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Китайцы отметили День холостяка, потратив за сутки в интернете 3 млрд долларовInvented by the Chinese students in the 90-ies of the Day bachelor gained popularity among the inhabitants of China. Day, 11 November (date must contain four units) had grown from a student traditions in publicly favorite event thanks to the activity of the Chinese sector of electronic Commerce. It is in this day of online stores offer their customers a variety of bonuses, gifts and discounts of up to 70%, writes RBC daily.

This year, the Day of the bachelor broke all records of the past years. More than 50 thousands of sellers on platforms and Taobao Tmall.com (both resources belong to Chinese Internet giant Alibaba), per day managed to sell goods worth $ 3 billion. For comparison, the busiest day for Internet shops in USA, cybermanagement, brought in last year all American online retailers $ 1.25 billion of revenue.

The success of the Chinese sector of e-commerce is largely due to the scope of the local market. Today in China registered about 538 million Internet users, of which shopping online make almost 193 million, or 23 million more than in the US, say data the Boston Consulting Group.
China is losing the USA and Japan on the total volume of expenses for the year in the network (about 74 billion dollars compared to the 256 billion in the US), however, the situation may change in 2015, when the volume of Chinese e-commerce market will amount to 360 billion. After a couple of years China will become the largest Internet market on the planet, and soon after that and the most important.

China still is experiencing explosive growth in the number of Internet users, and with it, and those who make purchases online. For example, in 2011, according to iResearch, the number of online buyers rose by 39 million (+26%). Increasing costs of Chinese to buy online. According to official data of the Chinese e-commerce Research Center, for the first half of 2012 citizens of the PRC have paid for goods and services in the network of around 56 billion (+18.6 per cent). Moreover, the share of Internet accounts for only 4.32 percent of total sales in the country.
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