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Вольф Мессинг – один из самых загадочных людей XX векаThey opened suddenly, that he was afraid of himself. He shook beneath the bench in the third-class carriage, listened as the conductor asks the tickets of the passengers, and scary to convulsions, had been afraid he had no ticket. It will be dropped off at the next stop, he would have to beg to a remote station, and soon he will die somewhere on the road; parents do not know about the death of his son, and he will go in a different world with their curse.

What else deserves a boy who escaped from yeshibot to break into and having a mug for Church donations?

He was trembling, but not regretted that has made: wolf messing believed that his parents had been betrayed. Two days ago, on the threshold yeshibot appeared beggar: enormous growth, beard, eyes burning - messing immediately recognized appeared to him “angel”. He realized that his father had deceived him: beggar became the protagonist home play, and shocked, accepting at face value the boy is the only spectator. And then he decided to drop everything and run to Berlin. Why in Berlin, not in Warsaw or Moscow, he, perhaps, couldn't do it - but he had no one asked...

The car was rocking on the rail joints, the walls shadows rushed about: all lighting was two candle candle in glass lanterns. The conductor looked under the shop and saw messing:

"Young man, your ticket

He finally fell into a frenzy.

The boy rolled around, grabbed the piece of newspaper and handed it to the conductor. He desperately wanted him to take dirty bomeshko for the ticket. Their eyes met, messing shrank from conation, the guard grabbed the piece of paper in his hand, and thrust it into the composter:

Why are you with the ticket under the bench going? In two hours we will be in place...

So he learned about their abilities, and use them taught him in Berlin. He was then 14 years.

Berlin PANOPTICON was the brightest from his memoirs: yesterday the boy wolf lived quietly in the Polish town of Gura-Kalvarija under the supervision of a harsh father, and now beside him were bearded woman, smartly Karetnikova with visitors ladies - Siamese twins, angloromani huge weights strong man, who was drawing legs armless. And the highlight of the presentation was it, “the living corpse”, without breathing and heartbeat lying in a glass coffin. Later he learned to turn off the pain, and in the eyes of the audience was pierced himself a body long needles (entrepreneur by this time thoroughly got fat, got dressed in the best tailors and got a gold watch). Still later, he began to read the thoughts and the impresario had his own departure..

... And it all started with the fact that he barely living with hunger and fatigue, lost consciousness on Berlin street. Picked him up, took him to the hospital, and from there sent to the morgue: the boy with no evidence no breathing and no pulse, and he had to get on the table anatomici. The wolf was lucky: he got a good student. He could hear the light, subtle noise and realized that the dead man's heart. On the third day of messing resulted in itself Berlin's famous psychiatrist and neurologist Abel. He explained to the boy that he is endowed with fantastic ability to control their bodies: to save power, exhausted messing fell into catalepsy. And he said wolf amazing medium.

And I began training: Abel gave him a mental orders, and messing were found hidden in a stove silver coin. He learned to listen to other people's thoughts, learned to distinguish in the choir of polyphony that was needed for this became a frequent guest on the market. Messing was walking along the rows and (later he compared this with the inclusion of new radio stations) listened to the thoughts of a peasant. In order to test himself, he walked up to the counter and said, earnestly looking the woman in the eye:

Don't worry. Daughter will not neglect to milk the cows and give feed pigs... It got smart.

The woman was screaming and shied away. In a week the women traders considered him a Goblin.

He earned five brands in the day and felt rich.

Twelve-year-old messing knew that it will find many interesting things.

And he was right.

Go months, the rooms become increasingly difficult. During the presentation in the PANOPTICON burst robbers; they Rob Tolstoy merchant with a huge mustache (this is the circus), give him things to the public, and messing finds them, reading the thoughts of the audience. To make an advertisement, he drives around the city, driving a car, and his eyes while tied up. Route identifies the one who sits next: he doesn't say a word, messing reading his thoughts.

Thus began noisy landed even to his native village of Gura-Kalvarija glory: parents began to get a decent remittances and was comforted. They even boasted to neighbors letters, which came from London, Paris and Buenos Aires. Tolstoy entrepreneur messing caught on the theft and was fired; now he was a real Manager that dealt with it worldwide.

So it took about twenty-five years - and what does he now can remember? Meeting with Einstein and Freud, keenly interested in his abilities? Criminal cases that he helped to unravel? The machinations fiercely hate its competitors?

There was a life, and in memory caught only a few cases.

