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"In the sky flies the sphere with bright light train, what to do?" such messages that night came to the police and an ambulance from residents of Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and several countries which saw a UFO. It was still unknown. Local media immediately put forward several versions. In addition to the classic - alien invasion suggested the fall of the satellite, meteor, and the consequences of the deployment of Russian ballistic missiles.

And ten seconds were enough to stop believing his own eyes hundreds of Israelis first went to the police, and then in the ambulance. Glowing object, as if sensing something was wrong, exploded in the air space of Lebanon.

The Martians while the Earthmen not attacking, but already sowed discord among middle East experts who study UFOs. Reports of unidentified flying object on the eve came from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. There are many versions, even more rumors from a fallen satellite to test chemical weapons.

"Run to me helper and shouted: come quickly, look, it's something like a UFO. I ran to look and saw only the final of this phenomenon, but immediately realized that here we cannot speak about meteorites, nor about the falling satellite", says Yigal Loops, Director of the Observatory in Givataim (Israel).

The press service of the defense Army of Israel in any case, has declared: " any military exercises or tests in this mysterious night was conducted.

Responsible for fire spiral over Israel is ready to take in Tehran. Local news Agency reported today, the UFO was a consequence of the national exercise, code-named "Dawn". Details of the exercises are not disclosed. The assumption that we are talking about the consequences of tests of ballistic missiles, confirm dozens of videos posted on the Internet. Chinese people have observed this phenomenon in 2011. Similar flying object which is not recognized in 2009 Norwegians. And only Siberians in 2010, saw in the sky the lights, she didn't lose control.

Today in Israel was even one assumption: we are talking about the consequences of testing Russian missiles. The night before from the Kapustin Yar Astrakhan oblast was released Intercontinental ballistic missile "Topol"that hit the conditional target on the ground Sary-Shagan, Kazakhstan.

Official confirmation of communication between the start "Poplar" and is seen in the middle East there. As for the police and ambulance, without work they left. Yet there were witnesses who not only saw the object ,but also came in contact with him.

Author: Vasili Maltsev
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