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Материя душиIn a box with black walls insert the camera lens, and from above let light through the long, narrow slit. Turns out flat illuminated screen, which under certain conditions appear strange shapes. For example, next to the box untwist heavy metal cone - and take a picture. Then the photos are white concentric rings on a black background.

They say that powerful psychics can separate the "subtle body" from "dense" and send it in the distant travel, to see the eyes and hear with the ears of his "astral scout"...For doubting demonstrated : astral double is seen ... on reasoning pictures. It is similar to a mirror reflection of a person, only less clear. Double hanging in the air above the original. Some psychics are able to create and powerful beam that can be seen with the naked eye. And there are people who are mentally cause energy UFO and tell "blind" photographers, where and when to send the camera.

The mystery of the seven elephants.

To the wooden handle was attached weighty sensor with the scale and arrow, I grabbed the handle and began to sensor led above the floor, watching the arrow. Beating half of a room, have not noticed any deviations. But the arrow turned on a couple of divisions.

- Here beneath the floor of the beam passes, explains the head of the laboratory of biolocation Anatoly Fedorovich Katrin. - Device captures her invisible shell of ultralight elementary particles - Tau.

Indeed, povodu sensor in different directions, I found the deviation of the arrow that the invisible object is small in width and crosses the entire room from wall to wall. Most likely, it really beam. But, examining her, I came across a strange place, which caused a very strong deviation of the arrow immediately divisions twenty. It had the shape of a circle, in the center of the gauge was just raging.

In some places people see sometimes the vertical rays of the Earth go into space. Or, on the contrary - they descend from space to Earth? While it is a mystery. But noticed that radiation is often coincide with the areas of UFO landing, are geopathogenic zones. So long to be in them dangerous.

- You found geopathogenic zone - it gives powerful radiation of Tau, " said the researcher, and captures the device.

"I already knew that such places are detrimental to all the living. For example, studies have shown that if the Pets are kept in geopathogenic zone, then they get sick more often their neighbors who are in a safe place. Cultivated plants in such zones give a very bad harvests. The trees there cleave close to earth. People who live or work in these "rotten", often sick and injured, despite the heroic efforts of the doctors. And on motorways accidents happen more often where they cross the geopathogenic zones.

Therefore, I am extremely surprised that in the laboratory of biolocation at such place is the table at which sat A. Okhatrin. Well, just it is not like man, exhausted harmful radiation from geopathogenic zones.

- Do not worry about my health, " explains Anatoly Fedorovich. - I allowed him to appear for a few minutes, so you can find it by the sensor. Well now you can remove the zone.

And he drew up to the table a small device, similar to the model of the Egyptian pyramids. Indeed, the sensor Tau stopped to fix the geopathogenic zone.

But, as shown by the experiments, pyramids neutralize the radiation coming from the depths of the Earth. And if its source is at the top? For example, fluorescent lights create technopathogenic zones which have a negative effect on all life. When I put the sensor to one of them, he was again strong. The researcher suggested to put under the lamp shell clam cavity up as an ashtray. Help: the sensor stopped to fix the harmful rays of the lamp.

I talk about this in details so that readers could use in practice the knowledge of geopathic zones, which have accumulated the biolocation. Those who live or work in a "rotten", no time to wait, when developed in the laboratory appliances and accessories will be manufactured by the factories and sold in stores. People need to get rid of the harmful influence of geopathogenic zones. And it's better to let at least will feel reassured that will decorate their homes and jobs pyramids or shells, And even better - Indian elephants. Remember: bigger, smaller, and so on to the seventh, the smallest elephant? It turns out that they are well neutralize geopathogenic zones. This ingenious invention people use since ancient times. And only in the last decades it has branded as a symbol of the bourgeoisie ignorant fighters vestiges of the past.

With the mass production of sensors geopathogenic zones of course, you can wait. But other devices created in the laboratory of biolocation, require rapid implementation in practice. For example, a sensor that a few days warns about the earthquake in any point of the globe. It fixes reasoning radiation that comes from a powerful stress in the crust, is fraught shifts and breaks.

Until the sensor exists in a single copy, you can predict only a future disaster. To learn the location of the earthquake, it is necessary to have multiple sensors in each area of seismic activity. Comparing the readings, you can define the area of greatest tension in the earth's crust, where in a few days will certainly occur in progress.

However, in the laboratory of biolocation produced instruments, not only safety, but also generating reasoning radiation. For example, they can work as the hands of the psychic - to heal the sick people, to accelerate the growth of cultivated plants, to neutralize geo - and technopathogenic zones. But we can and contrary to generate a very powerful radiation, which adversely affects all living things. Why such sources of Tau?

- Of course, not to influence people, " says Katrin. - If heavy Tau irradiate chemical compounds, they will begin very strange transformation. For example, we set the experiments in Surgut on one of the oil wells. And got amazing results.

At a depth of three kilometers in an old hole lowered vibration generator, the radiation of which aroused a very powerful reasoning field of the Earth. A few minutes of such influence was sufficient to change the chemical composition of the oil. Tests showed that it twice decreased content of paraffin, bitumen, twenty percent decreased its viscosity. In other words, has dramatically improved the quality of the oil. Therefore, the output of light fractions has increased from 6% to 18%.

