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Магия новолуний-2013Want to get rid of adversity and gain power over life circumstances? It is possible. From us you want one: how to behave in each of the 12 new moons 2013.

The First Moon Of The Snake

The first lunar day the Snake will continue so long (11 hours 20 minutes Sunday February 10 till 08 hours, 55 minutes Monday 11 February)*that motley thoughts and desires, which will be a swarm at this time in our head and heart, will many times have time to feel each other and are ready to lead to the emergence of the most incredible situations. For example, such, what filled life "two of the casket, the same person": the wood namestili, porridge chopped...

Now this story could easily become reality, because at this time 85% energy star Zodiac will be focused in the right hemisphere. This means that individual rhythms of each of us will be imprinted on our destinies much brighter than usual. Therefore, make sure that the images that fills your soul in the first lunar day, will not contradict one another and would not contain any malicious ideas. As said the wise ancestors, "be careful what you wish for they can be executed!"

Another distinctive feature of the February new moon is high probability of return on the new stage of situations, like two drops of water similar to what has happened in the 3rd decade of April and/or 2nd decade of October of last year. If you would not like to meet someone of those who have ruined at the time your mood, visualize these people, relaxed and, as they say, cause-noble going his way somewhere far away, behind the window.

Snake and Fish

The second new moon "snake" of the year will have on the evening of Monday, March 11 (in the Eastern regions of the country it will be already late at night or early Tuesday morning, March 12). The duration of the first lunar day in Moscow from 23 h 52 min to 07 h 37 min, almost 8 hours.

At this time, 61% of stellar energy of the Zodiac will focus in his "mystical mirror" - the sign of Pisces (there will be the Sun, Moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune). This means that in the magic mirror of the soul fabulous way affect every secret aspirations, dreams and desires: "my Light, mirror, say I l on the fairest of them all, all the more ruddy also is more whiter?.." Oh, and then, as they say, a trick of the new moon. Gray, beauty overnight and will, naturally, whiter all white... Oh, no wonder the wise ancestors warned us that reckless desire is sometimes performed the worst possible way...

We do not need someone else!

In the third new moon Snake's first lunar days will be too large, so "magic time" will last about 16 hours (from 13 h 35 min environment April 10 to 06 h 43 min Thursday, April 11), borrowing and daytime and evening and night hours. Imagine how many other people's desires for this time we mistakenly take for her ("the neighbor is, and I should be!", "a neighbor is - and I need!") and how much load themselves for the month ahead cares about, in General, strange stuff, how many other people's problems shoulder to shoulder?!

To avoid this, it is advised in advance, on Thursday evening, March 28 to write for a "cheat sheet" with indication of what you really need for a full and happy life. And 10-11 April periodically pry into this little note and focuses on the written order inadvertently not to make his life in the warehouse of useless things and random wishes".

Ant or a Dragonfly?

The fourth new moon will be held on Friday 10 may and will coincide with the annular Eclipse of the Sun. The first lunar days this time will last just over an hour from 04 hour 29 minutes before 05 h 39 min and the dark karma Black Moon and the descending node of the moon, on which there will be an Eclipse, they say that time has come to "pay the karmic accounts". So there is no sense to make a wish middle of the night, it is better to read at bedtime fable of Krylov "Dragonfly and the ant"then how to sleep, gain strength, and in the morning courageously and passionately start fixing the accumulated error. And may you serve as consolation is that the story of this cautionary fable was already well known to the ancient Greeks during the fabulist Aesop...

Without words

The first lunar day of the fifth moon will last from 19 h 56 min Saturday 8 June to 05 h 39 min Sunday 9 June amid a sharp, disharmonious aspects of mercury that controls this new moon (first he will be included in the square surface with Pluto, and then with Uranium). Such moments are more suitable for cutting off all unnecessary than for sweet dreams about the desired and necessary. But if you are determined and do not want to drift waves, I advise you to do the following. Think beforehand, people with some character traits usually prevent you from? Who they are lazy? Toropygin? Grabbers? Mentally imagine their collective image. Perhaps it will be forever weeping tsarevna Nesmeyana, or the judge, similar to Tyapkina-Lapkina, or mother-in-law a La Kabaniha... If in the first lunar day you vividly imagine that the media annoying you defects are quietly to each other on his way (path, alley), while you can see them in the window, sitting in a cosy room or doing, their impact on your life will be shorter.

The award will find hero

Dlinnym first lunar sixth day of the new moon, which will last from 11 h 15 min Monday 8 July until 06 : 28 min Tuesday 9 July, it will be possible to prepare in advance. Namely, on Saturday 15 June, when directing mercury will be in the same point of the Zodiac, which will return in July the new moon. Those who Tu, June, Saturday will spare no effort for the sake of strengthening of friendship and understanding, who will manifest itself as a hospitable host and/or a grateful guest will be much easier to use the magic of the first lunar day of July than people are selfish and ungrateful.

Not to sleep...

