demianovich Uspensky, the disciple and the follower of the legendary George Gorgieva the book "New model of the Universe" assumption asserts that we see the dream not only when I sleep, but in the waking state, in fact, never ceasing to snovidenii, although not recognize... "When we Wake up, the dream does not disappear, but is joined by the waking state, drowning out the voices of dreams and making the dream images invisible".

According to the theory, the picture of the subtle world are superimposed on everything we see. However, during wakefulness they only in exceptional cases are manifested through reality. And if it happens in our life into so-called miracles. "Suddenly you astonished to find that surrounded the strange world of shadows, moods, sounds and pictures. And then you realize that this world has always existed within us...".
Everything we see in the dream belongs thin, the astral world, which contains information left by the consciousness of people both living and departed to the other world. Through the surrounding ocean unimaginably small particles containing information about all we receive signals from Direct Times, argues assumption.

You are right: the modern science has proved that humanity and all life on our planet, recycles energy, creating informational, intellectual, noosphere "humus".

And in this, many scientists are inclined to see the main purpose of mankind. It is likely that dreams - not that other, as the visible part of the process of this processing.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and mystic" №15, 2012
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