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Кейро - богемный предсказатель.Жизнь и пророчестваHe predicted a scientific sensation archaeologists, predicted shame and forgetting the famous writer, warned about the terrible final famous dancer. He only needed to look at the palm of a man in order to simulate past and uncover the mystery of the future. He had the gift of clairvoyance and could name the date and cause of death. But one day his talent was gone. He violated the sacred prohibition and punishment was immediate.

Predictors, clairvoyants, prophets... he uncovered the secrets of the future, their words have changed the picture of the world. Cairo, Count Louis Haymon. In the past, the worker Brasserie, he became an English aristocrat. The son of a Gypsy, he fulfilled the Testament of his mother and won the fame of the famous fortune-teller and the palmist. To Caro addressed the Ministers and politicians, writers and courtesans. Karo all accurately predicted the circumstances and the time of death.

Death will come to all who disturb the rest of the Pharaoh. English archaeologists Howard Carter and George Carnarvon't pay attention to the strange words carved on the Golden statue of Anubis. Much more of them is the Golden sarcophagus and the mummy of Tutankhamun. The dream has come true! They made a Grand discovery. To decipher hieroglyphics on Anubis and read scary warning, scientists can only several days later. And George Carnarvon remember that the same words before leaving England said the palmist and clairvoyant, Cairo.

The prediction of the famous prophecy of Cairo will come true. Those 25 people, in February 1923 descended into the tomb, will perish one after another. The first victim will be the Lord Carnarvon, who once did not believe famous fortune-teller, Cairo.

1880 year. The Liverpool. In the bar of Warner today there are no visitors. Mistress Lola bad again. The woman consumption and the verdict of doctors leaves no hope. Former Roma, 15 years ago left the camp for a loved liverpoola Beat, is about to die. 14-year-old Beat Warner Jr (Cairo) now remains the orphan. The woman takes the son of promise, he must go to London to well-known predictor to Greg to Dolson. "Look at his hand, this cross is the sign of the prophet" she says.

Bill Cairo will perform maternal Testament. In London at Greg's Dolson it within 2 years knows the secrets of astrology and numerology and soon Cairo it is clear that he had surpassed his mentor. Now Karo new goal - India. Say, fakirs have all the secrets of magic. There he can learn palmistry - fortune-telling on the arm. Taking from the buffet of Dolson silverware, young Cairo moved on a merchant ship.

India is a mysterious and full of wonder land. Magic is everywhere - street fakirs, swallowing a sword, thin yoga, sleeping on broken glass. But Caro not interested in spectacular stunts. He longs new knowledge and very soon finds a mentor.

Indian palmist, the owner of the shop of ancient manuscripts in Bombay, teaches young Karo all the details palmistry and one day take it with him into the mountains, to the monastery, where hidden treasure of ancient scrolls on palmistry.

Cairo shocked. What he sees for the first time. The scrolls series, stacked on one another, go under the ceiling. Mentor leads him further, down the stairs to the underground cave. Here from the heavy chest, he pulled out an old manuscript. The text with figures carved on human skin. Indian unrolls the scroll and shows Cairo. One picture was the same token, as the hand of Cairo. "You will be known by the palmist," says an Indian, "but your gift will be lost, if you'll ask for your predictions great reward".

In London returned no longer the poor guy that several years ago paid for my ticket stranger silverware. Now for Bill Warner, Cairo there are no secrets. Cairo can read someone's fate in the lines of the hand like a normal book, but knowledge is not the only treasure that Cairo brought from India. Several gemstones sapphires, rubies, emeralds - the gift mentor diligent student will start his state. It will also allow ambitious young man straightening himself a new passport.

He no longer wants to be a bill Warner - the son of the owner of the bar in Liverpool. He became Earl Louis Haymon. Cairo believe in your star. He is inspired by the dreams of glory famous fortune-teller. He never will cash in on their gift. Its mission is to be a messenger between heaven and man. Soon, Cairo gets the first chance to apply their extraordinary abilities.