The seventh new moon will occur when the connection in the "Royal" 13-th degrees Scorpio ascending node of the moon and Proserpine - heavenly bodies, have long been known to Avesta astrologers, but not yet known to modern astronomers. This connection means that the more concrete and precisely formulated your desire and nepoklebimie your faith in the possibility of its implementation, the sooner and easier your dreams will turn into reality. You can feel yourself a real Creator of your destiny - and this, you see, something so worth it! However, the time that will be the first lunar day of August, is not very convenient for inhabitants of the European part of Russia - from 01 h 52 min to 06 hour 33 minutes on Wednesday, 7 August.

Don't remember daring!..

The first lunar eighth day of the new moon, in contrast, will be a very long time (15 h 37 min on Thursday 5 September to 07 h 54 min on Friday, September 6), but not very profitable from the point of view of correction of personal destinies. This time the winners will be those who sincerely and artless will present the vicinity (approximately on distance of the extended hand of their older relatives who wish them prosperity, mentally present them happy, healthy and prosperous. It is useful to gather family and remember the good word of all the deceased relatives (how cool would be bends their lives), because their blood flows in your veins...

Do no harm

The first lunar day of the ninth moon will be available from 04 h 36 min to 08 h 07 min on Saturday 5 October. And though the October moon will be in Libra, one third of stellar energy of the Zodiac will focus at this time in Scorpio. So, the emotional background will be far from harmonious. Therefore, the main principle of your "moon" magic should be: "do Not harm!" If you feel frustrated, anxious, not satisfied with the state of Affairs cannot cope with guilt or, on the contrary, with a thirst for revenge, it is better to refrain from attempts to immediately draw to themselves "the bird of happiness". The thing is that my desires in this new moon we will write is not "clean sheet of fate", and on top of all that happened in our life in may-June and the end of December 2012, and in January-March and early may of 2013 year. So maybe it makes sense to take a break and not to exacerbate the confusion.

Aty-Baty, were squares...

The tenth moon will coincide with the annular Eclipse of the Sun. The first day will last from 16 hours 51 minutes Sunday the 3rd of November until 09 hours, 38 minutes, Monday 4 November when huge congestion (48%) of stellar energy in Scorpio, and the main stewards (Pluto and Uranium) will be hard quadrature aspect to each other. In response to this, just remember the famous astrological counting: "Aty-Baty, were squares, were a series of squares. Do I blame you Yes I Yes we with you..." In short, this time it is better not to experiment with desires, that did not happen - for what fought for it and ran...

Intrigue and love

Eleventh new moon - one of the most insidious in "snake" year. Regardless, consciously or unconsciously, we will be at this time to build "castles in the air", they will certainly try to settle poisonous anarchism, and the false system of subordination "friend or foe" will quickly take root in our dreams. And only hard work - physical, intellectual, creative will be possible to achieve the desired results. Dot the "i" BUbe placed only at the end of may - beginning of June of the next year. Although, as they say, want not harmful, but to lay their tasks solely on the magic of the new moons Snake you are not allowed.

For those who wish to combine magic contemplation with purely earthly labors remind that the first lunar day will continue with 04 h 23 min until 09 hour 40 minutes on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.


*Time everywhere Moscow, summer.

Of the moon in 2013
Eclipse may not be visible at one time in the world. When a lunar Eclipse in italics means that a lunar Eclipse semi-transparent and difficult to notice.

Calculation accuracy of about minus 3 minutes. (UT) - universal time, Moscow is different for 3 hours

2013 Sunday starting February 10, 7:19 (UT) new Moon
2013 Monday February 25 20:31 (UT) full Moon
2013 Monday, March 11, 19:52 (UT) new Moon
2013 Wednesday March 27, 9:30 (UT) full Moon
2013 Wednesday April 10, 9:38 (UT) new Moon
2013 Thursday 25 April 19:56 (UT) full Moon - lunar Eclipse
2013 Friday may 10, 0:31 (UT) new Moon - Solar Eclipse
2013 Saturday may 25, 4:22 (UT) full Moon - lunar Eclipse
2013 Saturday June 8 15:58 (UT) new Moon
2013 Sunday starting on June 23, 11:31 (UT) full Moon
2013 Monday July 8, 7:15 (UT) new Moon
2013 Monday July 22, 18:15 (UT) full Moon
2013 Tuesday August 6 21:51 (UT) new Moon
2013 Wednesday August 21, 1:42 (UT) full Moon
2013 Thursday September 5 11:35 (UT) new Moon
2013 Thursday September 19, 11:11 (UT) full Moon
2013 Saturday, October 5 0:32 (UT) new Moon
2013 Saturday October 19, 23:38 (UT) full Moon - lunar Eclipse
2013 Sunday starting November 3, 12:47 (UT) new Moon - Solar Eclipse
2013 Sunday starting November 17 15:18 (UT) full Moon
2013 Tuesday December 3, 0:20 (UT) new Moon
2013 Tuesday December 17, 9:29 (UT) full Moon
2014 Wednesday January 1, 11:13 (UT) new Moon
2014 Thursday January 16, 4:52 (UT) full Moon
2014 Thursday 30 January 21:39 (UT) new Moon
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