Count Czartoryski offered Messing go to his ancestral castle count on the personal plane! The count was gone diamond brooch in 800000 PLN. The servants he trusted, investigators could not find the thief. Messing presented to the servants as an artist. The young man had long hair, artistically-negligent suit, and in the castle believed it.

The servants were posing for the artist. Messing listened to their thoughts - they were all honest people.

One of the dwellers put him in a dead end, his thoughts were closed, as if enveloped in a dense curtain. Messing asked about him servants, and told him that the 11-year-old boy, the son of the servant, from childhood suffers from dementia.

Clairvoyance here could not help, and he decided to experiment.

The artist draws, boy posing. The session comes to an end; messing removed from his pocket a large shiny gold watch, carelessly twisted them, and put on the table, out of the room, firmly closing the door behind him. He stops at the threshold, leaning close to the keyhole: looking around, boy rushes to hours, plays with them, and then runs up to standing in the corner of the stuffed bear, and puts them into a vast mouth!

Got there and count brooch, and long lost ring, and silver spoons and broken glass. The treasure is estimated in million PLN. Under the contract the Messing relied 25 percent of its value, but he did not take a fee.

Instead, the wolf turned to the count with a personal request. Pan Czartoryski was an influential politician: he has not given to pass the bill, violations of the rights of Polish Jews. Then Messing was 18 years old.

... A rich Parisian banker Genadie was mad with terror. His wife recently died, he married a beautiful young woman, but she did not get along with his daughter from the first marriage - scandal followed the scandal, in addition it began to persecute the mystical vision. The daughter said that his late mother sees everything and will never forgive betrayal, and hanging in the living portrait of his first wife in the evening started reproachfully, shaking his head. The old man lost, completely turned grey, was zagovarivaite, but every evening went into the living room and sat down in front of the picture: it seemed to him that his wife wants something to say to him...

The Paris police this extravagant case stumped. Asked Messing, and he quickly figured out what the problem is. Telepathy talked with his second wife of a banker, chatted with his daughter, and then went to the portrait, strongly pulled it up, and everybody saw that in the wall punched hole. It went fine silk cord attached to the inner side of the frame, the free end was in the adjacent room, owned by banker's daughter.

Second wife and daughter agreed to send a poor man in an insane asylum, and then divide the inheritance... It was in the papers and brought Messing great fame: police around the world were invited for consultations.

He met with the famous telepath pre-war Europe, the future of Hitler's astrologer, heavy and coarse Eric Hanussen. They stared at each other, he felt thoughts and infuriated German turned away, Burkov “Donner-wetter”, - Hanussen realized that it was a worthy rival. Competitors tried to compromise messing, but is it possible to spend one who reads in the souls of others?

Hanussen predicted the future to Hitler for what he ultimately he paid with his life), messing was the personal adviser to the Polish dictator, superstitious, as a woman, Marshal Pilsudski.

Belvedere Palace, a polite adjutants, grey-haired old man is now the “head of state”, and in the past conspirator, politkatorzhanin, commander who defeated the Tukhachevsky in Warsaw suburbs... Old Jozef Pilsudski was in love with a charming and smart Evgeniy the Levitskaya and feared for its future. After the sudden death of Mrs Levitskaya in Warsaw, there was talk about poison...

When German troops entered Poland, he was in Warsaw.

The Jew could not survive in Nazi-occupied country. But there was another reason, that turned it into straulino hunters game - a few months ago in one of his speeches he was asked what would happen if Hitler attacked Palso. He said, turning to the East, Hitler will die. It was in 1937. Messing predicted the beginning of the second world war, the defeat of fascism, if Germany attacked the USSR.

The Fuhrer was superstitious: after the fall of Warsaw, on the walls of houses were full of posters. - Head of messing promised 200000 brands.

He was arrested on the street. The officer smiled.

“You Wolf Messing! Are you predicted the death of the Fuhrer!” he stepped back, raised his hand and with one blow knocked him six teeth. Messing came to himself in the punishment cell of the police station, with a clang shut the iron door, and he realized: if you cannot leave now, waiting for his death.

He had another ability, still they are not abused, now it useful. Usually the hypnotist must see with whom he works, but messing was able to subdue the people, and at a distance.

He tensed all forces and forced to come to his cell were in the area of police. Then messing jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway and closed and bolted the iron-bound door. From Warsaw he was taken to littered with hay cart on the other side of the Western bug river, in the zone of Soviet occupation, took a punt on fishing. A new life has begun that messing slept in full of refugees synagogue; to the apartment by Novopeschanaya was still very far away.

