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A member of the U.S. army Ted Daniels during the fight in the Afghan province of Kunar fastened on his helmet video camera and began to film the events to the house to show the video to their children. The movie, which the military considered heroic, his superiors and YouTube users appreciated otherwise, the Washington Post reported.

Like a scene from computer "shooting" the video is bad for the reputation of the military: many viewers thought him a coward. On the record shows how the 37-year-old Daniels leads a firefight with the Taliban, and then, having received a wound starts to walk down the rocky slope. The soldiers repeatedly calling for help, but his cries, no one answered.

Fortunately, the military was able to get out of the scrape a living. Returning to base, he posted a video on YouTube and was surprised when he hail fell negative reviews. People criticized the manner Daniels hold weapons, cowardly, according to many, cries for help, and the decision to go down the slope, which were seen by the enemy.

Ironically, this view was shared by the authorities of the former police which stated that the video denigrates the honor of the American soldier. Spokesman of the command of the US army in Afghanistan said that even if he was a staff propagandist movement "Taliban", this video he would have liked. In this case, the Daniels believed that his actions to protect the lives of his comrades.

It is unknown what was your reaction to the movie children of military, for which he actually did that video. However, renowned rapper Ice Cube used the movie clip Daniels in the video for the song Everything's Corrupt ("All sales"). It musician put soldier a puppet in the hands of the authorities, who unleashed dirty and cruel war.

Now Daniels is being treated in his hometown of Fort castle, Colorado. As a twice-divorced father, he lives together with his former colleague. The unfortunate military does not give any comments about the captured video and obviously regrets that he decided to boast before someone their success.

Author: Maxim Dinkevich
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