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Зомби для диктатуры пролетариатаThe theme of the revival of the dead first appeared in tales. A lot of place this plot is in religion, where Christ with his hand raised the dead. But how does this topic crept in such an atheist state, as Communist Russia?


The theme has a long prehistory. First of all one should mention the ancient art of necromancy, which represents a magical revival of the dead, and when it became physically impossible (for example, if complete decomposition of the corpse), the summoning of his spirit. The goal of necromancy unlike Haitian zombies were getting from the dead some information (for example, information about the future or the location of the treasure), and not physical work.

The rituals of necromancy was difficult and even disgusting, but they were going, because the result has blocked all. The training was begun a few days before the climax. At this time the Magi did not eat anything salt and yeast, chewed meat of dogs, if not quite starved, surrounded by various attributes of death: wore taken from dead clothes and slept among the tombs and burial crosses, read a memorial prayer for ourselves, and meditated on the subject of death. As a result, they seem to be likened to a corpse. Anyway, it was believed that it was easier to find a contact with the world of the dead...

The ritual of recovery were carried out near the open graves at midnight. First assistants fumigated her perfume, and then ceremonial opened the coffin. The necromancer three times touched the corpse magical wand, using spells ordering him to stand...

The mystery of the resurrection of dead bodies in Africa

In the middle of the last century were debating revival of the dead African sorcerers. The reason for this was the message of the American anthropologist John green, who managed with the help of bribe to be present at closed to Europeans ritual of a recovery.

Here as discussed all this with the words of John green's...

On the ground lay a dead man, near which stood a few wizards. The chief was the old man standing with a marked advantage. Green tried to measure the pulse of the carotid artery of the deceased, checked pupillary reflex and even raised the glass to his lips. But all showed that the man was dead.

Finally, the sign of the old man began the ritual of resurrection. Two magicians began rhythmically beat in a huge Tom-Toms, while the other two in the beat shouted some spells, and the main shaman began to perform intricate dance around the corpse. The rhythm of the drum beats all increased.

The force of the blows and the volume of singing gradually increased to such an extent that the green felt as if everything inside him vibrates and shakes. After some time, the ages of the deceased was thrilled. He turned on his side, and then suddenly got up on all fours. The cries of witches and beats the drum immediately stopped. In the silence I could hear the revived the young man mumbled something...

The zombies in Haiti

Zombies, translated from the Congolese, is revived a dead man, not able to think, feel and to make independent decisions. Essentially biological robot, unquestioningly fulfilling someone's orders. How is a zombie is not fully known. It is only stated that for the rite use the recently deceased body, which has not yet touched corruption.

The local witch doctor with special spells and other magical procedures saturates the corpse of vital energy, but this alone was not sufficient, and so the body "awaken" using the shock of an electric current from the sea of acne.

The living dead, or zombie, is never tired, nothing contrary to his master and is ready to work round the clock at the local plantations. The only difficulty in its further operation consisted in the fact that the corpse occasionally have to saturate the energy of the same sorcerer, after whose death zombie dies again, but this time forever.

The use of electricity for the recovery of the dead

The first experiments were conducted by well-known Italian physiologist Luigi Galvani in 1791 the dead frogs, passing through them, the electrical discharge, resulting they shuddered and moved as living. Then came the thought that in this way you can revive people. Implemented the project nephew Galvani Giovanni Aldini. He became famous for having married a serious investigation with pretty bad show, practicing so-called "electric dances of the dead, which he demonstrated publicly in circuses and theatres.

It is known that the apotheosis of his demonstrations occurred in the winter of 1803. On the eve of Aldini acquired the body of the executed serial killer George Forster, which he decided to use a special way. During the presentation Aldini did it anyway you wanted. He was attached electrical wires to the lips and ears of the corpse, and then jaw was beginning to twitch, and his face was sideways grimace of pain. The triumphal show ended with the experimenter was connected to one of the electrodes to the head, and the other put the corpse in the rectum. Dead man indulged in wild place, and the audience seemed that he was alive. Some were impressed enough that fainted. After the show the corpse Forster, the audience found alive and demanded the authorities to take him with a magician and executed again. The same Aldini later (after the release of the English novel of the writer Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley) began to name not differently as Frankenstein.

But history does not end there. Later experiments English researcher Andrew Yura was even more expressive. Enterprising Yur was nashpigovat corpses electric batteries to such an extent that "revived" a dead man one day, let fists against him and even painful kicked assistant.

The procession zombies in Soviet Russia

Although Aldini carefully log their experiences, his name for a long time remained forgotten until that time while in Russia has not happened the October revolution of 1917. The Bolsheviks came to power, he has remembered about the daring experiments, thinking that sent an electric effect on the corpses will force them to work on construction sites.

Opening the prospect promised a real revolution in the world of work, an unprecedented explosion in his performance as a result of human losses on the Civil war Soviet Russia was badly needed in the workforce.

The Bolsheviks believed that the reactionary bourgeoisie consciously concealed opening Galvani, Aldini, because, according to Communist doctrine, "it (the bourgeoisie) has always been an obstacle to development of the productive forces". These words of Lenin's comrade

A. Bogdanov and become the guide to action. In may 1920, was created the Central labour Institute (Kari), which began to implement the so-called "work experience".

In his Foreword to Russian translated the book of Aldini

A. Bogdanov with pathos wrote: "the Corpses, dancing, gripping his fists, bow chest which they can raise three of us - what a wonderful occasion for petty-bourgeois elements to close my eyes, hold their nose and scream "pax!". But alien to the proletariat of petty-bourgeois prejudices, carrying out the expropriation unearned property, he revises and taboos imposed reactionary classes, including "taboo of the dead".

Talking in this way, he suggested the use of "the body of our fallen comrades" for their "social rehabilitation" in the ranks of the builders of communism. This idea soon found its embodiment. Bodies of "comrades", keeping their lifetime names, without food and drink, under the influence only of the electric current carried bricks from one heap to another, the two lifted the stretcher with concrete, and held out to each other hand in some kind of handshake.

One of those present during the experiment party leaders dared to greet such a "revived" the dead man. And that's what he enthusiastically said, "I feel shaking hands, cold, if you mean temperature, but truly hot, if you keep in mind its revolutionary impulse according to Marx".

However, in a few years "solemn procession of corpses to communism" was suspended and with amazing speed forgotten until 1990, when a famous sorcerer Yu Longo, already not using any political motives, on the TV screen showed a new "revival" of the deceased.

This playful Longo

The program was short, but caused a sensation throughout the country. Many believe her - while we still have that through the media, we can actively hang noodles on the ears.

The action took place in the morgue. On a gurney was lying cold and lifeless corpse on which conjured Yuri Longo with such a serious tense that were visible drops of sweat on his face. Suddenly the dead man moved one of her arms. Then he raised his head and drew her legs. After another few seconds, his body was bent, as if the dead man was going to get up, but he immediately falls and dies. The view is really creepy. One thing is when the psychic affect living people, and here corpse...

To the great relief for all, in a few years the South Longo admitted that the whole story of the "revival of the dead" is a hoax, where the role of the deceased and assistants Longo played his friends and colleagues.

However, after a few years the situation in a much more Mracinom version was repeated with a psychic, hornbeam, promising money to revive the children killed during the terrorist attack in Beslan...
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