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Будет ли найден дворец княгини Ольги?Near of Vyshhorod in Kiev oblast, Ukrainian scientists will begin to search the country Palace of Princess Olga and the place of burial of the saints Boris and Gleb. The Prince's residence, which archeologists plan to excavate, should be the whole hundred years older than Sophia. According to historians, in its time, was kept by the state Treasury.

About the researchers of antiquity announced at the eighteenth conference "Antiquities of Vyshgorod earth", which was devoted to 800-anniversary of the Kiev region. According to the publication "mirror of the week", founders of the project are the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vyshgorod historical and cultural reserve and a Center of culture and history of the Ancient Rus "Park Kievan Rus".

Lying slightly higher of Kiev on the Dnieper, Vyshgorod, described by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus as one of the great cities of the Middle Dnieper and important point in the system of"big poluda" - tribute that the ruling elite of the Kievan state, headed by the Prince of charge from November to April. Well-fortified town was situated on a high hill and served as an Outpost of Kiev from the North. In these places usually have crossed the Dnieper, if you went to Kyiv from Chernigov, or from Kiev to Chernigov, not to cross the Gum.

The first annalistic news of Vyshgorod refers to 946, and is connected with the name of Princess: "Baie Bo Vyshegorod hail Walsin (Olin)". According to the testimony of Kiev chronicler, the city, which came third of tribute from the Drevlyani lands, was not just a personal possession of the Princess, but her favorite place. In 1960-ies there were legends about "Palace" Princess Olga and some "Olga dacha".

"Olga chose the place of his favorite residence of Vyshgorod, which chronicle calls "hail Walsin". Here, as in the distant Pskov, also still keep the memory of the Grand Duchess, showing the location of the Palace and the so-called "Olgino cottage" on the opposite Bank of the Dnieper", - has testified in "journal of the Moscow Patriarchate" (1969, no.7, pp. 56-67) Archimandrite Innokenty (Prosvirnin).

Currently, some "experts" mistakenly believe the site of the Palace of Olga the so-called Kyiv rotunda on the hill. But most probably, it was built in XII century.

Princess Olga, the first of the rulers of Kyivan state was baptized and went down in history as "the forerunner" ("Predtecha") of Holy Russia, as "Lucifer" - the morning star, foretelling the coming sunrise Orthodox faith. The reign of Olga and her son Svyatoslav belong to the epoch of the formation of ancient statehood.

After the canonization in the XI century the first Russian national saints Boris and Gleb, buried in Vyshegorod, over their tomb was built the temple, which decorated and reconstructed several generations of Russian princes.

According to the senior researcher of the Institute of archaeology of Ukraine Vsevolod Ivakina already carried out reconnaissance surfovanie, which significantly added information about the historical topography of the ancient Vyshgorod.

"If we find the Palace of Princess Olga, it will be the most unique discovery. It is the most ancient. This Palace older Sofia of Kiev, at least for 100 years, and even older Church of the tithes!", jubilates Vsevolod Ivakin.

In addition, there are several unique artifacts. "Found ceramics, dishes and old key. But this is only the beginning of a large project, the multi-year" - said the press-Secretary of "Park Kievan Rus" Taras Klochko.

"The excavations found the remains of dozens of ground and in-depth in the earth dwellings, production (iron-making, forging, jewelry, Potter) complexes, numerous clothing finds the X-XIII centuries. Among them are a series of Russian and Byzantine lead seals, spindle with the inscription, glazed pottery and glassware, is reported on the web-portal "Ruiner". - The Church of Boris and Gleb to Vyshgorod was one of the largest three-nave churches of Russia. Unfortunately, so far the city has failed to identify a clear undisturbed sediments X century".

The author of one of the most complete and interesting biography of Princess Olga modern historian and writer Alexey Karpov very correctly noticed one peculiarity: "No ruler in Russia was not to become the hero of many legends and stories, as Olga. Add to this that and geography "Olga" legends, perhaps unparalleled in Russian history".
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