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Последняя стадия Квантового Перехода КОНЕЦ КОНЦАATTENTION. We entered the last stage of the Quantum Transition the end of the END. A huge number awakened and enlightened people, was given a Sign, openly distribute this information about the Quantum Transition, as the highest value in the present, through all information channels, with the aim of preparation of the Consciousness of the people, for the upcoming global events.

Everyone can ignore this information, and to live as before (although everyone sees and feels that as before, never will be), or responsible best preparation for this event, and to pass to qualitatively new level of life "additions and unity".

Read carefully themselves and pass on, who is notified avoid mass internal and external problems and best use of this unique opportunity, which blow on the Earth on all sides, already the second Millennium, from the aboriginal tribes to the great scientists of ancient and modern times. What is it? Whose that a joke? The accidental or logical?

Maybe this is the Chance that happens once in 26 000 years, and all this time we have learned our lessons, and prepare for it consciously or unconsciously, to exit the illusion of separateness" in a new dimension, a new reality, a new world, and finally to live in harmony and prosperity, with themselves and the world.

Based on quantum physics, and various changes taking place on Earth, and committed scientists, we are inevitably approaching the point of resetting the 3rd dimension, and to the point of absolute synchronization with the 4th dimension. Folding 3rd dimension creates a plasma state of the world's 4th dimension from which unfolds the 5th dimension.
During these events accelerated the process of change of space and time. The space is just beginning to come to life before our eyes and quickly change under condition of each person.
Remember Soviet film "Stalker", where he seemed anomalous Zone that has changed in the eyes of man, based on his thoughts and States, now the whole planet is in such a Zone.
Be alert and vigilant, train control their condition.

There are many predictions about various disasters, some of which have already come true, a part of them continues to be in different places of the planet. We do not know what else happens from disasters, but we do know that for the transition to a new quality of life, and everyone will live all their fears, and all the fears of the collective consciousness. And one who can take your fears and rise above them, it may take a deep soul-searching, will recollect himself a True and Complete, remember the main Purpose of your life, and realize Common development goal, Unified Image of the Future, a Single Plan for its manifestation on Earth, and become a full-fledged representative of the new race on Earth.

We strongly recommend everyone to focus in the present, preparing for the Transition to another dimension of his Consciousness and the body that will free us from the "illusion of separateness", will open our unlimited potential and vast opportunities for mind and body. Focus on this Goal, most all its resources, all of his time, the closer we will further provide valuable information regarding the preparations for the Great Transition.

Believe me, this transition will affect everyone, for we all inhabitants of planet Earth that changes when dreams, and we with it.

So, We expect:

1 - will Precession of the Equinoxes. The earth has completed the circle rotation on its axis - length 26 000 years that usually accompanied by a shift of the poles.

2 - ends its next Cycle of the Sun (4 turns to 26 000 years each, for a total of 104 000 years)

3 - all the constellations of the Zodiac, in the circle of which is our Solar system, completed the full Cycle of rotations and Transformations and moved to another location, adopting a new Programme for the new Cycle of Evolution.

5 - Wave Module Cosmic Creation is 13.7 billion years old. Now we live culmination of the process of the Solar Life and will soon enter the next Cycle of 13.7 billion years, which is the Cycle of RETURN to the Source of Life.

Most people can not cover their minds Great Cycles, planetary influence, the Great Change of times just because it was not part of the common beliefs for such a long time, we simply were not configured to understanding all this. But many ancient and indigenous peoples know what's waiting for us. They always assumed the existence of the Universe of the Supreme Mind. They know that the universe is subject to the same Laws as its components. It also should rhythmic patterns and predictable, repetitive cycles. For it is a Cosmic Order, which includes all Orders.

The ancient Mayan civilization just realized where are relative to the center of the Galaxy at any given time. They are well versed in astronomy long before the opening of Galileo Earth's rotation around the Sun, because they tracked the cycles of the Sun length of 104 000 years, as evidenced by writing on the stone steles that were discovered in the jungles of Mexico.

Their astronomical calculations of the motion of stars and planets exceed the calculations of modern science, and vigesimal account largely surpasses all calculations of modern civilization. In addition, through the galactic Symbols of the sacred calendar they could make up their minds on the Program galactic Beam, and make their calculations and forecasts for thousands of years in the future - up to the day!