Agree, practical results are impressive. But not less interesting and cognitive side of research. As Katrina give rise to serious philosophical conclusions.

In fact, in his lab created devices that replace operators biolocation, clairvoyants, telepaths and other psychics.

These studies have shown that physical fields of all living beings have common nature and can interact with each other. Moreover, such fields have and inanimate objects. Minerals, plants, animals, people have the aura of reasoning shells, which can be fixed sensors, and even shoot. And it can be affected by generators reasoning fields. The restructuring of the aura caused deep changes in the structure of solids...

After a few minutes of work reasoning generator in Surgut was unexpected: from neighbouring wells, which had not been exploited, suddenly broke strange fire. Above ground hung fire ball with a diameter of about forty meters. Seeing this man-made ball lightning monstrous proportions, oil workers in horror ran away. And researchers few minutes watched the magnificent natural phenomenon caused by the equipment. All this time they heard a great roar, felt vibrates earth...

What Jinnah they released from the well who it will be? The answers will give time.

The Postulate Of Gautama.

- People emits into the environment of various waves. They are superimposed on each other and form a kind of layers. An interesting scene: dense core - body, and around him a series of thin - so nazyvaemyh energy shells. By their nature, they are similar to holograms, " says Professor B. ISKAKOV.

Here it should retreat to the statement of my interlocutor did not seem too fantastic. Some known facts. On the body of hundreds of biologically active points. They are connected by energy meridians that cross in the centres located along the spinal cord. In Oriental medicine, these sites are called chakras. A total of seven. The first is located in area coccyx. It manages sexual energy is the basis of all the power of a man. Above are the second and the third chakra, which are responsible for the metabolism. Fourth chakra is in the heart - controls emotions. The fifth is at the level of the thyroid gland, it is responsible for immunity. Sixth brain chakra - manages intellectual activity. The seventh is located in the area of the crown, Its purpose - exchange of information with the cosmos.

Studies have shown, all the components of this complex system emit electromagnetic pulses of light and structurespolitical signals. And according to the latest data, it is possible emission of ultralight elementary particles - Tau (to the West adopted the term " axions""). But if the energy flows exist, they should interact among themselves and with the environment. How? These physical processes and analyzes Professor B. Iskakov methods of quantum statistics. He proposed equations of karma, or fate, the solution of which leads to unusual conclusions.

- What else calculations show?

- The first environment-the hologram is shaped like the human body. But increased and rounded - something like a spacesuit for the astronaut. Next, shell change the shape, first, they are similar to the egg, then with the sphere. And the whole "set" is, in fact, the energy twin of a person.

"It's not about the soul do you say?

- This is not for us to judge. We only put forward the hypothesis that the hologram has to bear all the information about a person, until his thoughts and feelings.

From this it follows that our thoughts literally melt in your mouth?

- Yes. And, under certain conditions, the first hologram can be made visible. Some people are able to redistribute the streams of energy in the body to lead them in the upper chakras. And this is enough for the emission of quanta of light. The equations have the approximate size of the luminous shell - double the radius of the head. Remember, it is such "aura" painted around the saints on icons.

"But this he'arah does not blind our eyes on the street...

- And no wonder. The saints today are rare. Because in order to learn how to pump energy into the upper chakras, first you have to be free from addictions, clear thoughts, to live the high ideals. While "ordinary" people of the shell is, but don't Shine.

- In ancient Buddhist document says about the seven bodies: one dense and six thin-astral, essential mental and so on. And show that equation?

- From mathematical calculations, we can conclude that the sequence of holograms goes to infinity.

It turns out that people infinitely more human, and life is infinitely long life in the traditional sense of these words. That is, each person is a factor of cosmic significance. He is here and at the same time anywhere in the world, on all the planets of the Solar system, in all corners of the Galaxy, metagalaxies, the Universe.

For example, we talk, being present... throughout the cosmos. Only here we are more. Figuratively speaking, here's our economicenergy metropolis, and there, in the vast distances, the reasoning of the colony.

Only people have a "shell"?

- No. They have other living beings. Moreover, inanimate objects. There are ways that can capture these holograms. For example, they even photographed. Reasoning membranes that surround the material body, usually in the form of concentric rings: the light - first -, second - tuskneet, the third - barely distinguishable, and so on. Their radii coincide with the settlement...

And now let's think what may follow. If every body at the information level is present in the entire universe, in any small region of space-time must be extra information about the entire Universe.

"All in all" and then, "in the small" - says one of the postulates Gautama, that is Buddha. In a more expanded form it can be formulated as: any point of space-time knows everything about all the other points. I will risk to assume, that confirms our hypothesis ancient truth.

But when any space knows all, it is the most complete encyclopedia - endless store of knowledge about the Universe. It is necessary only to be able to connect to this source of information... How? Perhaps through the improvement of consciousness and nervous system. Who knows, perhaps some people already know how to do it? If we "here" and at the same time "there", it is possible an amazing way to travel - not on the spaceship, and the thought waves.

There's no wall.

