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Почему болезни и несчастья боятся амулета?Among the huge variety of objects of the surrounding world are those who constantly care about preserving our health and longevity. This is the subject of power, and, simply, talismans, amulets and charms. However, the rituals of their use have their secrets... Axiom proven: it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick! And even better, if the wealth and health are combined with what is called happiness.

Then why do so many of us so long( sometimes the whole life ),it is necessary to pave the way to the three components of success in life? First of all, because we do not always remember that the health, wealth and happiness has its patrons. It talismans, amulets and talismans, without which many of our efforts in achieving success are doomed to failure. It is easy to say that all power objects behave the same, on the same principle. The principle of this pre efficiently simple. we give subjects sources of energy, and they answer us constant work on the task mi, which are put before them.

This is very similar to a calculator that we connect to the batteries, you give him the problem(the number of input and actions),and he is pressing a key gives us a result. But the principle is very General and vague. Power objects have a clear his own classification and different names primarily because for all the similarities of their action, they work in different ways and at different levels in our body. Separate power objects into three main categories: talismans, amulets and talismans. In order to understand what these things are different from each other, we need to understand which of the levels of each of the subjects of force and what his work is not similar to the activity of other subjects of force.

Charms - multifunction power objects, which takes place at the level of the ether body. High sensitivity to everything, and at the same time, the dispersion of feedback in case of any situation - that's the main difference amulets from other subjects of force. Amulets, working at the level of essential component of our body, capable of many things, but best of all th they work in the sphere of protection, which, strictly speaking, is reflected in their name, derived from the word "to protect ". Amulets busy that take some protective functions, which usually does our etheric body.

The etheric body most of the time busy receiving, processing and filtering energy components of an individual. Sometimes it is so busy that has no time to sreagirovatj on hazard and alert the owner, his mind and physical structure. Here it is necessary to digress on the work of the ethereal body in ensuring our physical security. Probably most of you have had to feel a strange sense of danger, which translates into our conscious and emotional patterns essential part of our auras like nothing is happening, and we start to worry about ourselves or our loved ones, although no apparent reason for this. Our inner voice tries to tell us, reminding anxiety. So we foresee some trouble failed the exam, the illness of a loved one, your own problems at work or home, etc.

Everything would be fine if not for one small, but very unpleasant" but ":we have lost the habit to use the signals your thin defender and almost always ignore it. The most interesting thing that sly etheric body sometimes manages to get around and this human trait-it tells us about the upcoming through what we call " description ", which are actually established in time signals from the air. the body, all these broken mirrors, torn out teeth in dreams, trips on the left leg and many other signs are just trying our etheric bodies to focus our attention on the impending us troubles.

The correct operation of our essential structure, it is not simply warns us of danger, but also tries to self-liquidate its power. by the way, without the intervention of the physical body. For example, your protective shell can cause confusion for the bully who was going to attack you, to draw another "random" to a passer-by in the place where you want to undress and to Rob. The etheric body can push you to go from the underground, or the dark courtyards other, unfamiliar to you. It is then, to avoid danger, we begin to speak of intuition, chance, that " God loves his ", etc., In fact, all such cases is the work of the etheric body, his direct responsibility to protect their wear La. After just written you can imagine how much effort is spent our essential nature to prevent such incidents. But all these forces could be used for other needs, for example, creativity or health, on our sosn. life, not survival. The release of these forces and help amulets.

They are responsible for resolving such unpleasant questions. Over time, amulets can become learning. the energy entity in the field of protection can work wonders. Even if for different reasons talisman could not completely destroy the situation, so he softens it, there's not such a person who could hurt you, our subject force begins to work against intended for you, aggression long before the broadcast. the body will feel even the slightest power. shake. Ancient worked hard ( experienced ) amulets can destroy the aggressor the very thought to guide their actions against you.

Thus, the main and most useful task for charms - protection of your physical body. Please note that all power objects are one level below her. Obereg " concatenated " with the natural body, and works for the protection of the physical, the amulet is bound to astral component, and helps to solve essential problems, and so on, This is an important law of actions of subjects of force, which it is necessary to remember, so as to avoid him not: never amulet will not join their forces to the mental body, he will never be able to change the course and direction of your thoughts. Therefore, ask him impossible, give him a job in his field of energy interactions. Phys. body protection from negative material and energy influences - that's his prerogative, which perfectly cope any charm. Amulets are working with another, more high " component of our thin EXT. space-with the astral body. Amulets assume the obligations related to emotional plan, they can protect and regulate everything that is connected with our psychological manifestations.

Thus, amulets, being connected with the astral plane of our being, directly affect the etheric body, helping to save energy and power to accomplish the task. We can say that the amulets - not that other, as some regulators are coming to us forces, not directly influencing the physical body. Relationships with other people, our interaction in the family, at home and at work - these are the areas in which can work and help us this category of subjects of force.

Its task is to provide necessary to solve those or other problems of mood, even in cases when the General situation makes us upset or nervous. Negative emotions are processed amulets in a positive and sent us for further use. The subject of the power cuts off all attacks against us, especially those that allow you to create't need the emotional ties. In addition to the direct protection from such power. influences, the amulet chooses for us the ways for solution of the issue before him, which will be more calm and easy for us.

In the absence of the amulet our reaction to the events is as follows: significant negative event - negative binding energy is the breakdown in the etheric body is the weakness of the physical body exhaustion and disease. If we include in this chain the amulet, it breaks between the first and second steps, and the etheric body instead of spending forces on experiences is engaged in search of the most favourable conditions for physical part of the body and gives the maximum of its energy on solving the existing problems, bypassing the stage " loops ". Amulet pushes us to the most painless solution to the problem, leading to our way of life right people at the right time, opening prospects due to changes in the situation and attract certain positive shift.

Amulets are fabulous at solving the following tasks: search for partner for personal communication, problem solving conflicts at work and at home, turn on you in a positive rhythm of development, attraction for you cash and new relationships. You can say that the amulet is responsible for some of your own life goals and handling them with minimal for you costs. Amulets in their actions, rather, in the direction of their actions narrower than amulets. For example, Obereg eliminates almost all the conditions and influences that may interfere with the physical body of a person, while he draws energy from all walks of life and most widely covers his action human life cycle.

The amulet is often effective only in one certain area of our life, and occasionally climbing in the related field and PRGanesha its influence there. For example, if you equally important friends and work, the amulet can make one at the expense of others( friends will offer you a good job ), but here's " random" to introduce you in the street with the future employer will not be able beginning of any situation when working with the amulet, you have to put yourself. Amulet works seamlessly within existing physical conditions in the existing situation and to create something new it is only when you already have a certain framework, the basis for the new, the amulet will support those of your plans that can be implemented. To make it work on an empty place difficult, because the empty space is not a tip. painting, and hence the energy that runs the amulet.
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