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Как готовятся к Концу Света в разных странах мираMass hysteria about the prophecies of the Maya, according to which on December 21, 2012 must come to an end of the world, broke out in the media and the Internet for a long time and is now experiencing its culmination. There are those who believe, quite seriously stored food and building bunkers in the hope of salvation, and there are those who do not believe and only wags a finger to his temple, looking at his opponet. However, indifferent to the Mayan prophecy seems to have been no more. Correspondent of the publication of news of Ukraine From-UA offers you a selection of the most interesting facts about how to prepare for the end of the world people of different countries of the world.


Thanks to numerous TV shows, and programs that flooded the American television, we can safely assume that people in the States are seriously concerned about the problem of the end of the world. The National geographic channel has prepared a serial documentary "Doomsday Preppers" about how ordinary Americans living in different parts of the USA, prepare themselves and their families to a possible Apocalypse. Someone builds a shelter in the basement of his Bungalow in case terrible hurricane, someone teaches children there live worms if I survived the end of the world earthlings will be not enough food, and someone every morning satisfied with his family Wake with educational alarm, gas masks and anti-radiation suits in case of nuclear war. It remains only to guess what will be the disappointment of these people, if their efforts will be in vain. However, at the very one scenario of the Apocalypse, namely a fall gigantskogo asteroid, you can safely be deleted. Anyway, sure specialists NASA, strongly urging Americans to stop the panic.


Conservative old Europe accepted the news about the coming end of the world is far less impulsive. On request "end of the world in Europe" all-knowing Google knocks" only disappointing forecasts of the economic crisis in the Eurozone. However, some Europeans still panicked.

For example, according to Reuters with reference to the edition of La Depeche du Midi, in France the authorities of the town of Bugarash, which lies on one of the slopes of the Pyrenees, decided to close it for a visit on 21 December. Such precautions are related to the fact that there was a mass influx of tourists, confident that the day of the end of the world it is in Byugarash will fly the ship with the aliens, which will take some lucky few. People waiting for the coming of the aliens, confirm their suspicions research ufologists, but the local police inexorable - December 21, in the city will be banned mass gatherings and any flying objects will be subject to arrest.

Much more calmly react to the news about the end of the world the British, however, some residents of the United Kingdom still has captured apocalyptic fever. Famous for its thorough approach to anything, Brits already have a number of online radio stations, including Prepper Podcast Radio Network and UK Preppers Radio Network. Radio stations broadcast around the clock on how to properly prepare for the end of the world and, of course, to survive.

According to the Russian Bureau of the air force in 2007 began to prepare for the end of the world in Norway. First, it became known that the bill & Melinda gates Foundation, the representatives of the Corporation Monsanto and the Rockefeller Foundation opened Svalbards global seed Bank funds on the island of Spitsbergen. The main task of the Bank is to keep useful plant seeds in case of natural disasters, wars or disasters. It would seem, officially the end of the world no one spoke, but all the experts, considering the strangest spending and investments millionaires, hinting at a nontrivial fear siling this world before Armageddon.

Today the Bank holds about 268 000 samples of different seeds. Experts insist that conditions created in an underground bunker, allow you to store seeds to 10 000 years. Repository with reinforced concrete walls and sealed the entrances are located in the permafrost at a depth of 130 meters, the indoor temperature is not above minus 18 degrees Celsius.


They're waiting on December 21, so it is in Mexico, the land of the Maya. According to the British newspaper the Telegraph this year in Mexico there is a real tourist boom, and the number of people willing to see the end of the world only increase with the approaching of the important date. Travel agencies offer exciting activities related to the Mayan and Mexican only welcome the influx of tourists in the country has increased to 52 million, 12 million more in comparison with last year. Foreigners will bring Mexican Treasury 14.6 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, 70 Italians built a city of refuge. It was built 24 buildings with wall thickness of 60 see In the construction materials used, which, according to the architects, can protect from sudden changes of temperature, radiation, fire or flood. However, peace will of Italians to survive the end of the world on earth Maya concerned about immigration Mexican authorities, who suspect the group in sectarian activities.


The Chinese people have begun to get carried away by the idea gradusova the end of the world after the publication of the movie "2012". The producers of the tape and then had no idea that the Chinese will cover this apocalyptic mania. Now on suggestibility citizens are not afraid to earn savvy businessmen. Chinese English-language newspaper Want Daily printed material about how the businessman Siyanga sells special metal balls, which ostensibly to hide from possible natural disasters or nuclear attacks, which will be accompanied by Apocalypse. Is a miracle ball almost 800 thousand dollars.


