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Ученые: современный хлеб опасен для мозгаBread is one of the oldest food in the human diet. He nutritious and useful, at least as regarded even by experts. However, the known American cardiologist William Davis argues that modern bakery products, at least not bring any benefit to man, and it would be better if they do strike out from the diet.

According to Davis, American clinics for the recent increase in treatment of patients with complaints strange syndrome, which is characterized by an inability to concentrate. Nothing similar in medicine USA in the last century was not observed, so that the disease was even coined a special term - fogged brain.

There is an assumption that the drops of mental activity, patients who complain that are directly related to their diet. This is due to the fact that people consume too many products from wheat - bread and muffins.

Dr. William Davis believes that in the modern varieties of wheat contains genmodificirebuli protein, which is a cause of constant fatigue and the emergence of excess weight. The expert draws the attention to the fact that excessive consumption of white bread leads to the deficiency in the body fat, without which the normal work of the brain is impossible. According to Davis, grown and consumed in our days the wheat is fundamentally different from the one that was grown 40-50 years ago. In the structure of grain there is a new protein gliadin. Action gliadin is similar to opiates affecting certain receptors in the brain and awakens in man the larger appetite. Accordingly, a person consumes more calories per day.

Obesity, bloating, intestinal problems, headaches... All these problems doctors attributed to the most popular product - bread.

From childhood we were impressed that the bread is the jewel and the basis of the human diet. But today this product is undergoing the most severe, "the PR crisis in its history. Increasingly, nutritionists put the consumption of bread in the discharge of harmful habits and dangerous, which is completely avoided. By the way, it affects the sales of bread. For example, if in the 1970s in the UK citizens, on average, drank a little more than one kilogram of bread a week, today this number has dropped to 700,

In many ways, the fact of a fading love for bread is that many people find yourself a wheat intolerance or Allergy to gluten (a protein found in wheat). A study by the University of Portsmouth last year showed that 20% of Britons believe themselves to be the owners of any food allergies, and most of them associated with the wheat.

Thanks diets Dukan diet or Atkins we know that eating bread us look fat. In fact, this product (especially in whole) is one of the ways to lose weight. It contains resistant starch, which allows to improve the metabolism and reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Bread is an excellent source of calcium, and it is unlikely to lead to weight gain. The problem is, what we combine bread. Usually cheese, sausage, jam and other fat products, which are in the company of bread force us get fat.

Most experts protecting bread, agrees that man is not necessary to load the organism three times a day. It is better to choose the type of bread (whole wheat, whole, coarse and so on), which is useful for you. Ideally bake bread yourself.
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