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Эксперимент: Питаясь 20 дней сухариками и чипсами, крысы облысели, ослепли и сдохлиDnepropetrovsk chemistry teacher has proven harm favorite food of the majority of Ukrainian students.

In the Dnepropetrovsk school №25 chemistry teacher with the students decided to hold an unusual experiment with your favorite food of pupils - chips and crackers. As Guinea chose 12 rodents. They were divided into four groups: one was eating chips, the second - crackers, third in food poured a flavor enhancer MSG (E621), which manufacturers add sausage and fast food, and fourth fed grains, vegetables and fruits. "When children say chips harmful to health, they still eat them, - says a teacher of chemistry and health Tatiana Deynega. - I decided that the guys have to see what will happen with health rodents after eating crackers and chips".

According to Tatyana Dynegy, rats fed crackers, on the twentieth day began to die one by one. Before death, rats became blind and bald. Later expertise showed that the animals died of cirrhosis of the liver, severe indigestion and retina.

"Liver these animals became yellow. This means that the cells were filled with fat drops and die," explained the candidate of veterinary Sciences Valentin Efimov. Not the best condition and those rats that ate chips. Rodents of the third group, eating food, flavoured with MSG, became aggressive and dependent. And only those who ate grain and vegetables, felt great. After the experiment the students reported that the chips and crackers will never be there. "I am very sorry for rats, but the food that we eat, drink and people, and the people I feel sorry for even more", - told schoolgirl Maria Kashirina.
Author: Bondarchuk Olga
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