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Красота не спасет мир...As shown by recent research scientists at Yale University, many people are gentle and sweet creature appears subconscious desire to cause him pain and suffering - albeit under the guise of (or in combination with tenderness). That is, "aggressive sympathy" or "frustrirovannosti tenderness"? Or maybe just the usual sadism?

For more than a century ago, the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky said his famous phrase: "beauty will save the world!". Alas, in fact, the situation is a little different. It is not even about the fact that, despite the presence of beauty, peace for all these years has not escaped the terrible world wars and other troubles smaller.

However, it appears that beauty is not only not a "insurance against evil" - but often encourages not the best properties of our soul. OK it was, for example, jealousy, the desire to have the same thing as your neighbour - often causing enmity. But by themselves are wonderful creations of nature may also cause symptoms rather dark instincts.

The corresponding pattern after a series of studies have drawn attention of scientists at Yale University in the USA. After all, the truth - how often, for example, seeing a pretty child, even the native people start to compress and sipping his cheeks, explicitly simulating real NIPs. A real pain, of course, not the cause, time stopping - but the intention is evident. A similar reaction can cause and cute kitten, puppy etc

The researchers showed a test group of men and women of different pictures and determined their subconscious reaction, giving them into the hands of ordinary plastic bags with air bubbles. And it was the more tender, sweet and cute was the object on the screen - the more spectators hands clenched specified packages. Until the complete crushing of the bubbles with cotton.

That is, for example, pictures, adult dogs or men, this effect is not caused " well, if it were shown something more "kawaii", then the Studio just exploded with cheers. In full compliance with how it turned out not so humorous expression: "What a beautiful - so be eaten!"

Psychologists until we came to the conclusion - how to name describes the socio-psychological phenomenon. Some suggest the term "aggressive sympathy", others "frustrirovannosti tenderness". The latter, however, looks a bit far-fetched. And, the truth, the word "frustration" means the suppression of some desire, emotion. And in the case described above behavior people (cultural, anyway) suppress all just tenderness and aggression, the desire to squeeze, pinch, sometimes even slightly to strangle tender neck nice creature. Instead, on the contrary, its just to stroke and caress - that does not forbidden, so here "to frustrate today"?

In General, paying tribute to the very indicative of the work of American scientists, at times it seems that in the interpretation of the results they are "the discovery of America". Since almost simultaneously with the apology Dostoevsky shop, in 1886 German scientist Kraft-Ebing introduced the term, received from this moment the world fame - sadism. Although the one who became the basis for the names of died for 70 years before that, they were no less famous Marquis de Sade.

Theoretically sadism is purely "sexual perversion". No doubt, ispitivanje sexual satisfaction from some of whipping or linking his girlfriend this perversion is. But, alas, this is a manifestation of the human psyche, if you think well, walls only BDSM-clubs not explicitly limited - although it is manifested not so open form.

Take, for example, the "tender age" - primary school. Long before the invention of the Internet with its temptations and pornography including sadistic nature of Soviet psychologists have described the phenomenon "inquisitionist". This is when the boys (and sometimes girls), starting around 8 years of age, with burning eyes greedily begin to read the stories and entire books about, say, the prosecution alleged "witches" Inquisition. With very colorful description of all kinds of brutal tortures applied to more young and beautiful girls.

In fact, a variant of the same "inquisitionist" are not compassionate feelings when reading the stories "children-heroes" period of the great Patriotic war, also often fall into the hands of the Gestapo, heroines of Komsomolec etc.

It takes a little time before the beginning of puberty and that's one of the first manifestations of the senses boys in relation to the favourite girls becomes pulling them for braids. That is not only a way to pay attention, but, so to say, the primary test of the ability of potential "ladies heart" to endure the pain and other unpleasant things. Also, incidentally, an important factor strong marriage - let the students still do not think.

However, the full too does not remain in debt to his behavior provoking real "tournaments" between competitors in the fight for her heart, not always maintained in knight's rules. At the end of which is not always the strongest, but checking the physical and mental qualities of a potential partner through serious trials underway. Well, how else is ideally he will have to become husband and father, want to feed, protect, etc.

And what, then, on this background wonder then above the interest of both children and adults to the description of the same torture? In the end, the change has already happened in the history of nothing - but you can admire the fortitude, patience, courage main heroes and heroines of these subjects. After all, they stay alive - how good of them would have husbands and wives, fathers and mothers... Actually, "initiation", cruel tests on the verge (and often beyond) real torture of adolescents and young girls with "the issuance of the ticket" adult life that took place almost in all ancient cultures from the same Opera".

In adulthood, of course, cultural stereotypes are rooted - and outright sadism (and associated masochism, getting pleasure from their own suffering) pushed to the margins of the subconscious. True, all of nowhere and not Devas. For example, if you carefully read on medical sites kinds of injuries are particularly passionate lovers, not considering themselves some "perverts" " it is amazing how ingenious it may be "aggressive sympathy" in the form bites, bruises, scratches and even fractures some delicate parts of the body. No torture chambers in the spirit of the Inquisition or the Marquis de Sade is not necessary.

And you can, say, to find pleasure from watching the bloody film, "games of survival", personal participation in the "adrenaline" sports, mountaineering or skydiving, for example. In the worst case - in the permanent tyranny of wives and girlfriends (sadism) and unable to escape this ("victim complex", he is almost a classic masochism).

By the way, "kawaii" is the Japanese term for "charm", beauty, became known worldwide after the achievements of Japanese anime and Mang-comics. And in these divisions Japanese pop culture also has a separate BDSM-genre, the so-called "hentai". Where cute obayashki with perfect figures and huge eyes, usually "negligee"are wildest torture, executions, brutal rape, are victims of maniacs, monsters, and so on, by the Way, naughty, like any other, more harmless "kawaii" in the Country of the rising sun is not considered something perverted, and because hobby not forbidden even to schoolchildren, especially during puberty.

So cited in the beginning of the article, the data acquired by American scientists, just confirmed a well-known law: the beauty itself automatically does not ennoble anybody - but, alas, can not lead to the most beautiful feelings in people...
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