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СМИ – ВИРТУАЛЬНЫЙ «ОСТРОВ ДУРАКОВ»For the education of positive hedonist is the ideal consumer, who constantly pleases himself shopping, opiraetsya and actively losing weight, not noticing the absurdity of his behavior, the necessary daily purposeful work on deceive the masses.

The main role is played by the television as the most used media, but not the only one.

Consumption is not "spiritual", but say "virtual" product must also continually delight or, anyway, not to upset the intricacy unintelligible, complexity. All should be happy and positive. Any information about anything should bring everything to the level of elementary gum. For example, any great people, must stand as an object kitchen gossip, as the same simple and silly, as the audience, and even not spectators, but as the ideal consumers, which the audience is planned to grow.

Neither on what the consumer should not say: "I don't understand" or "I do not understand". It would be sad and not positive.

Once Maxim Gorky wrote that there are two types of approach to the creation of literature and the press for the people. Bourgeois approach is to try to lower the texts to the level of the reader, and the second approach, Soviet, is to raise the reader to the level of literature. Soviet writers and journalists, is believed Bitter - should raise the reader to the level of understanding of this literature and generally serious texts. Modern media do not descend to the cash levels of the reader - they actively pull the reader down.

Increasingly prevalent picture books, but not for three years, as it always has been, and for adults. For example, successful edition of this type is the last period of the modern history of the USSR and Russia in pictures from TV presenter Parfenova.

In essence, the modern media is a virtual Island of Fools, brilliantly described Nnovik in "Neznayka on the moon". It seems to me that in this satire author rises to switowski height. Speech in this wonderful text is who forgot, that's what. On some island dumped homeless vagrants. There they continuously entertaining show detectives and cartoons, ride on the merry-go-rounds and other attractions. After some time of our stay there, breathing poisoned air of this island, normal Shorty turn into sheep shearing, receiving income from the sale of wool.

Our media is regularly supplied to the customers sheep shearing.

Customers in the narrow sense - this advertisers and customers in a broad sense is a global business that requires sufficient numbers of consumers. As the Soviet press was aimed Communist education of the workers, just as today's media have an idea to bring the ideal of consumers. Only completely fooled citizens are able to consider the purpose of life continuous change phones or continuous waste of money in a pleasing and nothing. And if that is true - citizens should be put in proper form, i.e. make a fool.

Fooling starts with education, with children's magazines, comic books that you can buy anywhere, while more reasonable journals are distributed by subscription only and are not publicized. I was surprised to learn that publishing Newspapers and magazines of our childhood "Pionerskaya Pravda", "pioneer". But they never show themselves, pupils know about it, it's something like the underground newspaper "Iskra". These editions (which are also not perfect, but pretty good) not in school libraries, or in kiosks, they do not in use. As a result, most children read only fantasy that prepares them to perceive the glamour of the press, ladies and detective novels, etc.

The result of this deliberate policy is the inability and the unimaginability of any serious discussion in the media, no serious discussion of anything. Even if someone this discussion started, it would simply not be a nobody understood and supported. American specialists have found that a normal American adults-the viewer is not able to perceive and to monitor the consistent deployment of any theme or longer than three minutes; then he loses the thread of the conversation and distracted. Regarding our audience no data. Do flattering to our Patriotic feelings assumption that our two times smarter. Then they can't listen to three minutes, and, for example, six. So what? What kind of serious discussion might be involved?

It is characteristic that even people with formal high level of education (i.e. with diplomas) do not feel the need for a rational evidence of any approval. They do not require either the facts or logic, rather shamanic cries, like having recently received a wide circulation of universal method of argumentation: "It is!"

In their classroom with sellers of direct sales (almost all with higher education, received in the Soviet era - teachers, engineers, economists, doctors) I have seen is that people do not need arguments. It just takes time and wasting weight speech. A reasoned statement is perceived as boring. "You tell me how it is and that's that". Much better than any of the arguments is perceived that Rousseau was called "emotional cries" and attributed the prehistoric hunters.

The habit to contemplate favorite TV presenters forms the view (perhaps unconsciously): the main thing is not what is said, and the main thing - who says. If the person says dear, beloved, cute are all taken for the truth, "people shavaet". People need to see the "talking head on TV, perception even plain text in printed form is very difficult. No wonder many of my students willingly become videos of my performances, but it is much easier (from the point of view of traditional) to read them.


In the simplicity of his Minister Fursenko let it out that the purpose of education - education of the cultural consumer. And the modern school - secondary and higher - slowly pulls up to the task. Not directly, but is pulled.

What is taught? How to behave in society, how to fit in, how to make a video presentation or write a CV. And physics with chemistry is nud'ga, scoop, last century.

Not so long ago on the highway of Enthusiasts hung Billboard depicting cute "molecule of silver contained don't remember what - think-deodorant-antiperspirant. The idiocy of this advertising among workers in my company only noticed an elderly woman - engineer-chemist in pre-revolutionary profession. Then the Billboard was removed.

To know, point to keep in mind teach us nothing. All you can see in Yandex. This is a very productive point of view. If a man knows nothing, then it is possible to sell everything. And an empty head is very good for downloading it details tariff plans or properties of different varieties of toilet paper.

In this case achieved huge success. I sometimes talk to young people coming to work for us. They are well kept, well groomed, have some of the skills of self-promotion and are perfect savages: don't know about the history or geography, nor about the basic laws of nature. So, we worked as a history teacher by education, not knowing who the Bolsheviks.

Then head to score? Know we need quite another thing. Once I was on the Internet test on the knowledge of many fashionable things, characteristic, according to the organizers, the lifestyle of the middle class. The test I shamefully failed, the answer came: it is strange that you have a computer and Internet access in order to pass this test.

That's it for the formation of such experts and designed modern educational institutions and modern educational technologies.

Obscurantism and ignorance is the last refuge of modern capitalism. It is not simply a defect of the modern society is its most important component. Without this modern market can not exist.

A logical question: who in this case will be to create new products for the withinthe parks" ideal consumers? And who will lead the human herd, who will be shepherds? Obviously the ideal consumers for this purpose are not suitable. In modern USA today this role is played by immigrants from third world countries from the former USSR. What will happen is hard to say. Modern capitalism, in General, modern Western civilization is not looking forward to it the main thing - the current expansion. And it is achieved through total debilitative population. Because it is the main resource.
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