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Кто такие дети Индиго?Indigo children are incarnated with a sacred purpose: to proclaim the coming of a new society based on honesty, cooperation and love. They represent a new step in the evolution of mankind.

In a world in which we live, Indigo Children have a unique challenge. They are a people of the future, incarnated on this planet. They have highly developed consciousness and high susceptibility. They are intolerant of insincerity and hypocrisy. Do not bother them to develop, help your children - they are your future and the world.

Unusual children. As they note, recently born some unusual children. They have special magnetic radiation of the body, another structure of DNA, the other functions of internal organs. Such children can do incredible things, for example, involuntarily to draw objects. They can be unbearable. One second of time to think about ten things at the same time.

At the age of 4-5 years, many children begin to talk about their past lives, communication with the angels. Some are able to see through the wall, to read people's thoughts, look bending aluminum spoon. By nature they are very independent and do not recognize any authority.

In a kindergarten or school, they are trying to fit under a common standard, but nothing good will come out of it. The problem is of universal character regardless of gender, growth, and place of residence. It's time to look at this phenomenon more closely.

While scientists from all sides are exploring unusual children, their opinion on the issue expressed many spiritual and religious figures. They argue that the phenomenal children - messengers of God. And it allows you to radically reconsider the prophecies concerning the human race, in particular, about the end of the world. Now it is not excluded that humanity will be able to change his destiny, to get rid of fear and hatred and to aspire to a better future.

Famous American psychologist and bio-Nancy Ann Tappe first noticed that in recent years the aura many babies do not fit into the usual standards. As is known, the aura is the human biofield, an indicator of its vitality. Her glowing shell able to see particularly sensitive people. Aura plays with various colors of the rainbow, with each shade is of some importance. Now Nancy noticed that in the aura of many newborns predominant color Indigo. She wrote a book about the great kids, and then they came to be called the children of Indigo.

During the research the scientists discovered that the range of electromagnetic waves emanating from the bodies of children, Indigo, is from 3 222 to 113 000 850 000 Hz, while the average person is three times less. In the esoteric concept of "high vibration" means enlightened existence. So among the younger generation has all chances to become prophets.

Its opinion was expressed by genetics, which are also faced with representatives Indigo-generation. Now: human DNA contains 64 codon (a unit of genetic information encoded in the DNA molecule), of which only 20 always on, other inert and do not work. In children, Indigo included 35 and more codons! This allowed the scientists to speak about the emergence of a new race since the birth of the new generation of the 90s, especially children born in 2000. In the foreseeable future it can become the most numerous, as recently in the aura of 70 out of 100 babies prevails unusual color. Further - more. The factor of intellectual development of children, Indigo averages 130, whereas previously this figure was only one person out of ten thousand. Both cerebral hemispheres in children, Indigo equally developed that offers them unlimited opportunities in mastering and using the paranormal.

How to recognize Indigo Possible without genetic tests and special tests to recognize Indigo child?

As noted Muscovite, Professor of medicine Irina Freiman, such children are sensitive, they simply radiant energy, as full of great ideas. They rebel against authority, and does not tolerate disrespectful attitude to the child. The knowledge they prefer to receive empirically, the idea of synthesis of all Sciences - for them is a normal phenomenon, and they categorically do not accept the cramming. That's what he told us about his unusual pupil teacher of initial classes, the Governor Alla Vasilievna Granovskaya: "For it (Sasha) it was very important to spend time alone. She seemed to be listening to yourself. Then became an open, like a blooming flower. It was always something Regal. And when this seven year old baby in the school play, played the Snow Queen, all uneasy from its space gray eyes. Reflect some childish seriousness and respect for life. In her essay she wrote: "I see green wind, he hugs me... Maybe I'll become an actress, but this is the first and not the most important thing in my life that I will master".

Another little Odessa kindergarten asked the question: "do you know what the most significant event happened in the last hundred years? The children looked at the teacher, then at each other and said, "don't know!". Then the kid sincerely said: "This is me".

These little princes and princesses feel that you have earned the right to be here and now, and are very surprised that others do not share their opinion. Unsurpassed Democrats, they just require all around, and members of their families - especially felt equal.

And the question: "When you were truly happy?" a child may respond quite unexpectedly: "When I played with my dad in football" or "When mom smiled after illness".

Space mission. Scientists have long been interested in the problem on the path of human evolution. As will appear by our descendants in 200-300 years?

