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Чёрная тень на белой стенеI wonder why ordinary physical phenomenon, but rather, as they say in the books, "spatial optical phenomenon, expressed visually perceptible silhouette arising on an arbitrary surface due to the presence of an object between it and the source of light, causes us so much emotion, vague feelings, and maybe even fear? It's a common shadow. The place that your body we close from the sun. Well, if not us and not his?

An unclean house

This story is still possible to hear from old small Ural town of Miass. In the years of the great Patriotic war here, in the Urals, there are a lot of evacuated. Disadvantaged people dreamt about at least some shelter.

I dreamed about it and hlebnula Lehigh woman with two children - Pelageya Afanasyeva. The family still has allocated housing on the outskirts of Miass, settled in an old abandoned house. Local people avoided this house party, believed him unclean, but Pelageya was glad to have such a home. Besides, after what she felt, neither in God nor in hell, the woman did not believe.

From the first days of new residents began to notice something strange. Day and night from under the floor rushed some knocks, gnashing, rustling. First Pelageya thought it was a hungry rat or mouse felt the human presence in the house. Soon, however, the character of the sound has changed. Began to hear human steps, the sighs, the creak of the floorboards. It seemed that the house had its own mysterious life. And one night, the family awoke the feeling of someone's presence in the room. Bounce, Pelageya resolutely turned on the light, and all three of them, frightened, seen from underneath the floor appears black shadow, according to the contours of the female. She was clearly visible on the freshly whitewashed wall. As if quietly moaning, a shadow moved in the direction of the window. Neither man nor subject that could drop shadow, in the room was not observed.

Pelageya and children, constrained by fear, watched, like a shadow, slowly passing by upon the wall, 1 has disappeared. From that moment a terrible visitor began to visit Afanasievich almost every night. It had all occurred on the same scenario: the shadow arose from somewhere underneath the floor, slowly moved along the wall towards the window and disappeared into nowhere.

Any harm from such visits were not, however, tolerate outrageous fear the family could no longer. Despite the severe winter, accidents were forced to leave the house. At the request Pelageya their housing several visits to the police, who also witnessed all this devilry. Finally, surveying the house and hit the floorboards, the police found the rotting corpse of the woman, wrapped in burlap. Someone remembered that in this house there lived a "witch", missing even before the war. And the house then became known as unclean, and eluded him. When the corpse was buried at the local cemetery, family Afanasievich in the house returned. Now at night they no longer bothered.

The hanged man

Here's another story, similar to a family history of Afanasievich, although it happened much later, in 1987. On the edge of one ; settlement young family almost for nothing had bought a small house. Still haggling, wife Natalia, female practical, realized that the house was something wrong, but just the right price point did the trick.

Almost a month the couple lived in the house quietly. But scree strangeness began. Once the husband was at work, Natalia worked on the farm. Suddenly she felt a slight movement of air, as if someone invisible passed her. And at the same moment on the wall, bright sunshine, the woman saw the shadow of a man, as if wrapped in a hoodie. She looked around, but her room was empty. With bated breath, Natalia watched the strange phenomenon and soon realized with horror that it is not that other, as the shadow of the gallows, which was slowly rocking on an invisible rope.

Disappeared shadow suddenly, as if she was not. Natalia even thought that all that she had seen them - from heat or fatigue. But "guest" appeared on the next day, and then. With him "met" and the husband Natalia, and neighbors. They said that the house had once lived unsociable gloomy man. It was rumored that during the war he was a policeman. And once sullen loner went and hanged himself. Where it was buried, and buried if any - none about that knows nothing. Probably, it is his spirit, and wanders around the house, said the villagers. To get the same from uninvited "guest" Natalia with her husband and failed, the village they had to leave.

From 1941 in 2001

Well, about what was happening in the small German town of Bietigheim in 2001, when many Newspapers wrote. Here is an excerpt from one such article: "the Inhabitants Bietigheim daily see the emergence of human shadows on the walls of some houses. Shadows appear by themselves, objects, and their casting, in the foreseeable space there. Some shadows even move, as if alive. When this phenomenon took on a mass character, the local authorities ordered to start learning. As scientists have found and parapsychologists, something similar happened in the city and 10 years ago, in 1991.

However, then it did not attach special significance - in those days believed that this in fact is simply impossible. Now Professor Mansfeld from Berlin University said that although the mystique he does not believe, however, taking place in the city is an undeniable fact, which are confirmed by dozens of photos and videos. Accidentally or not, but the shadows appear in Bietigheim on the anniversary of the terrible events mass execution of Jews in 1941. Then thousands of casualties were taken out of the city and destroyed. According to local residents, on the walls of houses appear shadows nevinnomiisky Hitler citizens. Scientists give a scientific explanation for this phenomenon still find it difficult".

The case is really very mysterious, sure. Although from the point of view of parapsychology it is possible that energy field once lost people, for whatever reasons has not vanished, not to be erased, and that's amazing and strangely shows his essence.
Say, to get rid of such prosecutions, you just say, "Shadow, know your place!" and it will disappear. That's just to have the courage and foresight to say like the shadows of the dead by the Nazis somehow not have the heart.

Source: "Mystery of the twentieth century. Gold series" №8
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