He visited the Department of arts of the city Committee and attempted to negotiate speeches: on the may day demonstration messing carried a portrait of Stalin... a New life seemed strange, but most importantly, he continued to live. His family was not so lucky: news about the father and his brothers wolf did not receive, but just know that none of them no more.

He first appeared in Moscow in the spring of 1941: two men in uniform caps were on the stage of the Gomel club, apologized to the audience, put him in the car. The train station, hotel, again machine, a big house, a room with upholstered wood panelled walls, a man with a big mustache... wolf messing told Stalin that carried him in her arms.

The leader raised his eyebrows, and messing added: “During the demonstration”. The leader smiled and began to question him about Pilsudski and Poland... wolf messing about their meeting not told anything.

Once led two replicas. Stalin: " Oh and Dodger you, messing!

And his: I'm not a smart guy. Now you really a smart guy.

And what they was talking about later, during other meetings, messing not mentioned at all. In Moscow there were rumors that messing have advised against beloved son Vasily Stalin to fly in Sverdlovsk together with the hockey team of the air force. The father told him to go by train - and Vasily reached the Sverdlovsk safe and sound. And the plane crashed, and all players were killed.

Be that as it may, the leader has allowed him to live - and even with some comfort.

...1941: on the orders of Stalin's NKVD checks his ability. He enters the building of the state Bank and handed the cashier a leaf torn from a notebook paper. He carefully examines it , skewer on carnations with cancelled checks and counts one hundred thousand. After a minute messing returned and tried to take the money back - cashier had a heart attack.

The second task was difficult: he had no documents and permission to enter the office Beria, and then get out of the building of people's Commissariat of internal Affairs on the street. The messing was and is.

Stalin said jokingly:

-You, comrade messing, will be able to get out of here, if I didn't sign you pass?

- Without this piece of paper? Leave a keepsake. It hurt the feelings of the leader.

"And if I will also warn protection?

Don't mind!

Stalin ordered his Secretary to follow him back the ten steps.

-Although another thing, ' he added Stalin, going to the window. - If you can get without a pass, you stand over there by that tree.

- After a few minutes wolf was standing near the specified tree. Stalin waved his hand, saying, come back to me!

-A few minutes messing entered the room.

-How you have gone without a pass? - surprised Stalin.

-Very simply, I was inspired protection: “there Is General, kopirajte and miss”

From magazine “LIGHT” : Mikhail Mikhalkov - member of the Union of writers of Russia

Scout during the 2nd world war, curator messing in his travels abroad, the brother of Sergey Mikhalkov. His fate is also legendary: the representative of the most ancient Russian clan worked “Stalin” in SS troops as a captain, visited the Nazi intelligence school. In February 1945 during the battle moved to the front to her in the form of a German soldier. Long sat in the SMERSH. Saved him Sergei Mikhalkov, who managed to pass a note from the camp. He was rehabilitated.

Messing and Mikhalkov met in Moscow that wolf has conducted his famous “Psychological sessions”. We became close. A lot of talking.

After two decades Mikhail Mikhailov tried to lift the veil of mystery messing around. Soon on the shelves to a book, in which Mikhail Vladimirovich tells about his meetings with Messing, the story of his life.

In moments of revelation messing Mikhalkov told different stories from his life. Here is one sad when he was four-year-old, a man was killed. He was sent to a nearby town to the grandmother, and two old women instructed to investigate him. Wolf was terrible naughty, and father warned him that if in the car he would be messing, will enter the controller and put it in the bag. Baby, of course, carrying on, and women, talking, forgot about it. Appeared controller. Messing got scared and ran out into the vestibule. There was hiding in the corner. Entered the controller, lit a lantern corner and asked: “what are you doing, sweetheart?” Go to the wagon, and he turned and stood at the door. The kid was so happy that he was not put in the bag, what a joke, childish, thought, “What a good uncle. Let him open the key of the door and jump out of the train”. The inspector opened the door, jumped out of the car and died. Thus began learning by Messing himself, those mysterious abilities, which he possessed.

When messing was a little boy, one time, playing in the garden, it ran up the boys and asked to find out where their favorite bug. “She sleeps in the field for a haystack,” said messing. The boys ran into the field and found your beloved dog.