Many science fiction authors argue that the human species has exhausted itself, and therefore the future cyborg robot with human brain. The appearance of children, Indigo is a key differentiator. Nancy Ann Tappe said: "Children, Indigo come into our world with the already formed its own view of life. It magically oriented children. At the age of three or four years they understand the computer so as not many adults. I am sure that children, Indigo open the door to another world - a world in which there will be hatred, racial discrimination and humiliation".

Do not force them to be like you and to achieve something! They already have enormous personal power. And its name is - love of the life on our beautiful green planet.

Indigo children. On the ground more often born wonder children. Scientists believe that this is the next step of human evolution. The so-called sixth race.

Children called Indigo" on the same bright blue colour of the aura, you see them all the more or less advanced psychics.

Indigo" able to cure headache with a simple touch.

They have a natural immunity against many deadly diseases such as AIDS or cancer. And they unhurt can eat spoiled canned food, which was bent would any adult.

Many assume that these qualities will help them survive the cataclysms that will soon fall upon our planet and become the pioneers of a new era in the history of mankind.

Doctors say that the miracle of the children on the Earth for tens of thousands. They stare in all countries, but the results are the same everywhere. Hard radiation, such as radioactive, operate on them in several times less than for ordinary people. Moreover, mothers with AIDS, these children appear without any symptoms of the disease, the mothers of drug addicts, drug during pregnancy, without addiction.

Version of their appearance differing. The most common is the ability appeared as a result of mutations caused persistent on people emissions from working around the clock TVs and ending with modern computers and mobile phones. The body itself is reconfigured to exist in technocratic society.

According to another version,Indigo" born after the interference of the UFO. After all, for many years, thousands of women claim that they had sexual contact with aliens.

Then become clear not only their outstanding natural abilities, but frequent stories about other civilizations, even about the device UFO. Outside observers generally very affect so called intuitive knowledge of these people. They pot age talk about the meaning of life and the purpose of man. Can tell which, for example, was once life on Mars, why it lost civilization. How do they know? Again remains to nominate version. Esotericism say they from birth connected to a single information field of the Universe. Ufologists say that it is included genetic memory alien ancestors. Conservative scholars hiding, because the existing science phenomenon miracle babies cannot explain. But to refute.

Moreover, the last American discoveries on Mars affirmed that talked about the planet children Indigo".

Many have already named Indigo" representatives of the new, sixth of the human race. Today, on the threshold of the new Millennium, there is a change of generations, growing up formation of absolutely new people, who will replace us in the future. And judging by rail to the health and unusualm abilities of these children-the future will come before us in a very harsh way.

Nature is always in advance compensate their losses. It is known that before the war, for example, more boys are born. And the mass birth "high-strength" children all over the Earth clearly shows that mankind expect planetary catastrophe.

Even worse would be the consequences of the current intervention in the gene pool of living beings that have already lead to the uncontrolled mutations of viruses and bacteria.

The doctors started to work on antibiotics fifth generation, because the first four almost no effect. So outbreaks of new diseases more dangerous than AIDS did not have long to wait.

According to predictions, the miracle child, the Earth will exist in its present form for about another five years. And given that most of them were born in the early 90s, the anticipated disaster they will meet in Mature age. Wait till defective citizens will die out, and begin to multiply. Produce resistant to radiation, mutations and SARS sixth race.

The child says Indigo" Boris Matushkin, 8 years, Zhirnovsk, Volgograd region: "In 2009, the mankind waits for a global catastrophe that will affect the whole continent, and in 2013 new, even bigger disaster will destroy half of humanity. To live in the old survivor you can't. All rules and laws will fall, and the past will be trampled. And to improve the lives of the new humanity are designed like us."

*** After reading visiobrand articles, many probably think - who are "Indigo children" and where do they get these phenomenal abilities. Everything is much easier than write about the scientists and authors of the articles. If you read the prophecies of the Bulgarian prophet Vanga, she spoke even 10-15 years ago that the Earth incarnated many entities from other civilizations, alien.

This was also indicated by the aliens themselves through contactees. The purpose of these incarnations is to help people survive the impending event. Hence it is no wonder their knowledge about space and other planets. It's the experience that they've had in their past incarnations in another world. On an interesting conclusion suggests thinking of one of the authors of articles - about what is possible sex with aliens, which often write our UFOlogy, needed to create a more perfect bodies - for such implementation.

There must not be any contradictions between people "new" and "old" - the living conditions on the future of the planet will not survive today's people and they will give its place more perfect.

About new people spoke in the middle of the 19th century another famous prophet Abd-ru-Bus. He also warned that some of them will forget about your destination. Perhaps they are mentioned in the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Bible.

By the way, Wang said that the largest number of "new children" born in Russia, and they will do many good things for people and the planet.
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