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В поисках просветления. Почему не наступает просветление?Many people will sooner or later begin to understand their dependence on the conditioned mind. Wanting to be free from this dependence, they seriously think about the fact that you are not what you yourself seem. And then the questions arise: How to understand your true nature? How to understand who I really are? And anyway, who is in me I?

In search of enlightenment some begin to intensively study the Internet in hopes of finding information, others rush to search for a good guru who will explain everything to them and all of them will teach... And here comes the long-awaited understanding that is not the world as it looks, it is not so, as it seemed before: I imagine, the world is illusory and in General, I am not a person, I am not a role that I am not the body, I don't mind, I'm not feeling that I am just THAT. But with this understanding why something does not come enlightenment.

What's the matter? Why, with seemingly learned about their true nature exemption based on the conditioning of the mind still not coming? When you have read the best books, the coach was experienced and knowledge obtained the right.

Let's understand the order.

The knowledge that you receive is not knowledge, and only a concept of the mind. Until then, until they will be experienced by you on experience, they will be only new ideas to create the mind of another identified view of himself.

Imagine the mind-transformer, which can create a picture of yourself, able to take any form and content. And here he is, taking advantage of new concepts about enlightenment, immediately creates you a picture of yourself enlightened beyond its borders. But this is again just a representation of the mind, limited his appearances. Thus, stuck in the trap of the mind, to infinity to play the role of enlightened or seeking to enlightenment.

To avoid falling into this trap, it should always be in the study itself, while developing the ability to discern the true from the false.

Not by developing the ability to discriminate, many are creating false goals:

- "To be free" - but you're already free.

"To achieve enlightenment"- but what you are already perfect and does not need enlightenment.

Goals may be different, but any purpose, whatever it is you perfect may seem, leads into a trap. Creating a goal, you not know that give the mind the technical project on building a new identified the design of its apparent "I". And so it happened: new design created and shines his imaginary virtues, but for some reason does not work, and liberation from conventions mind all there.

What you yourself seem to be as a person, body or anything else, is the process of imagination, thought of as the ever-changing design identified in view of the mind. While you without realizing it, searching for the truth in this process, the process is constantly changing, and what you want to find, too, is constantly changing with this process, and the purpose of constantly slipping away. Together with the change in your imaginary "I" is always changing, and you can see how it is that you think the person is born, is constantly changing, getting old, and then died. But that appears, constantly changing and then disappears - is unrealistic.

The desire to find your true self in an illusion created by the mind, the world would be like trying to catch his own shadow. In order not to run for his own shadow, find their nature is not apparent manifestation, and that it creates. Its nature is not to be found in the seemingly changing world, and in the imagination. What seems to be a man, comes from the imagination and disappear into it, like a bubble in the rain arises from the water again becomes water.

In order not to find themselves in apparent, wandering mind in time and space, should remain under constant study of its nature and to develop the ability to discern the true from the illusory until then, until it is not only understood by the mind, but realized on personal experience that all is what it seems the world is only imagination, manifested in a make-believe they mind.
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