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Франкенштейны Бронзового векаTo answer a seemingly simple question, which came first - the chicken or the egg - as difficult as possible to say that the primary even in comparison life or literature? Novel by English writer Mary Shelley "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus" was first published in 1818, and the two first "Frankenstein" has been made three thousand years ago.

DNA analysis of the dust of the people found in the British Isles, showed that the skeletons of men and women were made from the remains of at least six different people. Mummy three-month child, a young girl, a forty year old woman, and men were discovered about ten years ago on the territory of Scotland, in the archaeological site of ancient settlement Treasure-Hallen (Cladh Hallan), alleged archaeological settlement of the Bronze age.

It turned out that the ancient people were good artists mummification deceased relatives. Not always mummies were the creations of human hands, as in Ancient Egypt, sometimes good preservation of one or another mortal bodies due to natural conditions, in which they dwelt. In particular, the glacier, where rested the famous Alpine ETSI, or many peat bogs. Increased acidity - bog peat - enabling environment for long-term conservation of organic substances.

As a rule, modifitsirovanie remains, discovered by archaeologists in the marshes, happened by accident. After 300 or 600 years after the death of the remains temporarily placed in peat in the fetal position, with a view to their long-term conservation. Then they were supposed to take out and re-bury, clarifies the website themarysue.com. Analyzing the level of demineralization, the specialists established that found in the Treasure-Hallani bodies were placed in a swamp by about a year, and then extracted and re-buried. On the one hand, the marsh environment perfectly preserves the skin and soft tissues, but an aggressive effect on bone remains.

Further study of mummies have led to a curious discovery: the remains of the men and women gathered from the skeletons of different people. DNA analysis of the bone, skull, hands and feet women showed that those parts belonged to people who were not among themselves, even close relatives.

The study revealed that the skeleton consists of the bones belong approximately to the same time period, but the difference in age between the different bones of men's skeleton is several hundred years old. According to one unprovable versions, the bones of the dead was changed from a purely practical reasons. For example, the skull under the influence of moisture and ground subsidence slipping down, and then in his place put the other, no matter who owned.

In other words, our ancestors did not supposed descendants will be so important and, most importantly, it is technically possible to establish the identity of the remains. It seemed to them - enough to gather all the members together. As our contemporaries enough to collect a full mouth, albeit sometimes is made up of implanted teeth or dentures to read - chewing restored. The difference in the initial approach and the coincidence of the end result.

The authors of the study published in the archaeological journal of Archaeological Science, has put forward the next hypothesis that the bodies were mummified to create the image of a symbolic ancestor, which would unite representatives of different clans.

Professor of Biomedicine Terry brown (Terry Brown) from the University of Manchester believed other discovered the remains of the ancient people are also linked. After all, most analyses of genetic material only one part of the skeleton, not to destroy find a whole. However, this was done not only with bone remains, but, for example, the famous Turin shroud, which for scientific research has allowed to cut a small piece of tissue.

Some experts compare the Scottish Nakhodka with the mummies of culture of chinchorro (Chinchorro), found in the Chilean Andes. People are immortalized their dead for two thousand years before mummy started to do in the Nile valley. These mummies are the oldest - dated about 5050-BC - real causes of mummification is also unknown. The comparison is based on the fact that chinchorro subjected mummification not only their pharaohs, chiefs and kings, but for all people, regardless of their social status and position in the hierarchy.
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