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На Британских островах ливни, сильный ветер и наводненияOn the eve over the Atlantic ocean was located a vast area of low pressure. Today, 22 November, it formed a deep cyclone with a pressure at the center of 975 hPa.

He unwound to greater heights, and therefore will be sedentary. His ground-level centre will be situated to the South of Iceland, and atmospheric fronts will reach the British Isles and West of the European continent. With this cyclone related windy and rainy weather in the Northern European countries.

But the main blow fell on the British Isles. Here is pouring rain, and the wind amplified to 17-20, gusts up to 27 m/s

Heavy rains will continue for several days. They can lead to flooding in various parts of Central, South and South-West England, and in the South-East Wales. Your contribution will make strong winds, which can damage not only the power lines and trees, but also at home
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