1890. A policeman inspects the scene. The in-house restaurant killed a rich and influential man. The offender left only one piece of evidence. Bloody trail of his palm was imprinted on the door. Suddenly on the scene appears strange young man. Clothes and manners aristocrat. It appeals to the investigator with an unexpected proposal is to define the appearance and the age of the offender at the hand print. A few minutes of Cairo considers the print and reports that the killer is a young man, blond with grey or blue eyes, perhaps slightly stutters, a close relative of the victim.
On the same day the son of the murdered delay. He is recognized immediately in the offense. Press excitedly describes the history, how to help the investigation came clairvoyant. Especially noted for his unselfishness, saying that he refused compensation. Soon learn, and its name is Earl Louise Haymon. But in an interview soothsayer calls himself Cairo is the name in Greek means hand. Advertising has done its work. To the infancy of the palmist Cairo reached out people, to know the future.

Soon graph Haymon, clairvoyant, Cairo, foretells the fate of the famous writer. When the prophecy will come true, Cairo will realize that the same fate awaits him.

Great Cairo, he unmistakable read on hand and could accurately describe the biography of each person. He predicted the prison scandal and Oscar Wilde, death at the hands of the conspirators of Grigory Rasputin, the execution of the Royal family of Nicholas II, he knew about its own tragic fate. And not long before the final tried to oppose the fate, but Providence had won. Famous palmist, Cairo she became lost and died in poverty and obscurity.

The last decade of the 19th century, the end of the Victorian era. Perhaps no one was able to convey the bad and the beautiful hand of time, as did Oscar Wilde - the favorite of the high society of London. Writer in fashion. Ladies and gentlemen only, and discuss theatrical performances under plays of Oscar Wilde. Spectacles of sparkling irony, by the brilliant satire and unexpected plot twists. At a dinner party, after the brilliant premiere of the play "the Woman worthless", Oscar Wilde are known palmist, Cairo. Writer loudly declares that it does not believe in predictions, but for the sake of the joke will make an exception. Cairo considers palm Wilde and does not hide his surprise. Left hand promises a triumphant success, and the lines are right saying that in two years of today's ball waiting for shame, prison and early death in 46 years.

Oscar Wilde laughs. Now he is absolutely sure that Karo - quack. What he predicted, simply can not be.

Will be 2 years and secular society of London shake scandal. Powerful Marquis of Queensbury will be accused of Oscar Wilde in sexual abuse of his son. The writer was sentenced to 2 years in prison. He will be released from prison a sick old man, and go to Paris. Here, in squalid apartment, all alone, Oscar Wilde die from acute meningitis, in 46 years, as predicted, Cairo.

Among the few who accompanied the body Osterwald at the cemetery, was, Cairo. He came to Paris, only to have last farewell to the great English writer. After the funeral of one of the friends of Oscar Wilde heard a quiet voice, Cairo. To no one in particular, the prophet say, "the same fate awaits me."

Rumors about the prophecies of Cairo beyond Britain and count Haymon invited to Sunny Italy.

King Umberto I asked him to make him horoscope, but the palmist, Cairo complete without the help of the stars. The king will die. This will happen in 30 days, after Umberto will meet with his counterpart. This is evidenced by the lines on the palm. A month later, the king of Italy, together with his retinue returned from hunting and on the way stopped to rest at the Inn. It was here that he will meet his counterpart. Monarch looks carefully at the innkeeper. Incredible, incredible similarity. But the matches are multiplying. Is the name of the innkeeper, too, Humberto, and his son as crown Prince, 'm Victoria. King shocked. He tells the owner of the tavern in a week to arrive to the court. But a new meeting with double will not. Immediately after the visit of the monarch, the innkeeper will die. Will be killed by stray bullets, recharging the gun. And soon there will also be another shot. The militant anarchist Gaetano Bresci will finish with the king of Italy, Humberto I.

The popularity of Cairo growing. The predictor offer to write a column in the newspaper, talk about the different prints, to describe features of palmistry. Cairo agrees. Publisher promised a good fee. And the money is not hurt, because he still keeps Covenant and does not appoint rates per session. Visitors can determine the award, and often, it's just a word of thanks. But Caro not interested in money. It is enough great glory. Even those who at first did not believe in predictions, and later recognize the great talent of the seer, and often at the last minute, so just beforeaffects of Cairo. Now he doesn't count Haymon. Thanks to its black forecasts, Cairo was nicknamed " the count "Death".

