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This month you will see two dwarf planet Ceres and Vesta which will be visible next to Jupiter, but they are in the asteroid belt, and 2 meteor shower.

02 October 2012 starts its activity meteor shower orionids.

Orionids is one of the most visible meteor showers, visible in the Northern hemisphere of the Earth. It is caused by the invasion in the atmosphere tiny stones and pieces of ice - small "fragments" Halley's comet is only a pea-size or a walnut. These small space Wanderers are separated from comets in the process of its destruction, when a comet approaches the Sun and heats up - the heat causes evaporation top ice shells and the release of small stones, which continue to move in an orbit of a comet. Each new approach of Halley's comet to the Sun generates increase in the number of meteoroids and reducing the size of the comet - so all is approaching the Sun, comet thousands or tens of thousands of years gradually die. And their remnants in the form of a swarm of meteoroids continue for a long time to go around the Sun in the same orbit.

When the Earth passes through this Roy, some particles fly in the atmosphere at very high speed (for Orionid this speed is about 60 - 70 km/sec) and warming up evaporate in a split second, but ionized trail in the upper atmosphere is visible sometimes a few seconds.

The name of this thread is received on behalf of the constellation from which, as it seems the Terrestrial observer, fly these sparks, falling stars - Meteora.

The action of a meteor shower will run from 2 October to 7 November 2012 - more than a month, but up the activity will come about 21 October 2012 is approximately according to the following timetable shows his activity in this thread (and others meteor showers) annually. On the night of maximum flow activities experienced observers of meteors (certainly appropriate for monitoring conditions: in the absence of the moon in the sky, in the dark place away from the city, and in clear transparent atmosphere) can consist of up to 30 meteors per hour. In the first days of the action of the flow and towards the end it "shooting stars " " can be literally isolated.
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