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Here and below shows the sand grains of Martian soil that have not been filtered and were not used for cleaning the analyzer. Net passes only particles with a diameter of not more than 150 microns.

Анализ марсианского валуна дал неожиданный результатАнализ марсианского валуна дал неожиданный результатАнализ марсианского валуна дал неожиданный результат

The first Martian stone, which touched Curiosity Rover, was different.

Boulder Jake Mateevic the size of a soccer ball was the first chemical composition of which has been spectrometer (APXS (Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer), and about the thirtieth of those that have received attention tool ChemCam (Chemistry and Camera). on September 22, the first thoroughly analyzed two areas the size of a penny, and the second is fourteen.

The chemical composition of the stone similar to well-known type of igneous rock found in many volcanic provinces of the Earth, that is, feldspar. We have such a composition occurs as a result of crystallization relative rich in water magma at high pressure into the mantle. On Mars we know of only one specimen of this species, so experts do not hurry to make conclusions about its origin.

But the main news is not that. APXS he first took over the watch, and its data immediately coincided with the testimony ChemCam that's not good. And this is only the beginning: the Rover there is also a domestic laboratory for the analysis of the composition of the rocks and soil. Recently camera analyzer cleared his carefully selected Martian material.

Boulder Jake Mateevic is located in the area Rocknet where Curiosity is already three weeks. Soon it will be about 100 meters to the East, and there operators will choose the first goal for drilling.

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