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Российские ученые открыли ранее неизвестное явление природы?At the beginning of the publications ask - the official science would not know that the water in the nature of the information media? Andrey Andreev - cosmorhythmology.

A phenomenon previously unknown in nature and not even theoretically predicted, discovered by Russian scientists. Opening, already recognized sensational, promises a revolution in pharmacology and medicine. It turns out that medicinal substances can be effective in very low doses. So you can make effective drugs used, for example, by leukemia, writes ITAR-TASS.

This was told to the scientific message on the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, principal researcher, academician Alexander Konovalov.

The message is strictly academic sound and the name of the Formation of nanoscale molecular ensembles (nonassociative) in vysokorazvityh aqueous solutions. It is known that the dilution of a solution of water it loses its properties is greater, the more water is added. It is enough to compare the quality of pure alcohol, his 40-percent mixture of water and a mixture in which it remains half a percent.

However, during the 6 years of research group of Russian scientists managed to establish that such classical concepts correspond to only 25% solutions. But the remaining 75% behave non-classical: the properties are changed unexpectedly, noted academician Konovalov.

This phenomenon, however, is marked only in vysokorazvityh water solutions up to 10-20 mol (units of volume) to 1 litre. But under such insignificant concentrations get some solutions such physical-chemical and, what is especially important, biological properties, which in accordance with existing scientific opinions should not be!

Details are important to narrow specialists, but the General public opening of the new Russian promises visible changes in medicine and pharmacology: because during the development of appropriate technologies will be possible to obtain desired effects from the drugs action in ultralow doses.

Medicinal substances can be effective in very low doses, said Alexander Konovalov. In negligible concentrations of substances can be created effective medicines used, for example, by leukemia. And in fact, the smaller the dose, the fewer side effects, which greatly complicate the lives of patients struggling with life-threatening illness.

As scientists have found that this is due to the fact that such solutions are formed nanoscale molecular ensembles named authors of works by nasaassociate. The size of nonassociative varies depending on the degree of dilution of solutions is not linearly and not monotonically from several tens to several hundreds of nanometers. The necessary conditions for the education of nonassociative are the availability of external natural electromagnetic field. In turn, required the need for an external electromagnetic field for the education of nonassociative may be one of the channels of influence of electromagnetic fields on living organisms.

Nasaassociate dictate the weather in these solutions, said academician Konovalov. It is the education of nonassociative is the cause of non-classical behaviour of solutions. The reason is the changed structure of the dissolved substance. But what is it we do not know. It is a challenge to physicists, biologists, biochemists.

The scientist stressed that from the point of view of methodological and statistical experiments purity is provided: From specialists to experiment no complaints. And since its not even theoretically predicted, that have a significant transformation of our ideas about the nature, said Alexander Konovalov.
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