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Змей волошинских местIn January 1936 in the Black sea near the Crimean coast in the network fishermen got a living creature with a horse head. Scared to death they immediately broke tackle and it was released to freedom, and they went back to the shore.

But the story of the famous writer Vsevolod Ivanov about what happened to him in Koktebel. "Dolphins flock moved across the Bay to the left. Must be moved there mullet. I translated right eye and right in the middle of the Bay, in 50 meters from the shore, he saw a great, 10-12 m in circumference, stone, covered brown algae.

Smoking a tube, I began to watch the ball of algae. For, apparently, was intensified. Algae started to lose the round. Tangle lengthened. In the middle of it seemed breaks. And then...
Then all I shivered, rose to his feet and sat down, as if afraid that I can scare "that"if I stand up.

I looked at the clock. Was 12.15. There was almost complete silence. Just behind me, in the valley of Gyaur Bach, tweeting birds. My tube heavily smoked. "Tangle" unfolded. Unfolded. Stretched. I still thought and do not think "it" seaweed, to those holes until "it" is not moved against the tide. This creature wavy movements sailed to the place, where the dolphins, that is on the left side of the Bay. Still there was silence. Naturally, I come immediately to mind: no hallucination? I looked at my watch: it was 12.18. The reality that I have seen that prevented the distance, the brilliance of the sun on the water, but the water was clear, so I better have seen the bodies of dolphins that were twice as far from me than a monster.

It was large, very large, 25-30 meters, and the thickness of a table-top of the Desk, rotated sideways. It was under water for half a meter-a meter, and I think it was flat. The lower part of it was probably white, how was it possible to understand the depth of the water and the upper - dark brown, which allowed me to take him by the seaweed. Our upbringing, not teach us to occurrence of miracles, immediately began to disturb me. I started with a thought: no hallucination?

He felt a hot tube was delayed, looked at the rock and again he took out his watch. All this prevented me to see, but in the end I thought, "Well, the hell with it, if hallucination! I'll watch". Monster, coiling like floating snake slowly swam to the dolphins. They immediately disappeared.

It happened on may 14, 1952. My first thought when I came to, was: you should go closer to shore. But from above, from the cliff, I could see, and if I went down, then maybe some rock would close from me the beast, or it could escape. I remained on the same place. I saw the overall shape, but didn't notice the particulars. For example, I have not seen the monster's eyes, and as under water I can see them? Having run dolphins, and can be, and is not thinking pursuing them, monster curled into a ball, and carried it over again to the right. It once again began to resemble a brown stone, covered with algae.

Attributed to the middle of the Bay, just to the place or about to where I first saw it, the monster turned again, and, turning in the direction of dolphins, suddenly raised above the water head. Head in the size of the reach similar was on the serpent. Eyes I saw not, from what we can conclude that they were small. Holding two minutes his head above water with her dripping large drops of water - monster turned around and looked down into the water and quickly swam over rocks, trailing Serdolikovaja a Bay.

I looked at the clock. It was three minutes an hour. I watched the monster 40 minutes. Right up very steep rocks, and into the next Bay it was impossible to get. I hurried home." Seen pushed Vsevolod Ivanov in search of information about an unknown creature. Here's what he had learned.

"Maria S. Voloshin (the wife of the famous Russian poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin. - Auth.), who was the Keeper of all Koktebel traditions and customs, told this. In 1921 in local Feodosia newspaper published an article about that in the area of the mountain Karadag appeared "Gad" and on his capture sent... company of soldiers. About the size of "Gad" is not reported, further information about his fate was not printed. Maximilian Voloshin sent a clipping about the "Gad", Michael Bulgakov, and it formed the basis of the tale "the Fateful eggs". In addition, Maria Voloshin said that the village also saw "Gad", but recently, and knows the details... the wife of the art of g.n.gabrichevsky, who lives in Koktebel without a break".

Vsevolod Ivanov found Gabrichevsky, and she told the writer of an unusual case. Much later, in 1986, the Crimean regional ethnographer N. Lesin said that the story with the words of the immediate participants of those events, collective farmers, Barbara Kuzminichna of zozula and her granddaughter.

Farmer Varvara Zozulya went brushwood on Karadag, the Cape of Malchin. There was faced with unprecedented animals. Her first words spoken Ukrainian language was, "Slice roku live, and this is not the bachila!" The story happened really in September 1952, which coincides with the narrative of Gabrichevskii. So, Varvara Kuzminichna Zozulya, which in 1986 goal was already 80 years old, walked down to the rock. Rock this at most tracks, a few metres from the sea. There quiet and warm place. There it is gone. Varvara Kuzminichna, taking "Gad" for the heap of brushwood, just didn't come. Animal woke up and raised his head. "My God! Such a small head, eyes stared at me.

The head is small, thin neck, and then - back as a post thick. Higher and higher rose the head. Got it on me, hit by the tail when it rose...". The woman retreated waving rope. "And what became of him waving, it began to blur like a ball. How many metres, don't know. Then it went to the sea." "It", according to the informant, had the lower and upper extremities - hands, legs". And voice - squeak.
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