On the green continent end of the world is already recognized at the state level. on December 6 the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard of predupredila Australians about the impending disaster. As informed by "Kommersant FM", she announced this on the air of TV channels.

"My dear, and yet live fellow Australians! Is coming to an end. He did not come in the year 2000 computer problem. 't come after the introduction of the tax on industrial emissions. But the story of the Mayan calendar, it seems, was true. Whatever was the cause of the accident - blood-thirsty zombies, demons or unconditional triumph Korean pop music - I'm going to defend you. And by the way, very cool that I don't have to comment collapse in countless TV shows" - said Gillard.

However, as it turned out later, this was the only advertising-drawing in support of the show "end of the world" on local radio stations, what surprised the journalists said in the press-service of the Prime Minister.


Very unusual began to prepare for the end of the world in one of the cities in Brazil. According to the information of the Internet-edition Subscribe measures town of Sao Francisco de Paula started a campaign on preparation for this tragic event. The mayor of Desio Call is dedicated and never ceases to serve as an example to citizens: he has prepared his own house to independent life for a few months. To set an example to citizens, he began with himself: prepared the house for Autonomous life for 3-4 months. "In developed countries are already taking action, not something that we have," said the mayor in one of the administrative meetings, apparently referring to Norway and seeds.

Sao Francisco de Paula is located at an altitude 907 meters above sea level, making it an ideal refuge from a rapid rise in global sea level and a giant tsunami.


In Russia, the hysteria over the coming Apocalypse acquired not smaller size than in the US. According to materials of the site Оnline812, some of the city was especially successful in preparing for the Apocalypse. In city Omutninsk Kirov region residents rushed to the stores to buy salt, matches and kerosene before the end of the world. The panic caused the piece in the local paper, which talked about the forecast of a Tibetan monk, who advised people before December 21 to stock up on necessities and go to the village.

In Tomsk have a special sets For the end of the world" - they are selling one of wedding agencies of the city. In the set of initially included: identification card of the owner, Valerian, activated carbon, bandage and validol, buckwheat, sprats, a bottle of vodka, Notepad "For records in the future", pencil, candles, matches, a rope and a soap. But then the kit slightly changed: it has lost medicines and vodka, because they need a separate license. Instead of vodka in the set now the "living water".

According to the Agency Bloomberg, the Russian millionaires are prepared more thoroughly, than ordinary citizens and buy expensive bunkers. In Russia it builds the company "Spaceobject" - it already has built 15 bunkers, they are scattered throughout the country. In the message of the company says: "in the case of emergencies, personal underground bunker will provide its owner and members of his family protection from terrorist attacks, power grabs, technogenic catastrophes, armed conflicts and natural disasters". About such bunkers used by the Soviet army, with an area from 35 to 150 square meters.


Our valiant MES notes concern Ukrainians rumors about the coming end of the world. Although the office and sees no reason to conduct explanatory work among the population, it is, however, examines the probability of occurrence of emergencies on the territory of Ukraine, and informational and analytical materials on this topic promptly posted on the official website of the MOE.
ZN. UA, citing a poll conducted by Research & Branding Group in Ukraine, reports that one Third of Ukrainians (34%), in principle, believe in the possibility of the end of the world, while not believe that more than half of the population (58%).

While 57 percent agreed with the statement : "even if the end of the world and comes, certainly not in our lifetime", 33% with this statement and agree not, and 10% completely disagree.

With the statement that "for today the mankind has the necessary knowledge and technology to prevent any end of the world" agree 28%, 33% and agrees not, and 39% - completely disagree.

However, it would not have testified statistics about sobriety of mind Ukrainians in Ukraine, as in Russia, build, buy and rent with rent bunkers and organize courses on rescue from the Apocalypse. This writes the newspaper "Today". One of these "groups of salvation exists in Simferopol. The organizers promise to teach their students how to prepare to survive Armageddon.

However, no matter what reaction does not cause you to have messages about the coming end of the world - panic or ironic smile, is to hold on December 21, so to make it memorable. Otherwise, to die on Friday, without waiting for the weekend, it will be very sad.

Valeria Rosenblit
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