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В воскресенье утром произойдет мощный звездопадThe attention of all who wants to make a wish! According to reports of the International meteor organization, early on Sunday morning, October 21, meteor shower orionids reaches a peak of activity. This means that if you closely monitor the sky, you can see hundreds of falling stars. Promise that the number of meteorites can reach 25 per hour.

Of course, this phenomenon is not God's gift. All this is very understandable from the point of view of science. Meteora is the dust particles that leave a comet. Every time, when Earth crosses the orbit of one or another comet in the sky there meteor rain. Meteor particles, the size of which varies from a fraction of a millimeter to several centimeters, are in the atmosphere, glow and burn.

The radiant orionids - point in the sky where, as it seems the terrestrial observer, fly meteorites is just above and to the left of the constellation Orion. Maximum activity this year, is expected to have at 04.00 UTC (08.00 Moscow time) on 21 October. The moon, which will be in the first quarter, will not prevent the observations.

However, there are people signs.

"When you see over his head a shooting star make a wish, and you will be happy for a year," said one writer Herbert wells.

Many years passed, and many people still believe that the stars is the human soul. And that shooting stars in a hurry to earth to inspire the soul in newborns.

In the end, this Association between stars and human souls grew in belief, widespread throughout Europe, America and around the world, up to China and Australia.

In some legends about the birth of Irish Saints tell us that the mother of the Holy dreaming that spark from falling stars gets in her mouth. That is, it is the soul's entering into a newborn child. And Maori believed that after death the soul leaves the body and moves to the lower world in the form of falling stars.
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