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HD 40307g – потенциально обитаемая экзопланетаOnly 42 light years from us comfortably settled planet that could be inhabited.

The list of potentially habitable planets gradually increasing. So exoplanet HD 40307g also recently got into this list. This planet, which is seven times the mass of Earth.

An international team of astronomers has discovered that a planet around the star HD 40307. As it turned out,again found a potentially habitable exoplanets HD 40307g fully takes place in orbit around its parent star for 200 days.

And this planet is only 9 460 billion kilometers from our own planet and 98 million miles away from your Sun.

Exoplanet HD 40307g is located in the habitable zone and it can be a haven for any life forms.

Moreover, this planet is in the category of planets that belong to the "super-earth" or "super-earths". Usually, this class of planets understand the stone terrestrial planets, consisting of stone and similar in structure to the Ground. The border between supersense and gas giants such Neptune fuzzy, and is estimated at about 10 Earth masses.

"HD 40307 is quite old and stable star, so there is no reason to planet HD 40307g had no living organisms in their depths," said a scientist Gia Anglada-escud? (Guillem Anglada-Escud?) from Universit? de G?ttingen (Germany), which took an active part in this discovery.

Scientists also told that on the planet HD 40307g there are also day and night cycles, which also makes this planet similar to our earth.
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