Most of Cairo absolutely still, as it is called and what they say about him. Cairo busy comparative analysis of the lines on the palms of all kinds of people and improving their techniques. Now, in order to know the fate, he didn't even need to see the person. Enough imprint of his hands.

Soon, at its own expense, Cairo will publish a book "You and your hand", which will become bestsellerom. Knowledge must be available and the rich and the poor - he Cairo.

Cairo is becoming a world celebrity, and soon received an invitation to Russia. He predicts the death of the Empress's lover and will predict the tragic end of the Emperor and his family.

Famous predictor of Cairo. In order to understand the secrets of palmistry, he went to India and the far country received terrible warning. The old Indian predicted for him a great career, but cautioned against unbridled greed. Legendary palmist many years to strictly comply with the ban. Karo not required fees neither Ministers, nor the kings nor the ladies of the upper light. But once greed prevailed and punishment was the loss extraordinary gift.

1905, Paris. On the stage of the French capital reigns famous performer of bellydance, beauty Mata Hari. Some performances are held behind closed doors. For the few last chords dancer remains naked. On one of these performances in the number of viewers is, Cairo. He had just arrived from London and one influential friend invited him to view. Predictor zavarzino monitors the girl, and after the presentation with a bouquet of flowers is held in the dressing room. Mata Hari ceremoniously holds out his hand to be kissed, but Cairo expands her hand and briefly considers the line. "Be careful, Madame," said Keyro, - "after 12 years You face the firing squad". Dancer starts, but immediately comes to life and laughs.

In February 1917, Mata Hari was arrested and accused of spying for Germany. The court held, like many of her performances, behind closed doors. Mata Hari convicted and executed in Vincennes on the military polygon.

So, loud arms shot answered the old meeting in Paris. Then, in 1905, Cairo quickly forgot about her meeting with charming Partake Hari. He was passionate about the upcoming Grand journey. Countess Ignatiev invited the palmist in Russia.

In the mansion of the Ignatyeva a party. Today here in one room, two great prophets in the Englishman, Cairo and aged man Grigory Rasputin. Ladies appeal to one and then to another, laughing, trying to compare their predictions. Suddenly mistress offers, maybe Mr. Cairo predict the future Grigory Rasputin? Rasputin did not object, Cairo studies greater Christian palm. "You will be near the monarch until his death, and will kill You in the Palace. You feel threatened by poison with a gun, but You will ruin the water," said Keyro. Rasputin laughed in response and said, "I'll say more, not only that I will die of poison, knives and bullets, but if me will kill the farmer, Russia will stand as it stood. If they kill me nobleman, Russia will fall."

Prophecy, clairvoyant, foretellers

In 1916, Prince Felix Yusupov organized a plot against Rasputin. On the night on 17 December, at the invitation of Prince, unsuspecting Grigory Rasputin, will come to him in the Palace. He waited for the conspirators. At first Rasputin will try to poison, but a cake with cyanide will be weak weapon. Then in the course of going gun, and the bullet will not take Rasputin. In the end, a wounded elders will be transferred to the Neva and will throw in an ice-hole, which will become the last refuge of a favorite of the Empress.

Increasingly, Cairo think that maybe it is time to take care of himself that he long ago could become a millionaire. Cairo long thought to assign a price for the next visit, but did not dare. To demand money from the future monarch, perhaps, this too. But Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, will offer a palmist fee. The guest always wanted to get acquainted with the famous visionary and appeared to him, first held out the old ring in recognition of the talent. This session did not last long. Cairo surprised the Prince to his prediction. According to him, the heir to give up the throne in the name of love. Line high position in society is cut off after you crossed the line of the heart. Mistakes can not be. Soon Edward will get acquainted with the American Wallis Simpson. Mutual love will break forth from the first sight, but the girl is blue blood, and besides divorced. In 1936, when Edward will face a choice - marriage with Wallace or English crown, he will remember Cairo. It happened as predicted by the palmist. The Prince of Wales will cede the throne to his brother and together with Wallace will move to France.