According Cosmology, or the Law of Time, at the end of the Cycle of the evolution of civilization certainly comes into the Cycle of Awareness. She comes out of the State of Consciousness of the cosmic unconscious and conscious that there is a Higher Order, which it is ready to Accept, Recognize and Live in harmony with him, that opens the possibility of communication with other civilizations, which in fact already know a lot, but officially ignoring artifacts call it fiction.

The closer we are approaching the point 21.12.2012, the greater the change notice around. We see that the World had changed, and to survive in it is becoming increasingly difficult. Irreversible climate changes caused us to forget about the "quiet time" and confidence in the future. Change the space frequency, changes the activity of the Sun, rises the purity of the vibration of the Earth, irreversible changes not only in the body of the Earth, but in the Solar system and the Galaxy. We are in times of Chaos and unpredictable change. We are talking about the break time, the aging of a new civilization, a new humanity, a new dimension and a new reality. Do not be afraid of chaos, we must understand that this is a natural process in the transition, when destroyed the old system of life and new structured.

Nobody can avoid changes: neither poor countries, no rich, no clever people, nor stupid. We are immersed in a torrent of change that will inevitably affect the whole world.

We came to the End of Old Times, and come up to the Dawn of the New Time, and before Dawn, as you know, the darkest times.

Is the culmination of a Transition from the planetary Mind on Mind galactic. Synchronization with a Galactic Consciousness - this is the essence of the Transition 2012.
WE are the next stage of Evolution, a new Space Race!

Who not only predicted the end of the world, he has predicted! "Prophecies" were so many that people simply couldn't believe them.

21.12.2012 year is the Greatest Transition to another dimension of the New World!
In order to understand what awaits us, we need to understand the difference between the third and fourth dimensions. The third dimension is the dimension of the Space, and the fourth dimension is the dimension of Time. If the Space has its limits and limitations (the length from point a to point B), the Time is the Space of the ETHER, it is the frequency and this NOOSPHERE (naos" is the idea). We, as a civilization three-dimensional world, have approached the line in Time when we ran into the wall - then there is no Movement, the experience of the 3rd dimension exhausted, and the time that was given for this came to an end. There's only outlet to the next Level, in a different dimension, from linear thinking in multidimensional.

The next Level is the Quantum transition of biosphere into the noosphere - era Power of the spirit.
A necessary condition for entering into a new era of mankind was technogenic the factor by which we accelerated in its development, and realize the essence of the processes and phenomena, as well as all ustroeno and interrelated.
Anthropogenic factor allows the Mind civilization rapidly to reach the maximum Level of the planetary Mind and then enter the Solar Era Galactic Consciousness.

In 2013, the civilization of Earth will enter the age of the Person of the Noosphere, biosolarium a telepath that reveals new talents and capabilities of our consciousness and the body. For a successful transition to another dimension we evolutionary you have to master the knowledge of the Structure of its Common Consciousness.

Any natural or cosmic phenomenon has its own length, and any phenomenon certainly goes to the next Level Conversion. Just as after Winter comes Spring, and at the end of one space Cycle is the next Cycle of a higher Order. That Is The Law Of Recurrence, The Law Of Time. Because everything is in the dynamics of development and transitions from one dimension to another, everything is changing every moment, in the multidimensionality of the Cosmic mind.

A period of Great transition is always accompanied by chaos, during which destroyed the old system of philosophy and society, and is a New mindset, a New model of society in a better order, synchronized with the Laws of nature, and the Order of the Cosmos.
Wake up and win us the road, meeting the race net dawn.

What time it is? How to prepare? What will? What to do?

About this and other valuable information, we learn in the following editions, watch them spread this information around their environment, through email, through social networks, community, forums and websites.

Let this be known by everyone, the more people will focus in the right direction, the more will be the transition.

Put this task with the highest priority for themselves, for the preparation of his mind and body, as we have been preparing for this moment last 2,000 years.
Ahead of you are Valuable Gifts and opportunities that will help in the preparation for the Great Transition.
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