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Лженаучная комиссия14 years have passed since the establishment on the initiative of academician Vitaly Ginzburg so-called "Commission to combat pseudoscience". Hiding behind the noble goal of "saving people's money from attacks of various kinds of crooks from science, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences for its many publications in the media, in addition to discredit breakthrough technologies and theories, just distract the people and the government of Russia from its inefficient work, which spent an incredibly huge amounts of money.

Remember, though, the problem of Controlled Thermonuclear Synthesis (TCB). Start the solution of this problem was started in the distant 1951. Not having any serious theoretical study analyzed processes, eminent scientists from the former USSR undertake for its decision. From the standpoint of common sense, this step is the common adventure. What academics surpassed of Baron Munchausen is in the hand unfulfilled promises.

24 years later, on 4 July 1975 academicians Velikhov and Kadomtsev published in "Pravda" article "Task century. Start largest of the experimental installation "tokamak-10", in which they write: "..."tokamak-10" - the last step before the trial (demo) reactor... Research on controlled thermonuclear synthesis entering a new phase... you can wait for the decision of this problem on the physical level in the next five to six years". This was followed by 4 more step to the "Tokamak-15", experiments were terminated due to high maintenance costs. To shift part of the responsibility for their scientific failure, our academicians had to join the international ITER program, established in 1987.

Currently, it has been more than half a century since the beginning of work on TCB. Academy of Sciences has spent tens of billions of dollars of people's money, contriving never achieve the declared objectives. It would seem that the academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences had no choice, as will apologize to the people, the money they spent, to admit his incompetence and collapse. But no, they create a ' Commission to combat pseudoscience" in order not only to hide their scientific failure, but also to discredit in the eyes of the public those researchers who are more effective than the Russian Academy of Sciences, solves the problem of energy.

Play fighting "pseudo-scientists" academicians of the RAS has lived up to what their left hand know what the right." For example, in the "Ogonyok" magazine №1-2 for 2007, the permanent Commission member Yevgeny Alexandrov ranked the most scandalous "achievements pseudo-scientists". The first place academician takes torsion physics, in which one of the problems of energy decide vortex heat generators Potapova.

Ealexandrova writes: "...one firm by conspiring with Bulgarian officials, tried to impose on the country of purchase "vortex heat generators"... the Experiments showed that the efficiency of the same vortex heat generator is lower than in ordinary household boiler...".

But here we go on the website of the Institute of applied mechanics of the RAS (IPREM RAS) http://www.ahdynamics.ru/technology2.html and find the following information:

"For several years in the laboratory of physico-chemical hydraulic and pneumatic, IPRIM Russian Academy of Sciences together with a number of Institutions in different fields of research conducted cavitational processing of water in the vortex generator. Based more on intuition and engineering acumen research has led to the installation of "record" release heat in relation to consumed electric energy k=13,4".

This means that for every watt of consumed electric energy installation makes 13,4 watt. And Mr. academician E.B. Aleksandrov simply lying to the readers of the magazine "Ogonek", losing the remnants of conscience.

Enough in any Internet search engines, type "vortex heat generators", as you can quickly see that there is a new effective technology of energy production, and that in Russia and other countries, there are many commercial entities that produce modernized vortex heat generators Potapova with a conversion from 1.2 to 5.6...

Legal method of work of the Commission of the RAS are conferences, meetings, publication of the Bulletin "In defense of science". It should be noted that from the point of view of the methodology of science is a decision that should be attributed to science established that to science becoming, and what to pseudoscience, is a rather complex problem that must be solved specialists. However, after reading the list of authors of the articles of the Bulletin "In defense of science", produced pseudoscience by the Commission to combat pseudoscience, see professionals in concrete Sciences and no historian or methodologist of science. It is the same as to produce a newsletter "In defense of medicine", not having among the authors no medic.

But besides these bath-and-Laundry methods of laundering of public funds and pouring dirt courageous scientists, there is still little-known techniques that can be assessed by the recently appeared in the network of "confessions" combat "Troll" the Commission of the RAS. This message was posted on one of the forums devoted to alternative development.

Hello. I need to convey to your information important information.
I'm about a year was an agent of the RAS Commission to combat pseudoscience. I "recruited" last year at the technical University at the time, I was firmly convinced of the truth taught us physics. My task was to visit a few forums and targeted persecution of a certain circle of persons.

At first it was pretty fun. "Alta" often make silly mistakes, and it's always nice to seem smart, pointing to this madness. But then I saw in the eyes of those people some kind of a harmonious system. Their mistakes were mostly minor, were admitted due to the negligence or haste; their ideas were original and often beautifully explained complex physical phenomena.

We worked as a group of several people, but direct contact I only had my head. Once I came to him with the question is not one of my theories "ward" scientific interest? The chief replied to me that I must do their work and not to be interested, as he put it, "all the ravings of a madman. I didn't like it, and I decided to learn more about our organization.

It turned out that work is proceeding on a large scale. Like me "employees" was only in my cell, about fifty. Once I accidentally walked into the room, where there was a meeting of the management team, and noticed on the table at chiefs of paper with a list of familiar names. In front of each stood notes: "on the threshold of opening", "dangerous", "may be dangerous". "On the threshold of discovery" was the man of whom I asked. When I asked what the paper, my boss a few hesitated, and then began haltingly to explain that this is the kind of jargon, what all this means, "the degree of mental disorders" "alts".

For several weeks I was able to learn a lot. You have no idea how serious game. For example, look how thin managed to embroil Mende and Doctorovich, they have not even guessed that this scene was directed from above. A lot of attention is given to ensuring that none of the "alts" began seriously studying mathematics powerful tool for building physical theories. Look, for example, Mende managed cunning combinations to convince almost complete uselessness of mathematics.

When someone from "alts" comes close to something serious, immediately is directed to distract and discredit his idea, by any means. No doubt that the RAS Commission is only part of a huge organization to maintain the existing order of things. I don't want to participate. Probably, I have been looking for and find out soon, farewell...

To the reliability of this information can be treated differently, unfortunately, did not specify the name of the author nor the post and the title of its head, but, even if the message is fictional, it is very accurately reflects the current state of the academic science. A normal person will always feel resentment toward the cardinals RAS, knowing about the break-through technologies of Nikola Tesla, Nicholas Levashov and a dozen other unknown to the wide audience of these scientists who created the technology, which, if implemented, would allow mankind to reach a new evolutionary level.

Unfortunately, this is still only a few know. Therefore, it is important to disseminate information about these technologies, to show ordinary people an alternative scientific concepts, and first of all fundamental works of academician Nicolai Levashov.

Anton Burmistrov
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