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Рассекреченные документы Пентагона и ВВСDeclassified documents of the Pentagon and air force, giving evidence of the true attitude of the American government to UFO

In September 1951, the chiefs of staff (highest military authority, similar to our General Headquarters) issued a secret Directive "JANAP-146b" about measures on prevention of armed attack on the US, which was ordered immediately to inform on military communication channels about the appearance of unknown submarines, warships, UFOs and aircraft. And for the disclosure of these data in the press, on radio or TV servicemen threatened a fine of $ 10,000 and imprisonment up to 10 years .

In March 1954 Directive "JANAP-146" was re-released with index"C". Now it was noted that the data on all unknown objects, including UFOs should be referred to as the message of paramount importance and if they relate to the observations in the air, at the beginning of the reports must be made callout "cirvis on", and if the sea, then the index of "MERINT" . It was emphasized that communicate with this notation contain information relating to national defence, and the disclosure of their contents in any way is prohibited and punishable by law espionage. It is also characteristic that in the Annex to this Directive was given an example of transmission by wireless messages about UFOs, which were as follows:

"MERINT 5125 14 230. 3 unidentified flying object rate on the North-West, the altitude of 17,000 feet, shape cigar 50 feet, 2 miles. Retrieved Navigator, unlimited visibility. 211 513 Jones ".

After the release of this Directive in 1954, the pilots of the airline was also prohibited to divulge information about their observations UFO .

In March 1966, the chiefs of staff, was issued the fifth version of the Directive "JANAP-146" index "e" , which indicated that UFOs must be seen in the number of enemy targets, coming to the United States and Canada, and contained detailed descriptions of the data, which were contained in each report on the UFO sightings. The staff of the air force was published a number of secret documents specifically on UFOs.

The first of these was a secret instruction "AFR 200-2" developed in August 1953, according to which the investigation of the UFO was concentrated in three organizations: - the loss of the air force in the Pentagon; - 4602-th squadron of scientific support that had their representatives on all bases; - scientific and technical center air force base Wright-Patterson . However, even senior air force officers were forbidden to try to extract from these organizations any information about UFOs or to probe the results of the first stage of the study . At the same time all divisions of the air force was ordered to minimize the amount of information about UFOs, issued by the public, and to give a mainly humorous or error messages. And all the original message was declared secret and had to go to the appropriate authorities. Moreover, part of the flying saucers and pictures radar screens that show manoeuvres and speed flying saucers, or authentic photographs of the plates were immediately sent to the technical Research center of the air force.

In August 1954, the instruction "AFR-200-2" was re-released, and it also specified that the interest of the air force to the problem should cover the following aspects: firstly, the possible threat to the security of the United States; second, the definition of technical characteristics of these objects, as, apparently, on their basis can be designed aircraft of a fundamentally new design .

In the statement it was also stressed that all parts of the air force in their investigations of cases of UFO sightings should not go beyond what is required by 4602 squadron of scientific support.

Instruction "AFR.-200-2" in September 1959 was re-released under the title "Operations and activities UFO is serious business". While it was emphasized that the commanders of the air bases can issue the press or the public information about monitoring flying object only if it is identified. And if the observation is inexplicable, it must be evasive statements that it is checked and the data will be issued later .

In September 1966, the instruction "AFR-200-2" was replaced by a new instruction "AFR.-80-17" , in which all the commanders of the air bases were instructed to create the observation of UFOs and to investigate every case of their occurrence, in order to ascertain what is actually observed.

In the statement of Staff of the U.S. Navy "OPNAV...94-R-3" , published in July 1959, the captains of trade and fishing boats, too, was required to give immediate reports on the radio with a code group of letters "MERINT" on the approximation to the American continent unknown missiles, UFOs, ships, submarines and aircraft, and Annex to the instructions were placed image disc-shaped or oblong UFO.

It is also known that to speed up the UFO on most American warships were placed images of the main types of UFOs .

The Handbook of American air defense was also placed the image of the UFO in the form of a disk with lights .

Interest and various orders us authorities concerning interception and open fire on UFOs.

Until the spring of 1948, the American air force had the order to shoot down UFOs, and after the death of captain Mantell in the spring of 1948, received an order "to delay, but not to shoot" UFO, unless direct attack on their part .

After raids on Washington in July 1952, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Bradley with sanctions Truman again gave the order to open fire and shoot down any unidentified objects, which will appear over US territory and refuses to comply with the requirements of the landing .

In may 1955, the newly issued an order prohibiting to open fire on UFOs, and the new commander of air defense General Ramey at the meeting of the pilots said, "Be very careful when dealing with UFOs, but had never shoot" .

In 1957, the representative of the Pentagon, major-General Kelly, responding to the request of Congressman Lee Metcalf, acknowledged that the air force fighters countries pursue UFO for security of the country and for their technical study.

In 1959, the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of NATO American General Norstad ordered all connections of the air forces of NATO countries to closely monitor UFO, to photograph them and post the radars .

In 1963, the command of the air force ordered all the crew to pursue a UFO, but to open fire only in case of hostilities with them.

In the Directive of the chiefs of staff "JANAP-146" , published in 1966, the commanders of the American and canadian air force was ordered to bring about action to interception .

Thus, all private documents of the joint chiefs of staff and U.S. air force in respect of UFO published before 1969, convincingly prove that the us government actually always been very serious about UFOs. This was confirmed, in particular, and President Kennedy, specified in the letter of NICAP at the end of 1961, that "UFOs are the subject of study of exceptional importance" .

It should also mention that in the textbook of the U.S. air force Academy, published in 1968 and is intended only for the students of the Academy, UFO described 14 pages and recommended: "The best when encountering them to be vigilant and careful and not to take any extreme measures" .
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