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История Атлантиды - ТОЛТЕКИToltecs with abundant honor and respect to any planetary consciousness. While enlightened Atlanta visited many planets in the Solar system to the physical, astral, mental and klinicheskogo plans. Our Solar system they attributed 13 large and 108 small physical planets, 986 astral and more than 3000 mental. Three-dimensional planet were not inhabited at the physical level, but very densely populated on the subtle planes of existence. From the physical planets, not public, even our modern scientists, Atlanta mentioned planet Volcano, located between the Sun and mercury, and the planet pan, which rotates for Pluto. Remains to add planet Phaeton with 12 moons, exploded approximately 1 million years ago, and Nemesis whose period of revolution around the Sun 3600 years. The moon and Pluto, former satellites of the Phaeton, after the death of the giant planet became independent. The sun, too, is a physical planet. Atlanta considered each planet is a great man, perfect spherical shape of the body and huge consciousness.

As a result of numerous reincarnations of human soul grows and becomes so conscious that the body of humanoid no longer able to accommodate and support of a huge and powerful spiritual substance. Then the human spirit dwells in what some young planet and continues to grow along with it. Each planetary ball consists of the same simple materials, as a human body, and has the same set of feelings. For example, the globe has the ability to breathe, move, think and worry as any of us. He developed the circulatory and digestive system, and the system of reproduction. The blood of the Earth is oil, and food are plants, animals and minerals. Sexually Earth, as any planet, is a hermaphrodite with male and female hemispheres. She breathes forests and meadows, marine flora and terrestrial and magnetic food gets through special antenna representing a variety of humanoids.

Each planet has its own character, temper, habits and food preferences. One planet eat vibrations, who love and harmony, others absorb more low radiation of human communities. Knowing the nature of the planets, the diet and the coming of their development goals, star map you can see the past and future of each humanoid, state, nation and humanity in General. In times of clavata Atlanta seemed that the Sun moves around the Earth in a circle. This circle they called "Yomi" - the Ecliptic. During the year the Sun went around the circle and came back around to the starting point. In the earth year was 13 months. Dividing the circle of the Ecliptic on 13 equal parts, astrology received the segments of the solar path, called signs of the Zodiac. Signs correspond to the months of the year. Instead of the moon the earth the sky lights huge Venus. Because of the enormous gravity of the centre, there was a Flood and the global eruption of lava.

Such periods World cataclysms alternated time: 12000 - 14600 - 12000 - 14600 years. The plane of the orbits of the three suns crossed another star Planeta - Nemesis. Its circulation period in an elliptical orbit was equal to 3600 years. The angle of Nemesis to the plane of the orbit of the Earth - 30 degrees. Nemesis crossed the plane of the orbits of the planets of the Solar system at the points of the orbit of the Phaeton, that is, between Mars and Jupiter. One million years ago on the most beautiful planet in the Solar system was burning thermonuclear civil war between Lorenzoni, clonidinewelcome Phaeton. At that time Nemesis came too close to the Phaeton, and its external gravitation was superimposed on a permanent thermonuclear explosions of Lariontsev. Started an unstoppable chain reaction and the planet exploded, leaving for the edification of descendants behind the asteroid belt, as expressive ellipsis.

Every 3600 years Nemesis appears on near-Earth distance, equal to about 480 million kilometers. Its huge attraction and hard radiation carries planets of the Solar system floods, eruptions, and other disasters. On many planets is the shift of the poles. During the pole shift, the Earth loses 4 days its own magnetic field. People in fact - electric machine, similar to the computer. This machine operates from a power voltage of the magnetic field of the Earth. The mental body during the pole shift for four days disappears, as if someone pulls the plug the computer from the wall outlet. And all information on the disk is erased. Therefore the soul in subsequent incarnations on Earth not remember their antediluvian life. To save the record on a diskette of human memory by using a rotating electromagnetic fields of the mercaba. When approaching the Sun to a common center of mass of the three suns magnetic field of the Earth is growing, people become smarter, become more energetic and cheerful, deleting - glotayut and degraded. This ellipse Solar orbit is called "small swastika". It is divided into four small Yuga, or century: the Golden age, Silver, Bronze and Iron. Three of our sun turn around Sirius in an elliptical orbit with a period of 4320000 years. Sirius - triple star with three planetary systems - is the mental centre of our sleeve galaxy.

The closer to Sirius Earth gets more and more mental exposure and people become smarter. And Vice versa. The period of revolution of Earth around Sirius is called "big swastika". It too is divided into four centuries: Kali Yuga - the Iron age - net. Dvapara Yuga - the Bronze age - 864000 years. Treta Yuga - the Silver age - 1296000 years. Satya Yuga - the Golden age - 1728000 years. Atlanta argued that man is endowed with those traits that preceded by him planet and the Zodiac sign under which he was born. Sky Land at that time was completely different, therefore identify the characteristics of planets pointless. Only the Sun in our astrology continues to play the same role. The Toltecs it represented the art, leadership, creative principle in all fields of activity and was a symbol of love and kindness.
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