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Тайная книга индийских заклятийAtharvaveda, the most ancient collection of the Indian spells, sorcery zagovorov this book, one of the four sacred books - the Vedas, Ancient India restrained perceive themselves Hindus? What you are looking for in her texts and representatives of other religions - Buddhists and Jains? Why do these ancient writings translated into modern languages and why to use the knowledge embodied in a book called the Atharvaveda ("Veda spells"), can only people with a pure heart? For three thousand years devoted to apply magical incantations, Atharvaveda...

The wisdom of the Rishis

"Let me go, evil power; please, let me go, the unfortunate victim of your anger! Save me from this trouble, so I am happy once again! If you don't relieve me, I'll throw you in the nearest intersection, and you will go away and clung to someone else. Go away, Uzupis in someone else, uselis in my enemy, smite him!"

This is one of magical spells, Atharvaveda. But if you thought, that you can already use it for good or, unfortunately, harm, then you are mistaken. Together with the magical words you need to perform a certain ritual.
What? Here is its description. The action you want to perform at night, reciting a spell and at the same time sifting dry grain, which is then to be thrown into the river. The next morning it is necessary again to drop in river water three pieces of bread in a victim to some sort of tasakaalu spirit. Then, coming to a crossroads, you should still be scattered to the four corners of three handfuls of rice. This is a bait for the evil spirit, which is to settle in his ' lotted place... by the Way, similar ceremonies were met and magic of the Slavs.

However, your witchcraft may not work, because you are not imbued by the spirit of Atharvaveda. What is this book? Atharvaveda, the most ancient collection of the Indian spells, magic spells. Written about in the I Millennium BC, it belongs to the very early Vedic period, ancient Indian literature. Atharvaveda differently from the rest of the Vedas, the Scriptures, and in its content, and described rituals. Other Veda turned to the gods and talk about them, and Atharvaveda says the man, his health, diseases, of dark and light forces near him. Its main content is associated with healing spells, sorcery, witchcraft, magic poems, as well as rules of treatment plants of different diseases.

Atharvaveda, or the secret book of atharvan, connoisseurs of secrets, directly related to magic. However, this is not just a "tutorial" on magic. It contains the texts of curses and spells. In the Atharvaveda covers the fundamentals of magical knowledge. In this extraordinary book, there are two types of occult art in their relation to evil. Ancient Indian treatise touches one of the magic key problems: if the spell may be beneficial or harmful, depending on the purpose for which it is used, whether it should be classified as black or white magic?

Atharvan say that magic is quite acceptable, but available only people with a pure heart. That is why for many centuries fourth'm had the right to read only selected and dedicated.
Three thousand years ago, someone (men or gods, some intelligence or otherworldly forces opened and dictated seven Indian Rishi - sages, prophets - the text of Atharvaveda. So those who could understand the inner sense of Atharvaveda, appeared powerful force for human exposure and spirits. Buddhists and Jains said that Atharvaveda serves the priests, bringing a human sacrifice. But in fact, the book opened before akaranam, or if you prefer, the Brahmins (priests), and exciting possibilities.

The power of sound and other

Many Indians, for example, still followed their teachers by akaranam believe that the sound vibrations are the basis of the Universe and that singing appropriate mantras (combinations of sounds) can be resolved all problems. Not without reason in India often repeat the magic word "om". Indeed there are words or sounds,which has the power, which, if they are to repeat again and again, allow the person to control the spirit world. These words are sounds, mantras consist of separate syllables or short poems with a hidden meaning, the understanding of which need a transcript. Some mantras composed, others are the result of meditation or inspiration, others are shorter spells of Atharvaveda. They can be sent to certain parts of the body, where will result in corresponding fluctuations. This is particularly important for healing that certainly comes.

Before the beginning of the ceremony must take off your shoes. Then healers and sages atharvan put the palm and, turning to the gods, pronounce certain mantras. Each God or spirit treated differently. Kneeling, touching his forehead to the ground. After that go up and three times bypass the Atharvaveda left to right, reciting a mantra. These words or sounds are pronounced chanting countless times: "Rama, Mara, RAM, RA, Mara, RAM, RAM, RA...". Known striking cases of healing from various diseases in this way.

Like other magical systems Atharvaveda pays great attention to plants with healing and supernatural properties, but which can appear only in certain conditions. Atharvan to know what the plant complies with every spell, but this is not enough. You should be able to invoke the spirit of a plant, to perform the ritual ritual purification and pray. There are special methods of healing cough, paralysis, blindness and other diseases. However, the disease caused by demons, you must fight with magic formulas set forth in the Atharvaveda.

If the cause of the disease is unknown, one should resort to generic medicines. People, who consider themselves healthy, can use the elixirs of life or spells that strengthen the immune system. In the Atharvaveda said that any disease can be cured with spells.

Treatment of physical illnesses with the help of psychic effects, which are just beginning to practice in Europe, in the Atharvaveda is an essential part of the healing art. Also in the recommendations of the book can be read experiencing generic pain a woman should always be configured happily, causing soft childbirth". For people with TB, it is necessary to take care of family and friends and to please suffering from music, jokes and fragrances". In some diseases are even recommended alcoholic drinks, usually prohibited. A significant factor magic healing in the Atharvaveda is faith, Sraddha. Even precisely observing instructions atharvan, the patient did not recover without deep faith.

Akasha or main power

In the ancient Indian magic of Atharvaveda along with an appeal to gods, spirits and spells against demons explained how to use some mysterious magical powers. This force as standing apart from the gods and demons, and subject only to the initiated, the magician-atharvan. This strange doctrine about the Akasa - spirit-life, the spirit, the force is difficult to explain the concept. Recall only vis vitalis ("life force") medieval mages Europe. They come so close to what the Hindus knew already for many centuries before them.

In General, akasha - the power and use all spirits. Moreover, this is the source of all power. If you believe the yogas, there is only one substance, or power, from which all the rest. The laws of nature, such as gravity or the life of the development of human, animal or plants, are subject to another, the higher the rules. These laws are not separate, independent from each other phenomena. They are just different forms of akasha.
Atharvan put a sign of equality between matter and energy, and consider them just different forms of akasha, from which, ultimately, are one and another.

By the way, physics confirms transitions from matter into energy and Vice versa. On one step Akasa generates animal life, on the other hand, defines the motion of the planets. One form of akasha can be converted to another. For example, to neutralize the force of Earth's gravity, it is necessary to charge the selected item is a more subtle form of akasha. For example, if you want to raise in the air cargo weighing ten tons, simply change the type of akasha, which consists of the consignment. It is no wonder that many of the sages of India, and those Europeans who were eager students of atharvan, levitation - the ability to raise its body from the earth and even to move on it is familiar and accessible case.

In contrast to Western scientists, atharvan believe that universal first matter, or the Akasa, you can not change mechanical methods, and the power of your own mind. It is interesting that modern esotericism believe akasha of the fifth power - the element of information.

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