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ВВС Україна: Почему в Украине так много говорят о конце света? The approaching Apocalypse raises serious doubts among scientists, but Ukrainian media warm up hysteria around this subject, wrote a novel Swan for the BBC Ukraine.

In December Ukrainians often tried to find in the search engine Google for the end of the world.

This was announced by the Director of the company Dmitry Sholomko, summing up the year. This request was also among the most popular among Ukrainian users of Yandex.

Fear and interest to the date December 21, 2012, when supposedly the Mayan prophecy must come the Apocalypse, there is in many countries, although within the CIS and Ukraine, including this theme is especially popular, experts say.

According specially conducted the surveys, one third of Ukrainians absolutely serious about the message that the world may soon "finish".

Although the scientists noted that the South American tribe actually nothing foretold, people buy candles, booking places in bunkers and otherwise prepare for the worst.

Media experts say that the hand to hysteria has made the press - and, not for the first time over the last few years. However, earning the ratings on human superstition, without attention journalists often can leave things in fact pose a threat to people.

The law of attraction

"It will be dark and bright bright flash in the sky" - says electrician Vitaly Lazebnik, which services elevators in Kiev. He told the BBC Ukraine, that on 21 December, in his opinion, at least you must leave the multi-storey house.

"Because about half of humanity believes that something will happen, that, under the law of attraction, this does happen" - says Lazebnik.

Those sentiments, according to the results of the company Research & Branding Group research, because of the prophecies extinct far South American tribe characterized by at least one third of Ukrainians.

34% of respondents in all regions said that believe in the possibility of the end of the world. Among those who have never thought about it, more women than men, and more inhabitants of villages than in cities.

That news about the possible destruction of humanity now often on the lips, evidenced by at least attempt Ukrainian forecasters to defuse the tension. The Director of hydrometeorological centre Mykola Kulbida at a press conference in Kyiv assured that the reason for the occurrence of abnormal weather conditions on December 21 yet.

And in the Ministry of emergency situations said that panic relative to the end of light should not be, and for something like that is no way they are prepared.

"There are no legal issues or indications that there will be any event, no", - informed the Deputy chief of Department of Ministry of emergency situations Yuri Adamov.

Against science

On the side of representatives of the Ukrainian government experts NASA, which also do not share the pre-apocalyptic fears. In his article "Life after 2012: why the end of the world will come on" they claim they have not detected threats associated with the end of the world in 2012.

And research of the National Institute of anthropology and history in Mexico proves that the prophecies of the Maya have nothing to do with the day of judgment.

"Maya never indicated that it would be a great tragedy or destruction of the world in 2012. They did not think so", commented BBC Mundo researcher Rodrigo Liendo.

But scientists, obviously, are powerless - from different regions of Ukraine and neighboring Russia, increasingly, there are reports of people who in any case, trying somehow to prepare for a possible disaster.

In Zhytomyr, for example, has risen in price three times candles: "Rose and matches, lighters and lanterns, especially those on batteries" - quoted one of the sellers rye market "UNIAN".

In the Russian city of Tomsk sell kits "For a meeting of the end of the world" - in the festively decorated packages can be found buckwheat, vodka, drugs, and a rope and a soap.

In Kiev for 10 thousand dollars propose to hold 15-22 December equipped with independent heating, electricity and ventilation bunker.

And in Crimea workers of factory of sparkling wines free invited into their basements, claiming that it was built by Prince Golitsyn in 1878 the tunnels can be a good shelter for 4 thousand people.

"Baby horror stories"

Concern Ukrainians becomes more clear if we look in the local media - most of them not miss the opportunity to write something frightening about this topic.

On information sites were whole special sections for news on the theme of the Apocalypse. And the TV channels in search of truth picked up the whole documentary films.

For this, there is fertile ground - according to social psychologist Oleg'chuk, for the East Europeans reflections on the end of the world are not something amazing. Although in the West and in the centre of Europe, in his words, things like that society is generally left in the middle Ages, or in the early twentieth century.

"There are certain General cultural trend. But in our case it is more active, because we are in a state of social and partially mental regression. During these processes in the society members have the minds of children. And children, respectively, are very fond of horror stories and gladly tell them to each other", he said in comments to BBC Ukraine.

According to experts, the media, using the superstition of the people, artificially been propagated by the end of the world, trying to distract people's attention from the problems in the country - for example, challenging the beginning of the new parliamentary session.

"The fact that we have, for example, no money for salaries to state employees, is a big problem, but it looks tiny next to the problem of the end of the world", - said the air force Ukraine media expert Otar Dovzhenko.

"But, of course, it is abuse, and in doing so, the journalists do not feel their responsibility for the fact that many people may suffer because of this".

As one of the most tragic examples, expert brings the story of the swine flu, which significantly in 2009 was hyperboloidal press: "It definitely had a negative impact on the economy, because many people who could go to work and work, because of this panic stayed home".

"Magic numbers" and global challenges

On the background of numerous reports about ancient prophecies that foretell the death of mankind, little attention remains the problems that threaten the planet.

Overpopulation, epidemics, famine, and glaciers continue to melt at the poles of the Earth - that's what really ought to be of concern, told the BBC Ukraine Director "Media Law Institute" Viktoriya siumar.

"Yellowing and scandaliste in the Ukrainian media replace common sense - rationality is much less than the scandals. The real problems we see. We see the problems contrived, and information about the global challenges very little".

Even more strange is the willingness of the audience to consume another portion of information about the Armageddon on the background of how often it was served for the last fifteen years. Something similar has already happened in 1999 - on the threshold of a new Millennium press also "warned" mankind about the possible end.

Such fears have arisen and before 6 June 2006 - 06.06.06. This date, in the opinion of many, represents the number of the beast mentioned in the Bible, although nothing special in that day never happened - except that the film industry received another opportunity to make money by clearing thematic tape.

As before November 11, 2011 - 11.11.11 - date, which many believed magic. Although, again, the Terrans had is that the next portion of the horror stories from Hollywood.

However, "end of the world"appears again in the trend this winter. And on the background of constant repetition of this history, as some believe, humanity is increasingly less willing to real threats.
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