Cairo is sent to the new world, but the trip to America will be fatal to the palmist. Runaway success and recognition would be a tragedy. Will come true terrible prophecy Indian mentor.

The autumn of 1922. European Newspapers write about the dancer Isadora Duncan and Russian poet Sergey Esenin. They visit the Rome, Paris, Berlin, London. Isadora greeted with applause, and Esenin remains in the background. The poet turned to her husband Duncan. It is incredibly annoying and scandal follows the scandal. In the English capital Isadora tell about the famous Cairo. May be a predictor of Cairo will be able to help her?

Duncan meets with clairvoyant in the Park. She asks Cairo to tell, was whether her to be together with Yesenin. And peering into a thin hand, palmist said, "In your place I would not have thought about it, Madam. Unfortunately, soon your life will break. You die in 1927, and the reason will be the head of gold and red tape". Isadora's face changed. The head of gold so she calls Esenin. Only these two Russian words she had learned well to say. Do poet would kill her, and it was here red ribbon?

Many biographers have divorce Duncan and Esenin predicting Cairo. They say that the prophecy was so frightened dancer that she had left her beloved. But to escape his fate could not. It happened in nice in September 1927. Duncan was riding in an open car and a long red scarf caught on the wheel. Isadora Duncan died from suffocation.

History absurd death of Isadora Duncan will be the last loud prediction of Cairo. Soon he will go to America with the firm intention to earn on your own talent. Increasingly, Cairo seems that people just use it and leave nothing in return. He recalls his vision on the grave of Oscar Wilde, again and again, consider your own hands. Yes, it is. Here they are signs of poverty and loneliness. He does not want to die. He needs to change his life.

In America, an unprecedented experiment. At the request of the editors of major Newspapers, Cairo foretells the fate of the prints of the palms. On one of Cairo thinks for a long time. And suddenly clearly says: "When the owner hands will be 40 years old, he will be charged with the crime, arrested and sentenced to death". Suddenly in the hall hear the applause. It turned out that the journalists had pushed Keira the imprint of a hand a certain Dr. Mayer from Chicago. Just days before he was arrested on suspicion of poisoning wealthy patients insured by a huge amount. His cold-blooded murder stirred up the whole America. Mayer really face the death penalty.
After the resounding success of pictures of Keira adorn the front pages of American Newspapers. Clairvoyant offer to stay in the US to open its Bureau. And he agrees. Managing persuades set for services of the highest possible prices. In America it cannot be otherwise. Cheap, then this is not prestigious. And Cairo agrees. In the end, for the knowledge you have to pay. He is no longer going to charity.

1929. To Cairo comes known industrialist Henry Ford. The palmist takes the hand of the millionaire and suddenly feels that the lines on the hand Ford merged into one. Cairo asks the other, but it sees nothing. A frightened palmist walks away. He tries to find an explanation for the strange phenomenon. Maybe he's sick? After 3 minutes enraged Henry Ford left office. - This English charlatan I was sick, how disrespectful? - A pale Cairo locked with a key, and sinks exhausted into a chair. Who is he trying to deceive? Cairo well aware that it is not a disease. The palmist broke the commandment Indian mentor and now it is waiting for a terrible ending.

In America, the great depression. Stocks depreciate, the banks are closed. On the streets of millions of unemployed. One of those standing in line for free soup, yesterday the great visionary count De Haymon, clairvoyant, Cairo. Cairo woke up hungry after fainting on the cold pavement. Right above it got down girl, the sister of mercy and the red cross. Please state your name, " she begged, " I need to fill in the documents, to put you in the hospital for the poor. Cairo thinks and says, "Bill Warner, unemployed".

Cairo died in the hospital, forgotten, lonely, without a penny in his pocket. Among his belongings were found in the leaves with a strange drawings and inscriptions. On the paper were depicted hands, and in the middle of each half hieroglyphs. The doctors did not attach importance strange records and chose to act according to instructions. Things Warner were burned immediately after his funeral.
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