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Сенсационная операция японского ученого оказалось ложьюThe scandal surrounding the Japanese scientist Hisashi, Moriguchi, who allegedly had several successful transplants patients with tissue grown from stem cells, acquires new details. At a press conference, Moriguchi admitted that he lied about the number of successful operations.

"In fact, there was only one entry. I lied" - he said. In addition, Moriguchi "recovered" and about the time of the operation: if earlier it was said that conducted the first successful experiment in February of this year, but now he has stated that he did this back in June 2011. "The exact date, I can't, I need to clarify. The operation took part six people", " replied the Moriguchi to one of the questions of journalists.

Japanese scientist also said that the operation he carried out not at the Massachusetts hospital at Harvard University and the Boston hospital. On Friday at Harvard, said that the ethics Committee of the University had Hisashi, Moriguchi application for the operation, and even more and not given sanctions. Furthermore, the University does not have any records that have documented the Japanese scientists some research. But on this Moriguchi was able to find the answer. "It is possible that this happened because of the fact that the application was filed, not on my behalf, but on behalf of another person", - he commented.

Let's remind, on Thursday Hisashi, Moriguchi reported number Tokyo media that back in February spent the first transplantation of tissues grown from induced pluripotent stem cells. His 34-year-old patient, allegedly after previously held a liver transplant almost completely lost heart. To restore its functions patient were transplanted heart tissue - they were supposedly grown from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from cell mass remote liver patient. The operation, according to Mr. Moriguchi, was successful and the patient is discharged from hospital and returned to normal life. He then moved further five patients heart tissue, also grown from induced pluripotent stem cells. In Massachusetts hospital suggested that this mysterious patient does not exist.

It is worth noting that about his sensational opening of Moriguchi said a few days after Japanese researcher Xingyi Yamanaka was declared winner of the Nobel prize in medicine and physiology. Yamanaka and his British counterpart, John Gordon were awarded for the discovery of how "adult cells can be reprogrammed in mnohopocetneho (IPS)". In the future, it opens practical prospects for growing tissues and even whole organs to replace lost or affected by the disease.

Currently, Moriguchi has the status of a special investigator's hospital at the University of Tokyo, according to ITAR-TASS.
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