Look clairvoyants penetrate through walls and doors, through the earth and water. Anneliese heed the voices that can be heard on the other end of the planet. Is it true? The best proof of the extraordinary capabilities of psychics would be a device that replaces them, radio, knows no barriers.

...In the corner of the laboratory A. Katrina is a huge stainless steel pot. At its bottom - generator reasoning waves. Why put it there?

The fact that pot is not skips known in physics transverse wave. According to the laws of electrodynamics, these signals should not go beyond the steel shell. But, on the theory of Soviet researchers Century Dokuchaev and A. Chernetskogo, in polarized-Tau space, there are longitudinal waves can pass through metal. Therefore, the signals generator should pick up the receiver longitudinal waves, located in the opposite corner of the room.

However, for the purity of the experiment a little to hide in a pan generator. Still have to seekresult receiver, or at least its antenna. Did the researchers. They took a metal box from the film and put it in her helix receiving antenna. From under cover lasts only an isolated transaction that goes to the oscilloscope.

According to the known laws of physics on its screen should disappear sine, when between transmitter and receiver set dual screen, But it is even not changed - as if there is no steel pots and boxes from the film.

You can move the receiver into the back room, which is separated from this somewhat thick walls. But oscilloscope displays the same frequency and amplitude. This installation is already checked by experienced experts. They recognized that between the generator and the receiver there is a reliable communication, despite any screens.

"But, sorry, can object to the reader. "What radio, if the receiver is only draws curves, and the sound does not give?

Indeed, up to the radio in the usual sense of the word here is still far away. But created in the laboratory A. Katrina operating model proves the fundamental possibility of communication on the longitudinal waves. It is a great deal, if we consider that so far this has not been done to anyone.

Only psychics can excite their reasoning shell so that they can be photographed. These people are capable to make visible not only the aura, but their thoughts, which, as Plato said, soar in the air. These formations are clearly captures the camera (see picture).

But, on the other hand, hovering around us a lot of the thoughts of others. They literally can come to us in the head. After all, it was noticed long ago that the same opening often do people in different countries, it would seem, independently from each other.

When speak Sphinx.

Isn't it weird that at the time of diagnosis psychic drive a hand over the picture, not examines his him, not looking at, not taste them? And researchers is surprised. And they decided to test devices, is there above the photo reasoning patterns that feels palm psychic. It turned out really are.

First, researchers have just sent the laser beam on the target. And then transcribed electromagnetic signals, which caused these blows. Computer traced graphics, similar to each other. But when the beam began to skip over photos, graphics are quite different: instead of smooth curves - sharp bends. Scientists have studied many photographs - all over the laser beam began to dance as if he stumbled across an invisible obstacles. So, over the pictures really are invisible Glau structures that are quite distinguishable for the device.

For example, on a special technique it is possible to photograph a picture of the terrain made the ie space. New pictures will appear geological structure, hidden deep under samla. Photographed from space mountains, valleys and rivers redrawn light strips and covered with dark spots. Scientists believe that this faults and ore deposits at a depth of about two kilometers. Indeed, received reasoning photographing data were compared with the results of drilling - and they coincided.

Out, a typical photograph areas shall be invisible information about underground treasures, which is easy to decipher? If these experiments confirmed, then in Geology will be a revolution: in-depth exploration of minerals will be very cheap and effective method...

But readers, probably, will interest not pragmatic and cognitive side of these studies. Here is just one cause for reflection. In front of me unusual pictures of Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx, made from the earth. One crossed light bands similar to the layered clouds. On the other twisted in a spiral vortices. And on the third is like a raging fire. According to scientists, these images are of reasoning structures of the pyramids and the Sphinx. They were received in rsinoe time with the same pictures of two decades ago.

It turned out that the photo lives: its radiation is constantly changing, reflecting the events that occur around the pyramids. The bloody war, environmental disasters, geological disasters and other shocks leave an indelible imprint on reasoning patterns of ancient structures. These silent witnesses of history have information about everything that was, is and will be. It is only necessary to learn to decipher. And then fulfilled the ancient prophecy - the Sphinx speak.

Treatment for pictures.

Calculations and experiments show that the possible new kind of communication: between the generator and the receiver occurs thin plait from Tau, which is impossible to break. He will reach for the receiver where it is not carried away, Cand what would doors and walls are not trying to hide. On reasoning to harness the information is transmitted unabated at any distance...

Fiction? Possible. But some scientists are convinced of the reality of this phenomenon. And find him experimental confirmation. For example, powerful psychic can be reasoning harnesses, which connect it with the photos. In this case, it acts like a generator, and his shots receivers of information. Existing between the channels of communication accurately fixes reasoning camera. These invisible to ordinary people harnesses allow psychics to diagnose unfamiliar patients by their photos.

But reasoning communication channel and can heal people. Some psychics successfully make it through the photos. And in the laboratory Katrina created a generator Tau, which replaces the healers. For example, if the transmitting antenna to put photo of the test and aspirin, this person will feel the effects of the medicine at any distance...

But while these experiments the scientists put on yourself. Maybe the results are explained by autosuggestion? It is not excluded. The final answer can be given joint research physicists and physicians.
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