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Психотронное оружие, двоякая медицина, сверх-возможности человека, и многое другоеMultidimensionality psychotronic, information and genetic weapons, Nibiru, medical equipment, heredity, DNA, energy houses, vegetarianism, food, "Aspartame", GMOs, immunizations, cancer, AIDS, nutrition prana, methods of recognition of the truthfulness of information, possibilities of humanity, reality Transurfing, Drunvalo Melchizadek, Merkaba, Telegony, Sal Rachel, Lee Carroll, Cassiopeia.

Here is a recent session of the words of the ward:

Operator: is There any weapon that affect man?

My answer: He smiles and says to me "and what is not a weapon?". the feeling that everything around us weapons almost all products of civilization affect us both negatively and positively, every thing, technology multidimensional everything has 2nd forth the bottom, and so on.

Operator: There's this planet Nibiru" there is a photo on which one is visible. this installation?

My answer: I am told that the planet is, but not in this density, and details about her appearance here are either misinformation or mislead people, when given the wish for visible

Operator: As he can comment on the hype surrounding the attacks "Zombie" in the latest news?

My answer: He says that this is the way to influence unstable unstable people who are susceptible to suggestion, introduction of templates, they are investing in the energy field, the program, by using different visual and sound images, for the implementation of such a program should not be a one-off effects, coupled with an unstable state of mind.

Operator: There is an opinion that the diagnostic medical equipment does more harm than good to be true. What could I say?

My answer: He said that humanity knows very little about the nature of those energies that uses, in particular about the medical equipment, as we now use. It will do more harm than good, but it is still used souls to get specific lessons. The information that we all illnesses can be cured in a different way, but we decided to take these lessons and so this was necessary, but it comes time to give this up.

Napisany blocker-irradiator.

Operator: And how does this affect heredity DNA

My answer: the Changes do not go beyond the line is planned, as I understand our intervention is minimal in comparison with future changes due to the transition.

Operator: What can still be consequences, such as an ultrasound of the mother during pregnancy

My answer is: the passage of this procedure is to destroy protection built around the fruit, and the fruit is exposed to negative influences around us energies, various disease weakness, a lot of consequences, it is impossible to describe.

Operator: I understand, it concerns also the influence of other vehicles on man

My answer: Yes every action multidimensional and he brings both good and harm, but it all our lessons. Your task in spite of everything to go the way of development of the soul. More details here.

Operator: There is an opinion that the house in which we live, a rather negative impact on man

My answer: I am not simple, asked this question to me a few times already suggested this topic. The house in which we live now, inert energy they have no positive or negative charge.

Operator: what is better to build houses?

My response: I suggest artificial materials not wood or stone, artificial materials, all this is very tied to sacred geometry. Different civilizations use different forms it all depends needs for energies of one or the other of the spectrum. The ideal form for the houses of the people, it is the dodecahedron and the hemisphere.

Operator: So what are all the same materials are best to use?

My answer is Asked to clarify the question of the materials that are available now or will be used in the future

Operator: the question of the materials that are available to us now

My response: I suggest team of construction I lay hands on her and feel the cold metal. I think this is the answer.
Operator: Are there any other tips on this topic?

My answer: I say there will be a lot of information on this topic after the transition, now this topic itself is not so important

Operator: Useful if vegetarianism and how it affects energy?
My answer: Vegetarianism energy and leads the body to normal, it should come when you are ready for this, those who are ready will lead to this a variety of ways

Operator: That is not deadly, if people eat meat?

My answer: It brings unnatural energy, lowers the level of its energy.

Operator: is it True that the program of eating meat in the us made at the biological level?

My response: I suggest that it was introduced habit (were seized knowledge of proper nutrition systems, and people filled the empty niche of the fact that it was available, it has introduced people to undergo the necessary lessons).

Operator: That is, to give up meat and fish is not so very important?

My answer is: by Force anything to refuse not necessary.

Operator: How does our food for the duration of our lives?