At the age of 14 wolf ran away from school that trained rabbis, in Berlin where he joined stray ensemble, something funny showed that something was invented, Began to show its first “psychological experiments”, piercing needle its neck. Became popular with viewers, touring Germany. His extraordinary abilities learned Einstein, who was then at the height of his creative flight, and invited me to his apartment when there was his friend - Freud - famous Austrian physician and psychologist. He told the young man to perform certain tasks, which he immediately did. Freud was amazed and mentally challenged the Messing take the violin and give it to Einstein. And the job he has done.

Einstein and Freud became financially to help the boy and develop its amazing ability of the mind reader...

About Messing many learned. He's on the scene conducted his “psychological experiments, and then went and started to study at Vilnius University at the Department of psychology.

Already in 1921 from messing was world famous. Everywhere huge success. He was in great tour of Japan, Brazil, Argentina. Help anyone in need. Addressed him with a request to resolve family problems, to find the missing thing, criminal, to return the stolen money in banks. Messing was responsive, never refused.

Brain messing had a very unusual properties. His talent is still not solved. Communication with Messing gave Mikhalkov great knowledge in different fields of science.

From the article of Mikhail Mikhalkov - brother of Sergei Mikhalkov, who was the curator messing in his travels abroad.

Musing was a man curious, read a lot, everyone was interested in, traveled all over Russia and the Caucasus. He was psychic and clairvoyant.

One day he showed the hand of the dead girl and asked: " where is the rest of the body? Messing thought for a moment, and then asked: " where you find it? - Near the bridge under a birch tree by the river Yauza.

Messing said: " on the other side of the river, is also near the bridge under a birch tree, you will find a second hand, and the rest of the body where, I don't know.

And really, where he said, was found second hand dismembered corpse.

Lying in the hospital, he foretold the death of his roommate, though he was strong and strong-willed man.

He is at large distances could tell who live in a particular room in any Moscow hotel. And always was right.

Tatiana Volohova in his article “They could disclose any contract killing”, speaking about Messing, writes: “During a tour in Kyiv in the late 40-ies in the town suddenly went one of the Stalinist ascetics, future Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Nasogenian, who immediately went to the “reigning” then in Ukraine N. S. Khrushchev. He was brought to the trouble in Moscow has lost a senior official with a portfolio containing secret documents. Stalin gave in search of a portfolio of three days. From the hopelessness of the situation Marxists-Leninists Khrushchev and Bulganin turned for help to the “obscurantist” Messing, who during his speeches successfully found the audience hidden objects.

Brought the artist in Moscow, ovrezhdenie from which disappeared official. “I started around the office, " said wolf Grigorievich, and very carefully considered all the items. Gradually my mind began to appear situation: countryside, steep Bank of the river in the distance the Church, rickety bridge over the river. Under one of the pillars of the bridge lies a black object. Portfolio? So there! But its owner nowhere to be seen”. Come into the office consultants historians have recognized and described by Messiga place, and in a few hours unfortunate portfolio with all former in it the documents laid before the authorities...

Messing was not a magician, as the famous Kio, he worked honestly and without tricks. By nature he was endowed with almost all the qualities that are owned Wang, Kashpirovsky, Djuna, Kulagina, yoga is much more than the well-known Indian yoga. His chest assistant pierced long sharp needle treated with alcohol. The needle is removed in a bloodless. Prior experience messing had to spend one to relax and unwind, then after a certain time to get the right tone, the mood. Then begin to concentrate, to mobilize the will power to activate the nervous system, every fibre of the brain, relieve pain reflexes. Required a complex process of restructuring of the body to produce complex experiment. All this required an enormous expenditure of energy. And it is always very undermined.

Once Mikhail Mikhalkov was Messing with the restaurant “national”. Messing sat at the table, where he sat American, Japanese, and Czech. I otsel at the next table. They had dined, and messing under the table recorded who thinks during the lunch meal.

American, seeing far away Negra, thought, “Well, if this smelly creature village would be in Chicago in my restaurant - wherever he was.”

Japanese thought, “Again hake. Is in the most fashionable restaurant of Moscow can not fry at least shark meat or cook something delicious from turtles. How many of us in Tokyo fish dishes.. And here even with seaweed no”

Czech, looking after leaving waitresses, thought, “well, I would have fucked”.

Then I asked messing: And if I sat down to the table?

"No, " said messing, I can take only three people. If the same will be at the table fourth in my head all mixed up and I can't catch everyone's thoughts.

Messing was extremely extraordinary personality in different areas of psychological influence on any living organism.

