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Создатель и смотритель Вселенной - кто он?Why is based on the laws of open science cannot explain the origin of the Universe, life, and mind? Hard to believe, but, most likely, the reason one: what we are taught in schools, universities, about what I am writing to people who had dedicated their lives to science, in most cases - tale. Because science much of what is considered inviolable, is only a theory, which according to most scientists. But the majority is not always right. So, tomorrow there will be new hypotheses, and textbooks will be rewritten. So gradually we come to the truth, which is still far away...

One of the characteristics of our time - the desire everything to prove. Even truth, in which people believed Millennium. Believed and was not looking for evidence. Now looking for evidence to support the reality of life after death, the existence of the other world, and even the Creator himself. However, research is conducted by using our senses and instruments adapted to these senses. Everything that is outside of our perception, is declared a non-existent or mystical nonsense. Whether so it?..

Today, conferences devoted thin (hereafter, the astral world. The participants prove that all the main knowledge of mankind are given to him from above, obtained by direct contact with the prophets, clairvoyants and the people we call genius. Tell me, what is the difference between, say, the prophet Isaiah, who received a prophecy of the coming birth of the Messiah, Mendeleyev, who dreamed table of the elements, or Walter Scott, dictated from above wrote his famous historical novels? Yes, nothing, they are no different! Modern human knowledge does not allow us to answer the question about when and how did our universe. Today, the majority of astrophysicists agree with the theory of the "hot Universe", which is based on two main facts:

1) the universe is expanding, as evidenced by the red shift of lines in the spectra of distant galaxies;

2) the universe is filled with a homogeneous background so-called background radiation.

Presumably 10-20 billion years ago there was a big Bang, which split "cosmic egg", which consisted of all matter in the Universe. Expanding, it got colder and gradually became familiar to us.

The big Bang... so be it. And what was before it? Exploring the period before the Big Bang, scientists come to a standstill, called them singularity. What is it? If you could make the time to reverse, then the universe would start to shrink, until he became a point. This is the singularity, or point the universe. But if you continue the process, the universe will turn into nothing, absolute nothingness from which nothing could appear. The conclusion is: unimaginable in those distant times the events occurred that are not consistent with the laws governing modern world, since the substance of the Universe, tied at one point, still had to come from somewhere. Therefore, at least the first atom was created by a supernatural power, as we would call it - God, overmind or otherwise.

Let us now look to our mother Earth. Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen - these four elements, four pillars that underpin organic life. Without these elements it is impossible. They all have unique properties, but the main thing is that the probability of the combination of these elements necessary for life are virtually nil. Why exactly these elements, it is in the correct proportions were in our corner of the Universe? To explain this mysterious fact can only someone's targeted intervention. But if it was manifested only in this!

In the cradle of life we call the Earth, in the long geological periods, many hundreds of millions of years supported especially favorable for this life conditions. It seems that these conditions regulates a certain universal thermostat. What happens if it fails? Here is it. If the oxygen content in the atmosphere will be reduced to 14 percent or less, we will not be able to light a fire. If, on the contrary, will increase to 25 percent or more, even raw wood and moss will ignite. One of lightning will be enough to start a cosmic catastrophe, so horrible, that won't dream and in the dream. In the endless fires will increase carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, which in turn stimulates the production of oxygen marine plants that produce a significant part. Fires will spread, and life on land will become impossible.

The calculations of scientists showed that the amount of oxygen needed to increase by 1 percent every 12 thousand years. But this is not happening. A mysterious mechanism prevents the rejection of the content of the life-giving gas from stable level of 21 percent. Why? To preserve life on Earth!

Another example. Calculations show that the salinity of the seas and oceans should not differ from the salinity of the Dead sea, which, as we know, life is impossible because of the high salt content. It is proved that the increase of their concentration in the World ocean from 4 to 6 percent would have led to the deaths of all forms of marine life. However, this does not happen. Some mechanisms contributing to decrease the concentration of salts in the waters of the oceans, are known, but not all. And most importantly, these mechanisms have acted long before the advent of higher organisms, as if they were prepared in advance.

Considering the above facts, I want to exclaim: how narrow strip of our existence! What we fragile and tender! One gust and we swept away, broken. Such a fragile flower needs garden which is well looked after. Or rather, not the garden and greenhouse.

We go further. Modern biology also can not help to understand the mystery of the origin of life. The underlying evolutionary theory explains nothing. Were studied millions organic doubt, but none of them found the tendency to transform into a living being. Again it turns out that the mysterious "something" gave impetus, and organic compounds have crossed the line between dead and living nature. Recent research suggest that the conventional theory of natural selection paints a picture, alas, is far from reality. Comparing fossils of shells of various types of shellfish, who lived in the oceans of our planet tens and hundreds of millions of years ago, shows that, having existed for almost unchanged 10-15 million years, kind of disappears. Another took its place, to tell the story of its predecessor. As for mutations, which, according to the theory, the basis of natural selection, they certainly happen. But, as a rule, are neutral, i.e. not lead to important changes in the nature of the organisms. For example, people constantly mutations occur color of hair and eyes. This can play a bad or a good joke with our appearance, but no damage to man or to give it some serious advantages over other can not.

New species appeared as anything but the result of the gradual accumulation of small changes due to the adaptation of organisms to the environment. Then the process of evolution, or rather, the emergence of new species, suddenly stopped. This happened about 40 million years ago. Why? Maybe because the conditions for the appearance of man were mainly created?

Anyway, all the science that studies the history of the development of life on Earth, stumble on the same place as the physics - at the Beginning. Some are not able to give a reasoned explanation for the origin of life, others - the most important and mysterious: when and how did people.

So, in the endless chain of being missing three main parts. All three great act of creation - the Universe, life, mind - unexplained on the basis of the laws discovered by science. The study of facts and theories shows that universal machine is not able to work independently in the required mode, it needs a driver.
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