My answer: This is one of the most important factors affecting not on the quantity of life, and on its quality, the life is mainly regulated genetically in accordance with the program of the soul.

Operator: That should be excluded from the diet in the first place?

My answer: Any alcohol. Any influence mega harmful.

Operator: There is such a sugar substitute "Aspartame", there is an opinion that it affects 3 eyes (remember that this poison are in all the products with the prefix Light", as well as almost all the sweets. The fluorine derivatives, such as aspartame, used in rat poison, antidepressants, and toothpaste. On the Gulag and in concentration camps it is mixed into the water to suppress freedom of the will, and hazy mind. Draw your own conclusions)

My answer is: There is a negative effect, but it is not expressed in this, have a negative effect on the blood of man is, incidentally, also applies to natural sugar.

Operator: We are told that the frozen semifinished products adversely affect humans

My answer is: there Is information that the damage is not the product itself and the methods of its treatment, all heat treatment products negatively affects food.

Operator: GMO one way to lock development?

My answer is: there Is a feeling of double bottom, with men it is used for birth control, dark entities is used as a lock development, but a man without a developed intuition now cannot identify products containing GMOs. Therefore, it is important to listen to yourself when choosing a product.

Operator: Can we call products, which are now exposed to the least risk of GMO content?

My answer: You can be sure only that raised itself, everything else is only through intuition. Also advise not to buy food in a system of network organizations.

Operator: Harmful if vaccinations? I've had times when after vaccination was introduced implants

My answer Is the answer that the introduction of implants in this way, not such a common practice. The impact depends on civilizations introducing implants, everything depends on their goals.

Operator: All the same whether to vaccinate?

My answer Is a negative feeling, what is now issued for vaccination is the only way to explode new diseases

Operator: you Can ask the custodian about the causes of cancer?

My answer is: there Is information that the cause of cancer is the wrong attitude to life, and there karmic roots, but basically this is what was discussed above.

Operator: How long has cancer?

My answer to Me is that the cancer as a lesson entered into force a little more than 100 years ago, and if earlier it was the disease, in a few cases.

Operator: I Have a question on AIDS. is it true that it was developed by the Americans?

My answer: I Have information that AIDS would invented Asian power, as the arms race with the West

Operator: There are cases when the father was sick with AIDS, and the son and wife there. what is the reason?

My answer: it All depends on the program of the soul, if the soul of the son is not necessary, it is removed at the energy level even before birth

Operator: is it Possible to cure a patient with AIDS in the removal of the entity, or of any blocks?

My answer is: the Person must correct spiritual obstacle to recovery, and only then will give him a chance to cure physics.

Operator: do I understand Correctly that if people live in good conscience and in accordance with his program, his illness may have only karmic in nature?

My answer: Yes it is, very keen observation

Operator: is it Possible food prana at this stage?

My response: This is only available to units. At this stage, many, many do it for his own good, all should be consistently and time of supply of prana has not yet come.

Operator: As it represents the power supply system of the future in our density?

My answer is: there Is information that the power will be divided into 2 types power to maintain the body in order (something like an energy drink) and food for pleasure (fruit, vegetables, etc.)

Operator: is There a person methods of recognition of the truthfulness of the information?

My answer: Intuition

Operator: is it Possible to learn the truth of information through the heart?

My answer: as I understand, he doesn't share these concepts

Operator: What practical advice he would give us in the development within himself of such a mechanism

My answer is to Use intuition always and everywhere for all sorts of things (something like guessing the number of taxis around the corner, etc.) and the main thing is not to ignore errors at first, purity of information will come with experience. And a constant check on the truth will only lead to fear and self-doubt. When the result will actually be, you will definitely hear about it from other people. This is how to train his intuitive muscle.

Operator: Why different people react differently to the same information?

My answer: it depends on the accumulated experience, the quality of the work of intuition, and the presence of certain units and distortions in the energy shells. All humans perceive only global ideas, always in the details bude lot of differences, as the global information passes through individual filters which, as a rule, not perfectly clean.