Anton Pervushin in the book “the Occult secrets of the NKVD and the SS”, writes: “...the theory of academician Bekhterev when mental suggestion we are dealing with the manifestation of electromagnetic energy and, most likely, with rays Hertz, i.e. with HF (shortwave) variations...”

And then: “...Modern research explain the phenomenon of messing with the combination of unique hypnotic abilities and high sensitivity to ideometric other people...”

Mikhail Mikhalkov once asked messing: do You consider yourself a unique phenomenon with great erudition clairvoyant?

Messing replied: “the fact that every ordinary citizen is, well, let's say, 20 percent of intuition, that is the feeling of self-preservation: faces the street, looking left, right, front of the road machines not running, if you drink, then tries not to be drunk, etc. you, - he turned to me, " man, who stayed 4 years behind enemy lines in extreme conditions, developed intuition 100 percent, someone she 300, and I have 1000 percent.”

Mikhalkov considered him a psychic and clairvoyant.

In Siberia during the war messing performed in hospitals before the wounded, performed on stage before the soldiers, workers, employees, doctors and artists. Always with great success held his own performances.

Messing could paralyze the brain of any living organism, could through the wall, as Durov, in silence to give the job a dog that just worked everything, but on stage he was not shown. On stage messing can ossify: head and feet were placed on a chair. The hall was called the fat man, he sat down at messing, and he did not cave in. He turned into a Board. The viewer is extremely surprised. It wasn't magic, it was the reality. The hall applauded.

It was long ago in Poland. Approached him gray-headed woman, cried and said, “the Son was gone. Two months is not writing”. The picture showed son and his last letter to her... messing focused and handwriting saw that her son was dead. After two months of messing received a telegram from that woman with the request to urgently come to the city where they met.

Messing arrived. At the station there was a crowd of people, including her that woman and young man... Someone shouted: “Quack!”

We'll see, " said messing.

- Have you buried alive, " said the woman, here I am standing next to my son.

- You almost driven into the coffin of my mother said her son.

- You have the letter you showed me?

-Here it is! "the woman said, and handed Messing letter.

"I will, " said messing, determined the death of your son by the hand, " And turning to his son, said, ' You this letter was written?

"No, " replied the son. - Who? - Roommate. I had pain in my hand, and he dictated wrote this letter.

"And the roommate alive?

- No, died. He died unexpectedly and was not seriously ill.

Messing the handwriting has determined that the one who wrote this letter, died. This episode suggests that the brain messing had a very unusual properties. And his talent is still not solved. Will there be?

In 1944 on tour in Novosibirsk, he met and fell in love with a woman; he explained his love for her in broken Russian; Aida M. became his assistant, then his wife. When the war ended, they Aida moved to Moscow. The first four years of their house was a hotel room, then they got her nest... Fifteen years together - a whole life!

After his wife's death the life has lost all meaning...

There was a black hole, a long, hateful, tortuous existence... We had to live and work, not thinking about the fact that on 8 October 1974 he refused kidney and he will die from pulmonary edema.

Messing was ready to curse his gift: he knew what was going to happen to him, until the terrible detail. But what could help him, the old man, his mystical abilities?

For posterity

...In the last years of his life messing was seriously ill and knew exactly when you die. In their speeches, he is not treated people from alcohol and Smoking. One day after this session the restaurant he drank 100 grams of vodka, and it immediately snatched he taught the people the same thing, if they are to smoke and drink. As he told me, the body is weak, and its impact on the sick began to affect him.

... In the last years of messing feet ached. He hurt them, when he fled from the Germans and jumped from the second floor. But then the pain is not felt. Through the years it began to affect. In the end, wolf Grigorievich went into surgery at the clinic Burakovsky. The operation did, but her heart failed. But before leaving the hospital wolf Grigorievich looked at your pictures hanging on the wall portrait and said, “All, wolf. More you get back.”

Vladimir Burakovsky said about it after surgery. He swore: “Well no I have not told about it before! I would not do the operation. Would wait. If the messing thought so, then perform the surgery is folly”.

When in 1972 messing died on his own lay one million rubles (according to Vitaly Brodskogo, journalist.

Wolf messing: “... None of my abilities makes no special advantages. Of course, if their owner is an honest man and not going to use their skills for personal gain, of deception, of the crimes. But in this case he will not succeed, because it is eventually discovered and, simply put, is punished... for Sure! So do not envy!”
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