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Зловещие городаSince the times of the pharaohs powerful rulers often used the architecture as a way to Express their worldview and, at other times to influence his people.

Secrets, frozen in stone

Many generations of researchers have tried to follow in the architecture of the esoteric tradition of the past centuries. And it turned out that the Egyptian beliefs, modified by the knights Templar and the Freemasons, were frozen in stone, are at the very core of the device in many cities, in particular, Paris, London and Washington.
For example, the Paris - this jewel of architecture has been designed so that the authorities could easily suppress the riots. Architectural theorists call this approach urbicidal.

Paris. The pyramids and boulevards

The most famous from the point of view of the hidden symbolism in modern urban object is a glass pyramid in the Louvre. In the opinion of conspirologic, she served different purposes: it is a kind of a monument to the former French President Francois Mitterand, which approved the program of reconstruction of the Louvre, and the secret tomb of Mary Magdalene. And 666 glass panels that make up the pyramid, many see as a symbol of the devil began on Earth. However, few people know that in reality the number of panels - 673.

The pyramid at the Louvre, however, is only one of the last touches to a well planned city within a city, designed primarily to glorify the greatness of the French state. "The major axis" of the Louvre stretches from the remnants of the ancient Royal Palace of France to the Champs Elysees, under the triumphal arch of Napoleon and further, to modern the Grande Arche.

This layout is very similar to the device Karnak temple complex in Egypt.

The urban landscape of Paris has one rather sinister touch. These straight as an arrow, the streets were laid in the second half of the XIX century Baron George-Eugene Hausmann, chief architect of times dictator Napoleon III. The official justification for this project was named the need to ensure free air circulation and convenience of traffic. Among other things, this meant that such space will form the image of the capital of the Empire, worthy of his sovereign. However, in his memoirs Hausmann indicates the existence of other, hidden reason.

The destruction of entire neighborhoods were allowed to resettle tens of thousands of workers from urban slums on the outskirts of the city, where they had not corn eyes of the powerful. New direct and wide avenues were built primarily to allow the troops to move freely around the city, and not to fight one barricades to another, as it was during the revolution of 1848.

Masons in Washington...

A well-known fact that George Washington was a Freemason. Masonic symbolism extends to the geography of the city of Washington. The first chief architect of the city Pierre-Charles lanfan was an associate of the Marquis de Lafayette, the French revolutionary and convinced Freemason. He created a plan of Washington was apparently prompted by some esoteric ideas Freemasons.

Even former neo-conservative historian Francis Fukuyama admits that Freemasonry had an impact on the capital. And it is not only the Egyptian obelisk (the George Washington memorial). Ideally parallel street of the city, crossed diagonal avenues, form Masonic symbols: the square and compasses. On many web sites today, you can see satellite images of Washington, which viewed the pentagram formed by the intersection of the streets. One of the beams of the pentagram points directly to the Egyptian obelisk. There are many interpretations of this fact from pseudo-occultism in Masonic style to Satanism. The construction of the five-sided building with the eloquent title "the Pentagon" during the Second world war, many still consider unheard of bravado on the part of the Freemasons.

One of the main adherents of the theory that Washington was built in the Masonic model is astrologer and author David Ovason. His impressive use of zodiac signs, in particular the virgin, on public buildings. David was convinced that Washington is prepared by masons who built the city and continuing to manage them, for the future that will change the understanding of the essence of the stars. In the book "the secret architecture of the capital of our nation" Eason assumed that the buildings of state institutions "in secret have been dedicated to the Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS".

...and in London

After the great fire of 1666, which destroyed most of London, architect Christopher Wren, who was a Freemason, creates a plan radical redevelopment of the city, approved by king Charles II.

All Grand plan to make a reality of failed, but despite this we have built many new impressive temples. The most remarkable among them is the Cathedral of St. Paul, reconstructed according to the project Christopher Wren. Curiously, he rejected eight degrees from the common axis East-West. This strange error leads to the fact that the Council addressed directly to the Church, temple, a former spiritual home of the knights Templar. The architect Nicolas Hexmoor was equally straightforward. The bell tower of the Church of St. George square Bloomsbury has a view of the ziggurat - step pyramid. For the poet and occultist Jan Sinclair it served as a proof of Satanism of Joksara. This thought and today can be found in the works of English writers of the mystics. In a Thriller novel by Peter Ackroyd "Hexmoor" London Church architect become a place satanic murders, and in comics Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore "From hell" to it mixes with another killer Victorian times Jack the Ripper. As always, one conspiracy theory easily flows into another.

Source: "Mystery of the twentieth century. Gold series" №51
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