Operator: will the supernatural capabilities of mankind after the transition?

My answer is: Everything is very individual, each will have its strengths, the only thing that unites all this is possible to feel the energy component of the world.

Operator: I have an information on the 7 operators, portals, true is this information?

My answer: He says that this subject was already given enough information.

Operator: Practical advice for people beginners spiritual development.

My answer: All the answers are within you, listen to your inner voice. Do not be afraid to do as he tells you, even if it is strange in our society.

Operator: the Question on the book "reality Transurfing": how good this book is for beginners?

My answer: In this book is true essence, but there is a bias in the material side.

Operator: the book of Drunvalo Melchizadek they say about the Merkaba. Can you tell about it in detail?

My answer: I see it as a great number of disks rotating about each other around a person, this structure is in all people, but she preserved, no man on earth even starting to activate it, do not use it on purpose, it's a tool of the future.

Operator: Merkaba is part of the soul?

My answer: It is a living energy tool used for specific tasks, move between densities, time travel so on.

Operator: There is an opinion that all the true information was given long ago, and all that we're now getting only test for us

My answer: the Essence of the answer everything new is well forgotten old. And our task now is to remember that we have already passed to remember their star experience.

Operator: There is such a phenomenon as Telegony (from other Greek. ???? - "far away" and ????? - "birth, origin, race", that is "far born") -biological concept, claiming that the pairing with the preceding, and especially with the first sexual partner, significantly affects the hereditary characteristics of the offspring of a female resulting from mating with further partners. Is this true?

My answer: He tells me what is happening in consequence of imposing energy mould of former partner in the energy patterns of the mother, and if there is a need for the coming of the soul in the passage of this or that experiences with this situation, the engine runs the implementation of this cast into it, but it happens very rarely.

Operator: Ask the Keeper of clean sources of information for public access

My answer: Sal Rachel "the message of the founders of the network is quite extensive and clear information on the structure of the universe and the purpose of stay of humanity on earth.

Operator: a Question about the author Lee Carroll "messages from Kryon", assess the quality of information given through him

My answer: Initially was pretty clear channel, but at the moment practically blocked, like most similar channels in the West, because of sirmarkanthony receiving side, now through such channels flowing water.

Operator: a Question for the group Cassiopeia, and the truth of their information

My answer is: there Is information that the contact was personally for the host group, and was not intended for public access. There were communication from the house, that is, the members of the group had links with those with whom
they had been contacted and had contracts for help during the incarnation on the earth. The nature of this personal information and is not intended to awaken others.

Appeal from the author:
I also like many skeptics believe that trust information received in the States of altered consciousness is 100% impossible purely human-logical point of view. However, for what has bought for you and sell, and I ask each of you to use your own barometer of truth. In some sense this is the barometer is part of a test of the maturity, which we now go through and answer the disc platter us no one can give not going to - we have to travel this path themselves to understand everything.

Personally I am most interested in the notorious Ascension/ Transition, which is now so much is written and other data, which can produce the ISS. That is why I am doing research on this subject and raportul about the results. No gag I did not add and pursue the only goal - to transfer the information that each of you has the right to perceive as he will tell it to your inner voice.

I do not predict, not prophesy, and do not try to earn on this, and act as a correspondent. You have the right to consider are outlined here, as you wish, prediction, forecast, or just hypothetical possibility; my role is to give you information, and how it's yours, depends on you.

If subjects described here, you not impressed for personal reasons, try media - everything truthfully and clearly tell professional journalists.

If this information causes you discomfort, irritation, anger, everything is very simple - don't read it, no one forces you to force your mind through the will!

Relax, control your emotions, breathe deeply, and not give in to provocations. Okay...

Now is the war for these emotions, and the system of specially confronts us stress for the release of energy. Know this and try not to give them a gift, be calm like a boa constrictor and you will see that all is not as easy as it seems, and much easier!

Thank you for the attention and pleasant reading! )
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