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Забудьте все, что вы знали о пришельцах!Our ideas about the alien mind the most part, based on the fantastic films that portray the aliens or as aggressors seeking to destroy or enslave the human civilization, or as a wise "older brothers". Meanwhile, according to the former head of the research Center of the SETI project Jill Tarter, this is a very limited view.

"All these "Men in black 3", "Prometheus" etc. entertainment and metaphors our own fear, has no relation to what will be actually the first contacts with aliens" - says the researcher.

Tarter believes that images "brothers in mind", created by mass culture is only a projection of our subconscious representations of them have nothing to do with a possible reality. I wonder how is this the reality?

An adequate concept of alien mind tried to present well-known astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan's novel Contact", which in 1997 was shot the same film. There aliens may be able to take human form. But it was... And not the fact that aliens could be set against humanity are so friendly to arrange people the tour of the Universe. Even more absurd looks the concept of conspirologic from UFOlogy, who believe that aliens constantly interfere in earthly Affairs and control us, like the angels or demons in religion.

First of all, if outside the Solar system and has a highly developed civilization, they will see us like we perceive microorganisms. It is unlikely they will be of particular interest less advanced inhabitants of other planets. At least not enough to try to zombify us to capture our bodies or, conversely, to help us. We should not exaggerate their own importance for neighbors in the Universe, says Tarter. Who said that contact with us they need?

Let's try to think logically. This may encourage the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization to undertake an expedition to the Earth? Because we have not observed, for example, of the abundance of heavy elements, as on other earth-planets. Hardly likely, and the hypothesis about a possible invasion of some aggressive civilization (by the way, stick to it and the world-famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking). If such a civilization existed, they would exterminate themselves before could he to us, says Jill Tarter.

Finally, for the whole period of studies of the cosmos real traces of intelligent life was not found anywhere else. No one tried to get in touch with us. And when you consider that the age of the known stars with high metallicity (and therefore having a planet) is more than 10 billion years, the fellowship of the inhabitants of these systems on the same footing is hardly possible.

Of course, theoretically probable contact with sharing some encrypted messages. But we can take this message only if the code will be based on one of the known types of radiation. Otherwise, we may not realize that we want to communicate, or even ignore the signal contact. Moreover, on receiving the message, you should still be able to read it. Thus, the chance to get some information about other inhabited worlds, the more detailed, very, very doubtful.

Although still a chance. In that case, if we, according to some theories, are not self-conscious species, and the offspring of another species living on the far side of the Universe. If so, then we have "ancestors" should be a lot in common. Therefore, we should be able to at least understand what they are going to get to us.

Next. We are convinced that the interstellar expedition requires a huge investment of energy and resources. But if some alpha civilization (i.e civilization, which reached a very high level of development) have mastered the principles teleport through space, it can take much less time and resources to make a "jump" through millions of light years. We think the usual physical categories, forgetting that in scientific knowledge, including applied, eighbours" could take us very far, that seems almost impossible, for them it is quite an ordinary thing.

It is also possible that aliens do not knowingly go contact us, as we are not yet ready or not ready to accept their existence... Though it again from the realm of conspiracy.
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