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Педро — посланец иных мировQuite often during the archeological excavations specialists come across findings, identify which are extremely difficult, it is a question of living things, but not the people and not animals. After that the public is wondering who it was - the man, with a distant planet, or our strange ancestor?

Almost 80 years ago, in the autumn of 1932, when the world is only slightly agitated echoes already silent gold rush, two-miner lover, Frankie Carr and Cecil Maine, was traveling in the mountains of San Pedro in the North American state of Wyoming.

In fact, they hoped that they are lucky, they will find a rich Deposit of gold. But Golden sand, he had visited quite often, was here in such small quantities that friends could not find a place for industrial development.

And when lo! - at the next excavations in the sun something flashed brightly. Prospectors happy new gold mine, began to dig, but stumbled upon a very solid rock. Then I decided to blow up the rock in the valley, thus laying a good deal of dynamite.

What was their disappointment when the smoke cleared - gold they found no morsel! However, they turned their attention to another - the force of the explosion broke off from the cliff large stone block, and in its place has opened the entrance to the natural cave is the depth of 4.5 and height of 1.2 meters. Curious young people hoping to find ancient treasure climbed inside the cave, climbed through a narrow corridor lit a candle and began to carefully examine the room, which turned out to be. Gold they did not find, as mysterious treasures.

Extraordinary discovery

Their eyes had quite another interesting sight is the tiny figurine with the face of evil dwarf. Strange creature was on the stone slab, her legs under her and crossed her arms. The figure didn't move, and it became clear that the stranger dead, and his body was mummified in a natural way.

On reflection, the travelers decided that the dwarf should bring them luck, and it can be profitable to sell. "The kid" was quite tiny - about 35 centimeters growth and little was like a man. But the animal did not like. According to his appearance, it was difficult to determine his age. The "old man" was disproportionately low forehead, a huge round eyes and black, wide and flat nose.

He was wrinkled, brownish tint, shriveled, with tough and pretty thick skin. His head was flat as a pancake, flattened on top of the head and face little as a baby. Instead of hair on the head was something strange, something like a lump of an old dry grass. Struck hands dwarf in a tiny handprints long and delicate music fingers with small nails.

Carr and Maine carefully Packed Nakhodka and brought to Casper city, nearby from which they were excavated. Local people realized that "the dwarf freak" like no other man or animal or bird. He made a real sensation.

Bought "baby" local collector of unusual findings Ivan Goodman. He decided to find out what kind of being hit him in the hand, and it went to his friend, anthropologist Dr. Henry Shapiro, employee of the Museum of Natural history of the United States. Anthropologist extremely interested in finding and proposed to study it carefully. For a start, Dr. Shapiro told her x-rays, which were immediately rejected the assumptions about the falsification.

The shots were visible to the human internal organs and the human skeleton. The doctor also found a fracture of the right shoulder and multiple hernias in the spine. It turned out that the head of the dwarf was flattened due to heavy blow on the head, and "dry grass was dead brains mixed with blood.

When anthropologists began to move on in their study of the strange creatures, it became clear that his age to define it will be extremely difficult. Therefore, one could only assume that the dwarf is about 65 years, and, despite his age, he was on the spot all 32 teeth.

Scientists have come to conclusion, that the death has overtaken poor Pedro, as it was called by the scientists, at the age of 65 years. As for the mummy, scientists have not been able to find out anything definite. She was very old, and precise methods, which are now researchers at the age determination of archaeological finds, did not then exist.

Four hypotheses

In 1950 Ivan Goodman died, and dwarf mummy went to his children, because of what they almost came to blows and fell out the nines. Then sold for big money collector of rarities Leonard Wydler, and then trace unique finds were lost, and, unfortunately, her whereabouts are unknown.

But there are documents research, for example, x-rays. They were in the hands of Professor George Gill, the anthropologist from the University of Wyoming. In 1979 Professor was able to thoroughly study them, and then made a conclusion about the dwarf Pedro.

According to Gill, it was not the old man of 65, and a small child with a congenital abnormality of development. The scholar also determined the race kid - he belonged to the primitive ancestors of the Indians. Tiny growth baby because he was born with the diagnosis "anenzephalia". However, the Professor did not explain why a young child's mouth full of healthy teeth and bones corresponds adult.

There is one more hypothesis of origin strange human beings. In 1993, a zoologist from France Dr. Francois de SAR after careful consideration of the x-rays Pedro, suggested that it is a properly developed fruit that the Indians of Jivaro covered with skin flayed from an adult. The creature he found all the signs of other illness - microcephaly. Its main symptom is abnormal development of the skull and brain, which results they get the wrong shape and size.

There is another hypothesis from the Indians of North America. Many Indian legends tell about the little creatures of the type of dwarves, who lived here in ancient times and possibly existing somewhere today. The Shoshone Indians believe dwarfs, evil and malevolent neighbors, armed with arrows with poisoned tips.

The last hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin Pedro requires evidence. But while they do not find it in connection with the disappearance of the dwarf. Now science is quite different, and if Pedro found, scientists have been able to clearly answer the questions put a tiny little man, hidden in the large rock.
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