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Some obvious facts, breaking the existing concept of the past, historians consistently silent. For example, how could the ancient builders with astonishing accuracy to put in the right places in the multi-ton blocks of stone? It is understood Andrey Sklyarov, last physicist-experimenter.

Than scrape basalt?

Andrei and carefully inspect the foot of the pyramid Userkaf at Saqqara. Near it on the South side remained flat ground, lined with polished basalt stones. Basalt is one of the hardest stones easy handling even modern alloys. It is unclear what could grind the ancient builders.

On some stones visible smooth cuts - not otherwise worked here a disk saw with a thin blade. Four and a half thousand years ago?

Just to the North, in the valley of Giza, such as basalt boulders tiled floor unpreserved mortuary temple near the pyramid of Cheops. Specifically lay down on the sand so that the floor surface was at eye level. The impression that someone machine for tsiklevanija parquet lined the floor plane. Only here do not parquet, and the hard stone. "Scraping" it can only special cutters, diamond-coated. According to A. Sklyarov, there was a specific technology for the softening of stone: the upper layer has become like clay. Fiction in this assumption no - Ural stone-cutters known herbs to soften the stones.

On the granite blocks of the temple in the valley of Giza with amazement consider weirs. What are they in the arid climate? So, weirs were necessary. That is, the Church grew in the place where it happened to heavy rains. And this is an American geologist Robert Schoch just proved that it could be on the Nile, not later than 8-10 thousand years ago when the climate in these areas was not deserted. So, again, the pharaohs at anything. It's all built unknown to us sentient beings.

Again Atlantis?

In the vaults of the Cairo Museum houses a collection of vases and other vessels, attributed by historians to the first dynasty of the Egyptian pharaohs. It was found at Saqqara Pharaoh III dynasty Djoser in the construction of the step pyramid. In total there are more than 35 thousands of unique items.

One of them is a round bowl-plate, divided into three equal sectors. Its walls are curved, like the petals of a flower. But the most striking thing is that the material of the vessel - quartz, wall thickness is 1-1,5 mm Processing of hard and fragile quartz so whimsical, not allowing this translucent wall split, is a task far beyond that of modern stone-cutters.

Artifacts found in the valleys of the pyramids, is by no means the only one. Who could do these numerous "inappropriate" constructions in Egypt? In the opinion of Andrei Sklyarova, it could be a few aliens, runaway, or deliberately abandoned to Earth from another planet. This is just one of the working versions.

No worse than another equally popular with intellectuals, not connected with the official story, it could do the inhabitants of the lost Atlantis. Technical achievements were far ahead of their spiritual development, for which Atlanta and his disappearance. But they possessed many colonies on all continents, so something from them could stay.

Scientists can charades ancient civilization, is not ready to agree with the statement that the first wonder of the world - the work of the ancient Egyptians. New research in Egypt lead enthusiasts millennia prior to the biblical flood, and to the legendary civilization. She left the monuments served the pharaohs of the old Kingdom samples, imitating those who have built technically less sophisticated facilities of the type of the step pyramid of Djoser. They unsurpassed examples six surviving the great pyramids of Giza, Dashur and Medumi - so long and not understood "gifts" from those who knew much more than we.

No less impressive wonders of Ancient Egypt is found by archaeologists memorial temple female Pharaoh Hatshepsut with reliefs, which tells about the expedition in the country in the punt.

Saveliy Kachnicky
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