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Говорящий крест майяBy the mid-nineteenth century, when invaders-Europeans with fire and sword walked across America, sowing "civilization", in Indian village Chan spoke... the cross. The human voice is the symbol of Christian faith called the last of the descendants of the ancient Maya on a Holy war against the invaders...

The symbolism of the cross was known Mayan since ancient times. The picture on the reconstruction of the image of the cross of intertwined leaves in the temple of Palenque.

During the time of the conquistadors vysazhivaetsya in the New World Spanish monks noted with surprise that the symbol of the cross was known to the Mayan Indians in the first Millennium of our era. The image of the cross as an object of worship, and now can be seen in ancient Indian temples Palenque So the Indians readily incorporated Christian Cross in its religious symbolism.
According to legend, handed down from mouth to mouth, a huge cross made out of a single piece of wood, he said to Indians: "People who climb the sacred white man's rebellion against invaders! Banish them from all borders and coasts of Quintana Roo, and then will be reunited with his brothers from around the Yucatan and continue the Holy war, the cross will help you." And the Mayans did not dare disobey!

At the behest of the votes

To see the wonder of it all the population of the district of Quintana Roo. And again squeaky otherworldly voice cross ordered to kill all white. Thus, as it is paradoxical sounds, the uprising in 1847 led wooden cross. And the most surprising, that in this period was saying and crosses in the temples of other Mayan ruins - Tulum and Compana.

Inspired by the support of the higher forces, the Indians began a bloody campaign for scalps English and Spanish. The result is that the descendants of the ancient civilization was able to partially restore her rights and certain freedoms, they also acquired a relative independence and got rid of the colonialists.

The village Chan soon declared itself the capital of the independent state. These actions, again, were dictated by the order of the speaker of the cross, the New state was recognized by the United Kingdom. Be that as it may, residents of the VAT and the surrounding area has managed to remain independent until 1892.

But seven years after independence, the Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz ordered a punitive operation, during which were burnt to ashes several settlements rebellious Maya. But even then the Indians thought of their shrines. They endured the crosses of the city and hid them in the depths of the jungle. These clashes ended only in 1935. The Mexican government has gone on concessions, has made the head of the village in the generals and even awarded with the order. He was officially be the ruler of a free Indian territory.

Puzzle game for posterity

The Governor of Yucatan Miguel Barbarino, puzzled secret speaking crosses, sent into a VAT of their agents who had to figure out what is the secret of this miracle. Spy Pablo Rojas managed to ingratiate himself to the rebels and to visit the sanctuary, where he was talking cross.

In his report Rojas swore that the cross is really saying. Strange, inhuman, high squeaky voice came from the center of the temple premises, and since there was only the cross, then he spoke.
If the events happened in our time, it would be reasonable to assume that this cross is hidden some audio device. But in those days it was excluded.

Some believed that the cross is sitting people. But, first, the cross was too small, that went in there at least one child, and secondly, he was cut from a solid piece of wood and cavity inside of him was missing. The stories of the priests, the cross, as a rule, began to speak in the presence of a certain teenager. When the boy and his family moved in Tulum, there cross too suddenly spoke. The same thing happened upon arrival of the boy in Common. Therefore, there is a version that the teenager, whose name is not reached us, and possessed the gift of trewavasae.
In General, if it was a deception, so carefully done, that it could not prove to the present.

"The mysteries of History" October 2012
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